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Linda Nolan. Photo: Daily Express.

Who is Linda Nolan - famous Irish singer?

Linda Nolan was born on 23 February 1959 in Dublin in Ireland. She is also an Irish musician. Linda is a 61-year-old Irish singer and dancer who garnered fame at the age of just 15-years-old in 1974 as one of The Nolan Sisters, later known as just The Nolans.

She later left the group in 1984 to perform in the theatre and starred in the West End in 2000 as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers. Linda and her family moved from Dublin to Blackpool in 1962 and attended St Catherine's Catholic Secondary School. She later attended the Cardinal Wiseman School in Greenford, West London.

The story of Linda Nolan's life


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Noland and her husband. Photo: Daily Record

Nolan met Brian Hudson in 1979 and they married in 1981. He was the Nolans' tour manager until 1983 and became his wife's manager after she left the group. They were married for 26 years until his death in 2007, from liver failure.


In 1981, she scored a minor hit with her sister Coleen as part of the Young & Moody Band, with "Don't Do That" (UK No. 63) which also featured Lemmy from Motörhead and Cozy Powell.


Soon after leaving the group, she supported Gene Pitney on his 1984 UK tour. She then went on to perform in theatre, including an eight-season residency as Maggie May on Blackpool's Central Pier (1986–93), where she clocked up over 1,000 performances, followed by two seasons as Rosie O'Grady on Blackpool's South Pier (1994–95).


On leaving the group, Nolan went on to play the role of Maggie May at Blackpool's Central Pier for eight summer seasons (1986–93), clocking up more than 1,000 performances. She then starred for two seasons in a similar show on Blackpool's South Pier called Rosie O' Grady's (1994–95).


Jim Davidson, who was also a contestant in the house that year has a history with Nolan; in 1995, Nolan's husband Brian Hudson was caught red-handed stealing money from comic Frank Carson's dressing room at the South Pier Theatre Blackpool. This raised the ire of Davidson, who was playing up the road at the time and promptly lost his temper, yelling "no-one steals from my mates" and threatened to punch him. Davidson was promptly thrown out of that nightclub. On Day 15, Nolan was reminded by Davidson of his antics, prompting an argument. She was evicted on Day 22.


She played the prison governor in two UK touring productions of Prisoner Cell Block H: The Musical in 1996 and 1997, and starred in the West End as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers for three years from 2000, and regularly played the role in the UK tour until 2008, making her the third of four Nolan sisters to play the role. Other musical credits include Menopause the Musical (2015–16).

From 1996 to 1997, she starred as the prison governor in two UK tours of Prisoner: Cell Block H – The Musical, alongside Paul O'Grady.


From 2000, she starred as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers for three years in the West End and regularly played the role in the UK touring production until 2008. She was the third Nolan sister to play the role, after Bernie and Denise. Maureen Nolan has also since played the role in the West End on the UK tour for several years, earning the sisters a place in the Guinness World Records, as the most siblings to play the same role in a musical.


She left the Nolans in 1983 and quickly gained the label "Naughty Nolan" due to her posing in risqué publicity photos. The Nolans reunited as a five-piece (Bernie, Anne, Coleen, Maureen and Linda) for one-off performances of "I'm in the Mood for Dancing" first for BBC One's All-Time Greatest Party Songs, hosted by Tess Daly, which aired on 17 December 2005 and again on 9 August 2007 on Loose Women.

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Photo: metro.co.uk

From 2006 until now - Nolan's strong belief to fight against breast cancer

In 2006, Nolan was diagnosed with breast cancer. As part of her treatment, she underwent a single mastectomy. She was given the all-clear from cancer in 2011. In 2007, she was diagnosed with cellulitis and lymphedema in her arm.

She reunited with the Nolans for the 2009 "I'm in the Mood Again" album and tour, and in 2014, she took part in the 13th series of Celebrity Big Brother. In 2018, she became a recurring guest panelist on Loose Women.

Four of the sisters (Linda, Bernie, Coleen & Maureen) reunited in 2009 for a successful tour of the UK and Ireland. They also released an album I'm in the Mood Again, which reached No. 22 on the UK Album Chart.

Unluckily, Linda was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2017, six years after being given the all-clear from the disease. The cancer is terminal. In December 2020 Linda revealed her heartache as she received news that her cancer had spread to her liver, leaving her terrified of dying. She has previously revealed she is planning a "final party" for all her family and friends.

Linda Nolan's regret for not having children

LINDA Nolan has been surrounded by children all her life. She acquired two step-children when she married her late husband Brian Hudson in 1981. Her five sisters and two brothers provided her with a veritable army of nieces and nephews.

And when you factor in the children to whom she is a godmother, it all adds up to an extremely sizeable brood. However, her one great regret in life is that she never had children of her own. Eleven years after Brian’s death she remains close to his children Lloyd and Sarah and adores the new generation of great-nieces and nephews who are all still toddlers but can’t help thinking of what might have been.

“It was completely down to my career and the idea that I had all the time in the world and then you realise you don’t,” says Linda, who found fame in the 1970s as a pop star with her sisters in The Nolans. Aside from her years of touring, Linda played the coveted part of Mrs Johnstone in the hit musical Blood Brothers for eight years and also worked the panto circuit “Instead of putting it off year after year if I had my time again I would have said to Brian, ‘Well, no time is perfect, let’s have a child.’, said Nolan with the express.co.uk.

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