Top 10 Best and Hottest Hairstyles for Summer Travel
Top 10 Best and Hottest Hairstyles for Summer Travel
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Summer hairstyles should be both functional and stylish. What’s your go-to summer hairstyle? If you don't have one yet, don't sweat it because we are here to help you out with these 27 easy summer hairstyles that you can recreate yourself!

These looks will instantly make you feel lighter and more relaxed during the summertime. Your hair will be away from your face and body, while still looking super cute. That’s definitely a double win.

Here are a few hairstyles that will help you shine your hair and keep them healthier while you are travelling.

Hair Care Hacks And Tips For Travel

Oil your hair

Oiling your roots and tips is the best source of nourishment you can provide your hair with and the best hair care tips while travelling that we can provide you with. Argan oil or coconut oil is just beyond perfect for your hair.

Coconut oil has essential fatty acids and vitamins that provide nourishment and also removes sebum produced by hair follicles. Also cold pressed oils are less processed which make them more nourished. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is the best thing you can find.

Argan oil is often used as a hair treatment.

Argan oil also treats the damage done to your hair by artificial chemicals in hair treatments these days. Whenever you oil your hair, make sure you keep it for overnight, if overnight is too much for you at least try to keep it for minimum 4-5 hours because that is the minimum time that oil will take to get absorbed in your scalp or tips.


If you are travelling and decide to wash your hair, you should do it one day before and let your hair air-dry. Washing your hair the same day you are travelling allows dust to stick to your wet hair and the city pollution will make it dry. So plan your hair wash a day before travelling. Also, if you use a hairdryer to dry your hair and you are concerned about the damage that is usually done by it, here is a bonus hair care tip while travelling for you;

Use serums

Girls are fond of different hairstyles like straightening and curling. Especially when a girl is travelling, there always will be a curling iron or straightener in her luggage. So here is a tip, use a serum before you use any hair damaging source to your hair. L’Oreal hair serum has proven to be magic. It not only saves your hair from damage but also nourishes them. It is available in all sizes online. Boys do not need serums; coconut oil is enough for your nourishment, don’t be greedy.

Hair accessories

Always prefer to wear hair accessories like a headband, hat, scarf etc. So that your hair is not exposed to all the dirt and dryness that can damage your hair. Beautiful scarves are available in the market these days that will look amazing with your travel attire and also provide protection to your hair. This probably is the fanciest tip in the list of hair care tips while travelling.

Shampoo and conditioners

Hair care tips while travelling is incomplete without them. Make sure you are devoting enough time on choosing your shampoo and conditioners. Shampoo industries put alcohol in shampoos these days because alcohol is cheap and easily available. Never ever buy a shampoo which has alcohol in it. It will only make your hair dry.

It nourishes your hair and makes it bouncy. If finding shampoos with macadamia oil is tough, shampoos with argan oil will also do magic to your hair.

Dry shampoo

There will be days when you won’t be able to wash your hair or you’ll be staying in guest houses which do not provide shampoos and conditioner. Try carrying your shampoos along with you in small carryable bottles, if not use dry shampoo.

Spray it over your scalp and damp and let air dry. It will make the extra oil on your scalp vanish. If you don’t have a dry shampoo with you, carry baby powder. It absorbs all the oil from your scalp.

Use Vitamin E

Eat things that have Vitamin E or use hair products that have vitamin E in them. It has antioxidant properties that repair damaged hair follicles, prevent tissue corrosion, and help build new tissues that help in the hair growth. Avocado oil and olive oil are two such hair products that can act as a source of Vitamin E for your hair.

Top 10 Best and Hottest Hairstyles for Summer Travel

1. Two space buns

Photo: pinterest
Photo: pinterest

If you are that girl who doesn’t like to spend time on her hair-do and doesn’t like to play with them. Part your hair from the middle into equal halves and make a high bun on each side with the help of a rubber band. Do this and forget about your hair for the rest of the day. Another casual day-ready look that is superbly easy and looks damn cool.

2. Top Knot Bun

A quick and easy hairstyle you can do for the summer is a top knot bun. It is a super simple look that goes a long way. Just one quick step, a few bobby pins, and voila you got yourself a perfect ballerina bun.

Traveling and wearing an open back dress, a two-piece skirt showing sexy blue shoulder bones..., there is nothing more appropriate than a high bun. This hairstyle not only helps to increase the visual style but also gives the girls a cool look, showing off the advantages of thin shoulders and back.

3. Braided Ponytail

Photo: herzindagi
Photo: herzindagi

The key to this style is making sure you tie off your ponytail first and then start braiding. Your braid will stay tight and exactly where you wanted it all day. You can make this messy by pulling out front pieces or bangs or using a styling cream to slick it back.

4. Milkmaid Braid

For something a little more intricate that still won't get in your way, try Milkmaid braids on for size. Simply braid two low pigtails, and then pin them on top of your head.

5. Braided Crown

Photo: hairromance
Photo: hairromance

If you have long hair, you can split your hair into two sections, braid each, and then wrap the braids around your head using bobby pins to hold it in place. People with shorter hair have to get a little creative. Because you don’t have the length to wrap around, you can opt for a Dutch braid on each side from the top of your head. Part your hair down the middle, and do a Dutch braid on each side, finishing them off with an elastic. Once you’ve put your braids in place, you can tuck the ends of each braid into the other. This style might take quite a few bobby pins and a few minutes in the mirror, but once you have it down, you’ll wear it nonstop.

6. Low bun hair

Contrary to high bun hair which often brings mischievous features, low bun hair gently helps women add a few luxurious and haughty parts to their visuals. The advantage of this hairstyle is that you only need to use a simple elastic band to look good. Even with a messy low ponytail, it's even more natural with a slight tangle. And this hairstyle, even with any outfit, is "matching".

7. Low Slicked-Back Twisted Bun

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

To get this sleek bun, use a styling cream to pull all of your hair back into a low pony at the back of your head. Then, you’ll twist your hair clockwise all the way down and style the bun shape how you want. You can do a classic bun shape, or something more intricate like this (which involves a little bit of knotting, so it’s a little easier with long hair).

8. Tied hair braid

For the girl who loves to pursue a playful and dynamic style, a ponytail or two sides is also an ideal suggestion for her to freely transform on a summer day. This is also a hairstyle that helps girls "hack age" respectably but does not look boring.

9. Sleek High Ponytail

Photo: thepinkvelvetblog
Photo: thepinkvelvetblog

Traveling on a summer day, nothing is more convenient and cool than "growing" right in a ponytail. To add more interest to the familiar ponytail, you can drop a few bangs for a more liberal look, or press the tie, scrunchies fabric is also a very good idea.

If you want to take your ponytail hair game to the next level, you should try this bold ponytail look. It is sleek and high to the sky. To add even more oomph put in your Luxy Hair extensions. You will definitely be receiving some compliments on the street.

10. Half tied hair

If you want to let your hair down without looking boring, please immediately develop a half-tied hairstyle. This is a hairstyle that not only helps bring a very innocent and gentle beauty, but also has a bit of retro and classic look. If the top half of the hair can be tied in a simple ponytail or a simple low tie, the rest of the hair is left loosely. This combination creates a hairstyle that is both healthy, youthful and equally beautiful for girls when going out.

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