Who is Brandon Bernard?

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Brandon Bernard. Photo: Heightzone

Brandon Bernard is scheduled to be put to death on December 10 at the Terre Haute Prison in Indiana for a crime he committed in June 1999 when he was 18-years-old. The federal inmate follows one of his accomplices in being executed for the murder of Todd and Stacie Bagley, a young Christian Missionary couple who was visiting Texas from Iowa. The courts convicted a group of teens for abducting and robbing the Bagley’s in Killeen before killing them on federal land at the Fort Hood Military Reservation, according to Wikibiofacts.

What did Brandon Bernard do?

Bernard was convicted with four others over the killing of couple Todd and Stacie Bagley in Killen, Texas, in 1999. He was only 18 years old at the time of the crime and did not have a leading role in it, attorneys say. The group, all teenagers at the time, held the Bagleys at gunpoint and robbed them before shooting them. They then placed their bodies in the trunk of their car and torched it. A federal jury found Bernard guilty in 2000 of two counts of murder and he was then placed on death row. His execution took place on December 10, 2020 - 21 years after the crime, as The Sun reported.

When was Brandon Bernard be executed?

Bernard was sentenced to death in June 2000, when he was still a teenager. He was executed by lethal injection on December 10, 2020, and was pronounced dead at 9:27 pm CT.

According to case information on FindLaw, 19-year-old Christopher Andre Vialva was the ring leader in the 1999 abduction of the Bagley’s. Vialva was executed at Terre Haute on September 24, 2020, the seventh federal inmate to be put to death by the Trump administration since July. Bernard will be the ninth.

But some say Bernard should not be put to death, in part, because he was so young when he and Vialva along with Christopher Lewis, Tony Sparks and Terry Brown, who were all 15 to 16 years old, killed the Bagley’s, but also because “he did not have a leading role in that crime, and he has demonstrated positive behavior throughout his 20 years of incarceration, even reaching out to others and counseling them not to follow in his path,” according to a website dedicated to saving Bernard from execution called Help Save Brandon, as reported by Dotlocal.

Executions may pose a risk of spreading Covid-19

No state has held an execution since July, and several state executions have been postponed for Covid-related reasons, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. Yet the federal government is slated to have executed a total of 13 federal death row inmates before Inauguration Day.

Executive Director of the Death Penalty Information Center Robert Dunham told CNN in a previous interview that executions are possible super spreader events because of the amount of people involved.

"The decision to move forward with all these super spreader events in the midst of a pandemic that has already killed a quarter of a million Americans is historically unprecedented," Dunham said.

Prisoner Kim Kardashian’s Begging Trump To Pardon Before Execution

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Kim Kardashian and Brandon Bernard. Photo: Famous Times

Kim Kardashian is using her expansive platform for good once more and calling on President Donald Trump to commute the death sentence of prisoner Brandon Bernard. Brandon, now 40, was given the death penalty in 2000 for a crime he committed as a teenager and is set to be executed by lethal injection on December 10 after 20 years in prison. “Brandon Bernard, a 40-year-old father is going to be executed tomorrow by our federal government. Having gotten to know Brandon, I am heartbroken about this execution,” Kim tweeted on December 9. “I’m calling on @realDonaldTrump to grant Brandon a commutation and allow him to live out his sentence in prison.”, as Famous Times reports.

Kim Kardashian West started a petition to stop him from getting executed. In 2018, she started working with the Donald Trump administration on prison reform. On December 10, 2020, she took to Twitter to ask the 45th U.S. president to commute his sentence to life in prison. On the same day, lawyers Allen Dershowitz and Ken Starr joined his defense team. In the end, he was executed and was pronounced dead at 9:27 p.m.
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