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Who is Bella Poarch: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth
Bella Poarch Biography, Age, Career, Income and Net Worth 2023

With a funny video of just 10 seconds, Bella Poarch quickly became hot on TikTok social network. The young girl also continuously sets records on this video sharing platform. Not only is she a talented hot TikToker, recently, Bella also tried herself as a singer when she released her first MV.

Referring to TikTok videos that are always on top of trends, music career is gradually going up with 2 products, Build a B*tch and INFERNO, surely no one can not know the name Bella Poarch. But contrary to the success in the present, the past of this female Tiktoker is a big scar in her soul.


Who is Bella Poarch?

Bella Poarch is a famous Filipino singer and tiktoker. She was born in 1997 and lives in Hawaii, US. Bella Poarch is well known for creating a funny and funny video on Tiktok recently. Her tiktok channel owns a fairly large number of users, many videos up to millions and tens of millions of views.

She is also known as one of the world's number 1 tiktoker and owns a huge fan and anti fan base.

Bella Poarch Biography Summary

1. The 3rd hottest TikToker in the world:

- 67.3 million followers, 303 videos with more than 1.5 billion likes.

- YouTube has 19 million subs, Instagram has 10.8 million followers.

2. Height 1.52m, born on 8/2/1997 in the Philippines.

3. Living in Hawaii.

4. Still single funny!

5. Talent: Singing and playing the ukulele.

6. Was adopted at a young age and experienced a harsh childhood due to abuse.

7. Worked as a veterinarian while serving in the US Navy.

Bella Poarch's BoyFriend

Bella Poarch does not have a boyfriend and is still unmarried. She stated that she is still devoting more time to her work and that she is uninterested in all of these issues. She is concerned about her career and future.

He was born into a middle-class family, and now she is very wealthy, so she has a lot of thoughts, which is why she is hesitant to enter into a relationship with anyone.

He believes that a single life is best for him and that a relationship or marriage would put him in danger at this time, so she will take care of everything and consider all of these things after him. She is currently refusing to date.

Bella Poarch's Past

Who is Bella Poarch: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth
Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch (born 1997) is a Filipino-American. The place where the beginning of a tiktoker or a future famous singer like Bella Poarch is a slum in the Philippines, she was raised by her grandmother until she was 3 years old when a family adopted her.

The singer's adoptive father is an American soldier, but contrary to the image of a happy family, Bella and her adopted brother were badly abused, even mentally abused. both physical. When she was 7 years old, Bella's father needed surgery, so the family moved to San Francisco to live with her aunt and eventually to Texas.

Thinking that the abuse and abuse would go away but no, Bella's father still abused her verbally and mentally every day, she had a period of severe depression and it was difficult to get out, But that's not why she gave up everything. In 2015, she decided to enlist in the US Navy and serve the country for 4 years.

Since joining the army, female tiktok has begun to live more actively, lose weight and willingly participate in activities organized by the navy. From there formed the Bella Poarch that we can see on screen today.

Success on the entertainment platform TikTok

In the first days of 2020, Bella Poarch started her Tiktok career, she continuously posted quality videos based on game and cosplay platforms and received a rain of compliments.

She is loved by audiences in the US and gradually spread to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and globally. The most prominent one is the video of female tiktoker lip-syncing to the tune of Millie B's song "Sophie Aspin Send". From that video, her Tiktok career improved markedly and began to receive expensive advertising contracts like Faze Clan. or 100 Thieves.

So far, her Tiktok account has received 82.5 million followers and nearly 2 billion likes on her videos. After her great success on the tiktok platform, Bella Poarch set up more YouTube and Twitter accounts and also received acclaim from the social networking community.

Why is Bella Poarch so famous?

1. Bella Poarch's makeup and expressions are similar to Vanellope's character in the cartoon Wreck-it Ralph: Playful, lovely but still personality.

2. Millie B's lip-synching song 'M to the B' marks Bella Poarch's record step when it garnered the most interactions on the global TikTok platform - 49 million hearts.

