Who is Helen Storey - Lee Westwood’s girlfriend helped revitalize his career?
Helen Storey, Lee Westwood's Girlfriend. Photo: Fabwags

Helen Storey is renowned for being the girlfriend of Lee Westwood, an English professional golfer. The two began dating after Westwood and his wife of 16 years, Laurae Coltart, separated in 2015. Storey has been walking alongside the golfer as his caddie. Westwood admits that technical knowledge of golf may not be Storey’s strength, but her presence helps him play at his best, according to Sport Excitement.

Westwood is currently in contention of The Open Championship which runs from July 18th to July 21st, 2019 at the Dunluce Course with a purse price of :$10,750,000.

Storey previously worked as Social Editor at LaDiDa Magazine and personal trainer at Speed-Flex in Jesmond.

Who is Helen Storey?

Helen is a caddie, who is getting non-stop attention these days, she is 43 years old at present. She was born on the 31st of Oct, in the year 1977, her birth sign is Scorpio. Tons of people are seeking Helen’s wiki, because of being the girlfriend of a worldwide famous golf player, Lee Westwood. This is what brought her into the limelight. They both are in a relationship, said Gossip Dekhnews.

Helen Storey Family

Storey was born in England, and her birthplace is Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. She is holding British nationality. Her family background is not visible, neither she made any announcement about her mom and dad, but her mom has appeared on her IG profile, you may find her family pictures on her social media handles.

Storey’s sister Andrea is the second wife of Graham Wylie, the co-founder of Sage Group along Paul Muller and David Goldman happens to be the owner of the Close House Golf Course where Lee is the resident professional.

Helen Storey Career

Who is Helen Storey - Lee Westwood’s girlfriend helped revitalize his career?
She is now Westwood's caddie. Photo: The Irish Sun

Originally from Newcastle, Helen is a fitness instructor who also worked in consultancy.

Westwood gave her his bag during the Made In Denmark competition in September after handing usual caddie Billy Foster a week off – and responded with one of his best performances of the year.

As well as a caddy gig in Abu Dhabi last year, Helen also carried his bag at the 2016 Masters Par-3 contest.

And she likes to keep her Instagram followers updated on her fitness exploits, with snaps and videos of her gym exploits posted regularly.

She was once again by Westwood’s side in Sun City, South Africa, as the English golfer won his first tournament since the Malaysian Open in April 2014, his 26th in all since turning pro in 1993.

Helen Storey Boyfriend: Lee Westwood

Who is Helen Storey - Lee Westwood’s girlfriend helped revitalize his career?
Helen and Westwood have been together for a long time. Photo: The Sun

Storey has been married, she and her ex-husband, father of her five-year-old daughter are now divorced, Glob Intel reported.

She and Lee Westwood got together in 2015. They were introduced by Westwood’s mate Graham Wylie, who is married to Storey’s sister.

Westwood was formerly married to Laurae Coltart – who he wed in 1999 – but the couple divorced three years ago. Talking about lee’s previous marriage which was ended in 2015 with his ex-wife Laurae, he has two kids (Samuel and Poppy) from his first relationship.

Helen Storey Networth

Storey’s net worth is around $3 million USD at present, she is non-stop elevating and building her empire. Her source of income is her profession, as she is Lee’s caddie and she has also been a physics instructor, who awarer people for their good health.

How Helen Storey helped revitalize Lee Westwood’s career

Who is Helen Storey - Lee Westwood’s girlfriend helped revitalize his career?
Photo: USA Today

If you asked the 47-year-old how he’s managed to stay consistent these past few years, he’d likely point to his caddie Helen Storey, who also happens to be his girlfriend, NY Post cited.

Since 2018, when Storey began caddying for Westwood, their relationship has always stolen the show at matches. Having your girlfriend as your caddie is certainly unconventional, but Westwood has credited Storey for always keeping him grounded.

“At my stage of my career, there’s not a lot a caddie can tell me, but obviously Helen gets me in a fantastic mood out there, and psychologically she can help me and say the things that I need to hear,” Westwood said Saturday. “She helps me in that aspect an immeasurable amount.”

“She’s keeping him steady and level-headed and she’s a rock,” DeChambeau , who is two shots behind Westwood heading into Sunday, said. “[She] keeps his mind focused on the right things and she’s been awesome for him. That’s one of his secret weapons, I think.”

Westwood recalled to Golfweek the first time Storey accompanied him at a professional tournament. When Westwood cut a big piece of turf on one of his first swings, Storey didn’t hesitate to pick up the slab of grass to fill the divot mark as caddies often do.

“She’s walking back with the divot like this,” Westwood said, holding his palm out and away from his body to demonstrate, per Golfweek.

When Westwood asked Storey what was wrong, she replied, “I hope there’s not a worm in this.”

Shortly after, Westwood earned his first European Tour win since 2014 at the Nedbank Challenge with Storey as his caddie. She has been with him ever since.

“Obviously I get on well with Helen,” Westwood said in 2019, per Golfweek. “She doesn’t know too much about golf but she knows a lot about the way my mind works. So she keeps me in a good frame of mind and focusing on the right things at the right time.

“There’s more to caddying than carrying and getting the wind direction.”

Storey’s Instagram account shows her to be a fitness enthusiast. She reportedly worked as a fitness instructor before landing her gig as Westwood’s caddie.

Westwood is playing as well as he’s played in roughly a decade, when he had a series of top-three finishes at majors. He’s never won a major, though, and a Players Championship victory would be the biggest of his career.

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