Top 20 Most Famous & Handsome Cowboys of All Time Top 20 Most Famous & Handsome Cowboys of All Time

Discover the list of top 20 most famous and handsome cowboys in America of all time.

Top 10 Greatest Cowboys In Movie Of All Time
The hottest cowboy characters in TV and movies

Numerous individuals hold idealized views of the American Wild West. They fantasize about a simpler time when everyone rode horses and had their own moral code. When there was more land to explore, disputes were often settled with a showdown in the middle of the day.

People's fascination with Westerns and the prevalence of recognizable figures in these stories are likely due to the widespread belief that life in the Old West was thrilling at the time. Here is a rundown of the best cowboy actors in film and television history.

Top 10 Greatest and Handsome Cowboys in Movie

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1.Gary Cooper

Who Are The Hottest Cowboys In Movie Of All Time - Top 10
Gary Cooper

Cooper, a Montana native, succeeded William S. Hart, the legendary silent cowboy, as the first major sound western star in The Virginian (1929). His rangy, laconic presence remained a constant element of western films for the next 30 years, including three DeMille epics.

His most successful years were the 1950s, when he co-starred in Vera Cruz with Burt Lancaster, produced Man of the West, and won an Oscar for his performance in the anti-McCarthy parable High Noon. According to Corriere della Sera, "perhaps with him there has ended a certain America: that of the frontier and of innocence" when he passed away in 1961.

2.Henry Fonda

Who Are The Hottest Cowboys In Movie Of All Time - Top 10
Henry Fonda

As Fonda claimed of his on-screen persona, "I'm not really Henry Fonda, nobody could have that much integrity," the western character of upright Wyatt Earp in Ford's My Darling Clementine (1946) comes to mind. While he played sympathetic outlaws in his first two westerns, Jesse James (1939) and The Return of Frank James (1940), he played a cold-blooded killer in his final significant film, Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West (1968). His longtime admirer Leone believed that he looked best in both long shots and extremely close-ups. His daughter Jane and son Peter both produced noteworthy westerns.

3.The Ringo Kid (John Wayne)

Who Are The Hottest Cowboys In Movie of All Time - Top 10
The Ringo Kid (John Wayne)

Every John Wayne performance in a western since has been modeled after Ringo. The character was a game changer for the actor, Stagecoach director John Ford, and the western subgenre. He was skilled with a shotgun, courteous with women, and more at home on the frontier than in modern society.

John Wayne continues to be the idealized representation of the American cowboy of the Old West anywhere in the world. And if nothing that has happened since, including the potty-mouthed Deadwood and the darker Sergio Leone westerns, has been able to change that impression, it's likely that The Duke will continue to top lists like this in another 100 years.

4.Jason McCullough (James Garner)

Jason McCullough only wanted to travel to Australia, but he ended up becoming the sheriff of a town without any bars on the jail. Support James Garner, who has experience with the wiseass cowboy act from his years playing Bret Maverick, is the ideal ringmaster for this kind of adventure in Your Local Sheriff, which celebrates the lighter side of the West.

McCullough is a reminder that having a quick wit will get you out of more trouble than having a fast draw. He is self-assured even when he is improvising his way out of an ambush.

5.James Stewart

Who Are The Hottest Cowboys In Movie of All Time - Top 10
James Stewart

In the comedy Destry Rides Again (1939), Stewart made his western debut opposite Marlene Dietrich. He was tall and gangly, and his "aw shucks" country-boy demeanor was heavily influenced by Gary Cooper. He became a major figure in the genre thanks to his work with Anthony Mann on Winchester 73 (1950) and four other intense westerns, in which he always played an obsessed assassin.

Stewart did not speak to Mann once more after Mann chose Cooper for the 1958 film Man of the West. He also starred opposite Wayne in Ford's subtle parable about the western genre, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and served as Wayne's doctor in the film The Shootist.

6.Clint Eastwood

Who Are The Hottest Cowboys In Movie of All Time - Top 10
Clint Eastwood

Sergio Leone plucked Clint Eastwood out of semi-obscurity on television in 1964 for his spaghetti western Dollar trilogy, making him the final American star whose reputation was built on western films. In 1973, he directed his first western, the Italianate High Plains Drifter, while still maintaining his semi-mystical "man with no name" persona. Only three more films were produced by him after that: Unforgiven (1992), Pale Rider (1985), and The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976).

Unforgiven, which won Oscars for best film and best direction, was incorrectly heralded as the beginning of a new era in western cinema following the similar success of Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves.

7.Rio (Marlon Brando)

Rio is a somber parody of Billy the Kid that is ideal for Marlon Brando, who made the One-Eyed Jacks film's 60-day shooting schedule into a six-month marathon out of his obsession with every scene as both star and director. Even though audiences at the time didn't think so, the outcome was worthwhile.

In terms of the western genre, the character's steely-eyed stares, introspective thought, and sudden outbursts of rage were something of a revelation, but Brando's out-of-this-world charisma made it impossible to look away.

8.The Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore)

Defining dialogue:

“Hi-yo, Silver! Away!”

Because of Clayton Moore's sincerity and family-friendly appeal, The Lone Ranger has endured despite the absurdity of a bright blue jumpsuit on a cowboy hero. The masked rider of the plains was the vigilante you could bring home to mom thanks to adventures on radio, television, in films, and in comic books.

He also established a new Old West dynamic between the cowboy and the Indian, faithful companion, and Kemosabe through his partnership with Tonto. Though the thrilling era of yore is over, don't write off the legend of The Lone Ranger just yet; a new film starring Johnny Depp as Tonto is currently in production.


In 1954, US poet Horace Gregory and German futurologist Robert Jungk (Tomorrow Is Already Here) both predicted the imminent replacement of the cowboy hero by the spaceman. Fifty years later in the Toy Story trilogy, the dutiful, principled cowboy doll, Woody, is still competing for Andy’s affections with his rival, Buzz Lightyear, the vainglorious space ranger.

The non-aggressive Woody has an empty holster and he’s voiced by Tom Hanks, who’s played an astronaut but hasn’t been nearer a western than running through Monument Valley in Forrest Gump.

10.Will Penny (Charlton Heston)

Even when given the most comfortable home and a loving woman to love, Will is a reclusive individual who finds it difficult to settle down. He is a "good, steady hand," and he always acts morally.

Such a man should have a comfortable retirement, but sometimes a good life doesn't leave much to fall back on. Will is just another tough man in a tough age who had the guts but never got the glory, lacking the bombast of a typical Charlton Heston hero.

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