3. Bella Poarch also collaborated on video recording with many famous faces such as rapper Tyga, model, and makeup artist James Charles.

The first steps of music career

Who is Bella Poarch: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth
Build a Btch

Of course, not stopping at the success on the entertainment platform TikTok, Bella Poarch started her singing career on May 14 with the famous music production company Warner Record.

The debut music product "Build a Btch" is a milestone marking the female singer when embarking on the path of singing art. Build a Btch as soon as it was released has easily won 13.6 million plays, more than 3000 downloads and nearly 260,000 broadcasts on American radio stations. Up to now on YouTube, Build a B*tch has received more than 300 million views.

Through the song Build A B*tch, Bella Poarch affirms a message that women need to be true to themselves instead of following anyone's standards. The MV also features some famous names such as Sub Urban, Rakhim, Bretman Rock, Larray, ZHC or YouTuber Valkyrae.

How much does Bella Poarch earn?

Bella Poarch's monthly salary is estimated to be $77.35 thousand. Bella Poarch has 85.94 million TikTok followers and has 423 videos. If Bella Poarch offered a shoutout for sale, they could generally capture 85.94 thousand per post daily. If Bella Poarch promoted just one shoutout per day, the channel could earn an average of $77.35 thousand per month. If we look at the annual potential, that equates to $941.06 thousand in revenue potential.

The genuine revenue for a high-engagement account could be closer to $7.84 million per month. This is because higher engagement accounts can command higher prices. If an advertiser pays for a shoutout on a low-engagement account, the return on their advertising investment is likely to be lower. However, if an advertiser buys a shoutout on a high engagement profile, they may see more interactions and purchases than other accounts with comparable followers. That is why engagement is such an important aspect of a TikTok profile. Fewer, more engaged fans are far more valuable than a larger number of inactive fans.

Bella Poarch Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is She Now?

Who is Bella Poarch: Biography, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth
Bella Poarch Car Collection

Bella Poarch's net worth is $12 million as of 2023. She is well-known for her most popular TikTok video, in which she lip-syncs the popular song Soph Aspin Send by popular rapper Millie B. She makes the majority of her money through her TikTok account, YouTube channel, and various other business ventures.

She is the fourth most-followed individual TikTok star on the platform worldwide. She is also well-known for her debut single, Build a Bitch, which she released in 2021 after signing a musical record deal with Warner Records.

Bella Poarch's YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and 236 million total views, and her TikTok account has 75.5 million followers.

She also supports the AAPI, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islander communities in their efforts to combat anti-Asian racism in the United States.

Real Estate

Bella paid $4.3 million for a home in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades neighborhood in April 2023. She actually paid $400,000 MORE than the asking price for the property.

Bella Poarch Car Collection

Bella Poarch has spent his TikTok and Instagram earnings on a variety of high-end vehicles. Bella Poarch recently purchased a brand-new imported Porsche Panamera for $305,000 USD. Bella Poarch also owns a $175,000 USD Land Rover Discovery. Other vehicles in Bella Poarch's collection are listed below.

  • Aston Martin DBX
  • Audi Q8
  • Lincoln Aviator

Bella Poarch's tattoo caused an explosive war between Koreans and Filipinos

The controversy started with Poarch's dance video featuring a tattoo on his left arm with the rising sun flag on TikTok by Poarch uploaded on September 5.

Reportedly, that flag indirectly offended Koreans. Because it recalls the tragic history of Japan's occupation of the Korean Peninsula from 1910-1945.

Bella Poarch immediately apologized via TikTok because she did not know the true meaning of that flag. However, some Koreans do not accept this apology. And continued to attack her with malicious comments. They are not only aimed at Bella but all Filipinos in general.

These comments immediately sparked anti-Korea posts on social media channels in the Philippines. With hashtags like #ApologizetoFilipinos, #ApologizeKorea, #CancelKorea and #Cancelracism.


Through the above article, hope you know who Bella Poarch is? as well as the biography of this hot TikToker. Follow us for the latest and fastest updates!

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