The descendant of prophet Vanga is said to be Kaede Uber
The descendant of prophet Vanga is said to be Kaede Uber

Kaede Uber (Caride Uber), a French girl who had the ability to predict when she was only five years old, is said to be the prophet Vanga's descendant.

The future evokes two emotions in people: it can be extremely exciting, but it can also be an endless obsession.

As a result, whenever a new year arrives, everyone pays attention to the predictions of famous prophets such as Nostradamus (French) or Baba Vanga (Bulgarian)... But when it comes to the descendants of the prophets, prophet, no one has ever "surpassed" the popularity of little girl Kaede Uber.

So, Who exactly is Kaede Uber?

Mrs. Baba Vanga predicted that her prophetic ability would be inherited by a little girl born in France just before she passed away. "I'll mail the girl in France my gift. She is not the same as other people. She is truly unique. Find her, please," Ms. Vanga said.

People discovered in 2009 that Kaede Uber, a girl who is currently approximately 5 years old, was similar to Vanga and had prophetic abilities.

Many refer to the girl, who was born in Montpellier, southern France in 2023, as Vanga's "heir" and "descendant" due to her exceptionally accurate future predictions.

Who is Karide Uber - the Heiress of Vanga: Prophecies And Biography
Kaede Uber has poor eyesight due to a congenital disease and has many similarities with Mrs. Vanga

She has been making strange predictions that frequently come true since she was five years old.

She initially only made educated guesses about minor family events. She used to recall details like her brother's fractured leg and her grandmother's passing date.

Her parents started to listen carefully to her and became concerned when all of her little theories came true. Her prophecies were said to be hard to interpret by family members. With every new prophecy, the girl's condition got worse.

Kaede's eyesight was underdeveloped from an early age due to a brain disease that she had at birth. She lacks sharp vision, but this only serves to further resemble the well-known prophet Vanga.

Who is Karide Uber - the Heiress of Vanga: Prophecies And Biography
Little girl Kaede Uber is said to be the descendant of the blind prophet Vanga

Kaede Uber is currently living in France with her family, participating in a special education program that is assisting her in achieving her dream of becoming a doctor.

It is unknown whether Kaede Uber, who will turn 20 this year, will make any predictions about the world in 2024.

Kaede Uber Predictions For the World

Who is Karide Uber - the Heiress of Vanga: Prophecies And Biography
Kaede has the same gestures and movements as Mrs. Vanga.

Nicole is her mother's name, and she is always a strong supporter of her daughter. She frequently records the girl's dreams in a book and always assists her in coping with life's difficulties.

Not only does she have the ability to predict, but she also points, strokes her face, and rubs her brow in the manner of the blind prophet Vanga. She was even born with poor eyesight and was unable to see clearly, leading many to believe she was a descendant of the blind prophet.

After that, Kaede became the center of public attention, and her family was constantly and closely followed by others. To avoid scandal, Kaede's family chose to remain hidden and disappeared for many years.

Kaede and her family did not reappear until 2011. This time, the girl was composed enough to make predictions about the world's future.

"With the spread of terrorism and European countries facing a wave of immigration, the world could be in danger if a similar situation spreads." In addition to Syria and Turkey, which are currently in turmoil, Algeria is another emerging country that is in danger," Kaede told a Russian journalist.

Furthermore, Kaede predicts that due to climate change, which causes sea levels to rise, humanity will face a severe shortage of fresh water in the coming years.

So far, some of Kaede's prophecies have come true, making people even more concerned about the world's future.

Uber once claimed on television in 2016 that the United States would soon become the site of a bloody massacre. Many people believe that the bloody shooting on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA, which killed 59 people and injured hundreds more, was exactly what the little girl predicted. Ms. Vanga also stated unequivocally that the United States would become a target of terrorist attacks.

She once predicted that 2022 would be one of the world's most difficult years. She predicted several major disasters, including not only political conflicts but also environmental disasters.

Kaede once predicted a new wave of migration and impending disaster in Europe. The Middle East, she believes, will pose the greatest threat. Because the political and social situation there is unstable, people are attempting to relocate to safer areas.

She couldn't describe what was happening minute by minute, but she did mention crowds of people moving north.

The planet's landscape will change as a result of strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Many lands will "sink in water," while others will "emerge from the abyss." Fresh water supplies will be depleted as a result of this.

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