Who Are The Hottest Nurses in the World - Top 5
Who Are The Hottest Nurses in the World - Top 5
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5. Ivy Chew

Social networks appear more and more beautiful boys and girls. Photos of hot girls anywhere, on the street, at restaurants, or even at the hospital.

As the nation’s largest healthcare profession, registered nurses (RNs) are showing no signs of slowing down—in terms of projected job growth, influence, and leadership demand. Given the significant projections of RNs’ national and global growth, understanding the qualities of a good nurse is invaluable to hospitals and health systems aiming to attract and retain the best nursing talent.

Below are the top 5 hottest nurses in the world that attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

Qualities to look for in a female nurse

Good communication skills

Good communication skills are the basic foundation for all types of carers. For a nurse to be profound in her career, she should have excellent communication capability. A good nurse is one who not only listens to the problems of the patient but also solves them.

Emotional stability

Nursing jobs can be quite hectic as well as stressful. The job might involve the serious illness of a patient and even death. Female nurses should be able to withstand and must be emotionally strong in such cases. They should have the power to lead all kinds of situations calmly.

Sympathy towards patients

A good nurse is one who feels the suffering of patients. They feel the pain that they are going through and take better care of them. Nurses should learn how to recognize the symptoms of illness in patients and how to deal with them smartly.

Being sympathetic toward patients is great quality and sometimes this is all that the patients look for in a nurse.

Physical endurance

This quality is a must in female nurses because it requires lifting heavy people and objects. Nurses should have the ability to perform heavy tasks and should always be on the go.

They should be such that patients, as well as their family members, can always rely on them to solve their problems.

Respect for everyone

Patients might be sometimes irritated, especially old aged ones, due to being bedridden and homebound. A good nurse is one who understands this situation and tolerates their mood swings and tantrums.

Quick response

A good nurse should be extremely responsive, especially in emergency situations. They should be prompt and decisive when required. Most of the time, good health care work involves a quick response to incidences and so female nurses should always be prepared for the unexpected.

Who Are The Hottest Nurses in the World - Top 5

1. Carina Linn

Photo: kienthuc
Photo: kienthuc

Posting a series of hot photos on Instagram, Linn was dubbed "the hottest female nurse in the world" by netizens. She has a strong hourglass figure, tanned skin and a good-looking face. She works hard to keep fit and eats a diet rich in protein, fresh vegetables, and low in starch.

At the hospital, pretty girl in pink nurse uniform. Leaving the workplace, the beauty proved that she really knows how to enjoy life when wearing eye-catching outfits that show off her slim figure.

With less than 70 photos of her on Instagram, Linn already has nearly half a million followers. Photos showing off her sexy body in bikinis received two opposing opinions. Men did not spare praise and humorous comments: "Which hospital does she work at? I'll go there right away to check it out. Her patient probably doesn't want to be cured." While there are mixed opinions that the girl is too revealing, and not suitable for the role and nature of a nurse's work.

She said: “I'm not sure what the fuss is about there's no rule that a nurse cannot become a model when not on duty.”

Some have criticized her for what they see as her provocative image – posting photos of herself in her nurse’s uniform next to others of herself in bikinis.

But Carina is having none of it.

2. Lauren Drain

Photo: moneyscotch
Photo: moneyscotch

31-year-old Lauren Drain (USA) was named "the hottest nurse in the world" with a beautiful body thanks to exercising and scientific eating.

Lauren Drain began her career in healthcare at the age of 16. She has been a professional cardiology nurse for eight years. "After many years as a nurse, I have never seen an athlete face a health crisis. This is why I train," the nurse said.

Working in a hospital, Lauren realized that this work had an adverse effect on her health. She felt overwhelmed, stressed, overweight, tired... so decided to take control of her life. She went to the gym. "I want to be a healthy, confident, strong woman who actively prevents disease instead of having to treat everything with drugs," the girl shared.

Desperate to have a beautiful body, Lauren hires a personal trainer to work out. Thanks to hard work and scientific eating, she has a strong and attractive body that everyone desires. Lauren then entered more bodybuilding competitions and ended up winning a show.

With her own efforts and growth through bodybuilding competitions, now Lauren is not only a life-saving nurse but also a professional fitness trainer.

3. Kaicyre Palmers

Photo: scoopnest
Photo: scoopnest

When she’s not being the World’s Hottest Nurse for her Instagram followers and the whole wide web to gawk at, Palmers is busy with her day job as a nurse in New York City. Kaiycie, or Kai, according to her Facebook account, is also studying at New York University.

Aside from posting adrenaline-inducing selfies on Instagram, the World’s Sexiest Nurse is also an avid traveler who has visited dream destinations like Turks and Caicos, Bali and Puerto Rico.

Aside from posting adrenaline-inducing selfies on Instagram, the World’s Sexiest Nurse is also an avid traveler who has visited dream destinations like Turks and Caicos, Bali and Puerto Rico.

4. Li Yizhen

Photo: 24h
Photo: 24h

With her bright appearance and charisma, nurse Li Yizhen (nickname Elle Li) has become a "goddess" in the minds of many fans.

The beautiful and sexy nurse Li Yizhen has a pure and cute face, but her body is extremely hot. Li's contrasting beauty makes her stand out, attracting a lot of attention from netizens.

In addition to being a famous hot girl online, Li Yizhen is also a nurse, so she is known as the most beautiful nurse in Taiwan. With her bright appearance and charisma, Li has become a sexy goddess in the minds of many fans.

5. Ivy Chew

Photo: baonghean
Photo: baonghean

Recently, a nurse from Malaysia with radiant beauty has caught the "blue eyes" of the online community.

With bright skin, straight high nose bridge, especially Ivy Chew's smile makes the opposite person flutter because it's so sweet.

Look, Ivy in hospital clothes, anyone, especially the cheeky boys, thinks that being taken care of by such a beautiful nurse, any illness will heal quickly.

Learning about Ivy's life, many netizens also know that before becoming a nurse, this beautiful girl used to be a flight attendant for Malindo Air.

Like many other flight attendants, the job in the airline helps Ivy have the opportunity to visit many countries around the world.

In addition to her work at the hospital, Ivy is currently modeling and participating in many commercials.

Beautiful face, standard body and sweetness in each "redundant" photo, the personal page of a nurse named Ivy attracts a huge number of followers.

Every photo of Ivy posted is watched by netizens, mainly men, and did not forget to leave "winged" comments praising the beauty of the nurse.

Which country produces the best nurses?

King’s College London was ranked sixth and the University of Manchester ranked eighth in the list compiled by analysts from QS Quacquarelli Symonds.

The University of Pennsylvania in the US was ranked as the world’s best university for the study of nursing, in what is claimed to be the first ever global ranking of its kind.

In second place was Johns Hopkins University, also in the US, followed by the University of Toronto in Canada.

The rankings – QS World University Rankings for Nursing were based on the expert opinion of thousands of academics and employers, alongside an analysis of 247,910 nursing research papers.

Around 850 institutions applied for inclusion, of which QS gave a nominal ranking to 396, before publishing a final top 100.

In total, universities from 19 different countries were ranked among the world’s best 100 places to study nursing. The UK managed 12 universities in the top 100.

The most-featured country in the ranking was the US, which takes nine top 20 places, and 32 places overall.

Australia ranked as the second-best nursing nation worldwide, with its universities taking 16 places in the list. The University of Sydney was the highest placed at number 13.

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