Who is Lana Del Rey- Pop singer-songwriter shares her photo of broken arm?

Lana Del Rey is in Studio City with her arm in a sling as nasty fall while skating (Photo: Daily Mail)

Lana Del Rey is well known for embedding cultural commentary in her photos, songs, and videos, so maybe that’s why she felt the need to clarify that a cast on her arm was simply due to an accident, and not symbolical of something larger. During the weekend of Christmas 2020, Del Rey was apparently skating and took a nasty fall that fractured her arm.

Lana Del Rey's broken arm

Lana Del Rey took to her Instagram to share the news with her fans. She uploaded a bunch of pictures and in one of them, she was seen wearing a cast on her left arm. She clarified that she recently got hurt while ice skating and that she will shoot for her upcoming videos while wearing it.

She also added that it isn't any symbolic gesture for her video but an injury. Lana is known to use various objects to symbolize or use it as a metaphor in her music videos. She captioned the post as, "When you see my second video for this album, don’t think that the fact I’m wearing a cast is symbolic for anything other than thinking I was still a pro figure skater. I wiped out on my beautiful skates before the video even began after a long day of figure eights and jumps in the twilight of the dezert. Anyway, my fracture isn’t that bad kind of goes with my new bucket hat. Thanks to my beautiful family for my gifts".

Who is she?

Who is Lana Del Rey- Pop singer-songwriter shares her photo of broken arm?
Photo: Billboard.com

Lana del Rey is Elizabeth Grant, the New York City-born musician who got her start playing Brooklyn’s underground club circuit. She is the scrappy singer who uploaded two homemade videos to the internet, only to watch her career explode in the aftermath. She is the self-described underdog, an oft-misunderstood purveyor of glamorous and tragic Americana, apocalypse and utopia, breathless romance, and devastating isolation—often crashing into one another. She is the pop star who hasn’t had—or needed, really—her own top-40 hit since 2014, operating as she does on the outskirts of the mainstream. She is the outspoken lightning rod, who, whether or not you agree with the things she says, says them anyway. And she is, above all else, the songwriter who last year released Norman Fucking Rockwell!, her most clear-eyed artistic statement to date, as cites interviewmagazine.

At 35, Del Rey has tapped a new creative vein. Just one year after her last studio release, she has come out with a new poetry collection, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, and her sixth album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, is out this month. All of it has been in collaboration with the tireless super-producer Jack Antonoff, who, as evidenced in the following conversation, knows exactly who Lana Del Rey is.

Her career blossoms after changing stage name

Who is Lana Del Rey- Pop singer-songwriter shares her photo of broken arm?
Lizzy Grant at The Variety Box - a New York music show (Photo: Twitter)

Lizzy Grant was a flop, changed her name to Lana Del Rey and was acclaimed as a new star. But the backlash from fans who felt duped has been unprecedented.

You can still find traces of Lizzy Grant online. There is a video, dated 8 June 2009, that shows a young, casually dressed blonde woman in a green T-shirt and jeans singing alone on stage at a New York music show called The Variety Box. Grant's voice was strong, but she seemed shy and spoke quietly to the audience to a smattering of applause.

Grant looked like any one of hundreds of young artists trying to make it in the clubs and bars of New York, singing their hearts out in the hope that one day they would be spotted. After all, that's how big names from Bob Dylan to Lady Gaga got their breaks. But success never happened to Lizzy Grant. Her one and only album sank virtually without trace.

However, fame did happen to someone called Lana Del Rey, a 25-year-old sultry, seductive songstress who is the current hottest name in US music and whose debut album is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the industry this year. It comes out on 31 January, according to theguardian.

Lana Del Rey's Music Videos

Lana Del Rey will be releasing her new album called Chemtrails Over the Country Club. The album was supposed to be released this year but was delayed due to COVID-19. She announced on her Instagram that she will release her first single and off the record video on January 11, retrieves from republicworld.

Click here to watch Chemtrails Over the Country Club teaser:


This will be her seventh album of the career. She released one of the songs from the album named, Let Me Love You Like A Woman which received a positive response from her fans.

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