Zodiac Sign are biggest liars
Top Zodiac Sign Are Biggest Liars and Why

There are some zodiac signs who are lying for so long to strangers, colleagues, friends, and loved ones that they do not know the concept of truth anymore. Maybe it is the fault in the stars. Astrological stars, signs, and planetary bodies influence human thoughts, behaviour and actions.

Some do it to avoid troubles, some lie to make themselves look a bit cooler, and some just lie because they can. But we all agree that some people lie more than others.

1.Gemini is the biggest liar and being two-faced

As the sign of the twins, Geminis are often dubbed as being two-faced. And since they're ruled by communicative and intellectual Mercury, Geminis "are blessed with the gift of gab."

When people think of the Gemini personality, they often associate amazing social and communication skills to this intriguing zodiac sign. Although them seem to totally skim over their lying tendencies. Gemini loves talking and storytelling, but their mouth can get them in trouble if they’re not careful.

Geminis aren't necessarily more inclined to lie, but when they do, fact and fiction will blend together.

A Gemini definitely knows that truth cannot prevail in each and every occasion. That is when, to adjust to the situation and to stick to the right track for a longer duration, the Gemini might take the help of a lie.

2.Libra would be the queen of lies

Those born under this sign will often display a strong mix of charm and manipulative qualities, a combination for trouble if ever there was one. Libra’s magical combination of being both charming and manipulative makes them great liars.

Like many other zodiac signs, Libras lie for many reasons from getting out of trouble to making themselves look better than they are in a certain situation.

These people are so indecisive that they struggle to keep track of their truths and untruths. You may wonder why this doesn’t place them in the top spot but there is a beauty behind their lies: they create separate personas for the situations that they come across and for some, this chameleon-like ability to adapt makes their untruths things of beauty.

Libra tend to change little details of lies they already told — and people start to notice this pretty soon. They often have a series of different lies out there and each one is as believable as the previous one.

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3. Cancers will often avoid admitting fault

Nobody knows how to spin a sob story quite like Cancer. Cancer motherly intuition can get weaponized in a friendly war of words. When cornered with the truth, Cancers will often avoid admitting fault or even lash out to deflect.

The Cancer personality is highly imaginative and creative, which is great, although they can at times fabricate information. Cancer feels the need to make themselves sound interesting and can’t resist putting a little fictitious spin on situations. This is a zodiac sign that needs to entertain and impress.

Cancer cannot even ignore the fact that Cancer is quite emotional. So, this is what makes the Cancer narrate any incident according to his or her own version. That is why, due to this one-sided explanation, Cancer is often tagged as a liar.

Cancer is a good liar but unlike other signs on this list, they don’t use their lying skills to hurt others or achieve their goals.

4.Scorpio is a white liar

Which Zodiac Signs Lie The Most - Top 5 Biggest Liars
Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac

Scorpio watering influence gives them the ability to tell people exactly what they want to hear. Because they often have an "aloof exterior," they can be charmers who "know how to use their words and their wiles equally."

As one of the most dramatic zodiac signs, Scorpio loves adding a pinch of excitement to everything, even if it means distorting the truth. Scorpio’s need to impress other people and be the center of attention encourages them to tell little white lies.

A Scorpio sure knows how to make the best use of politics in the day to day life. To emerge as the best without being bad in the eyes of the lot is the practice of a Scorpio mostly. This often leads them to take the help of lies to be on the safe side. So, technically, you can never trust a Scorpio with your deep secrets because you never know when it would be used against you.

Manipulative and deceitful, Scorpio is a zodiac sign that excels when it comes to telling lies. But, there is one problem: Scorpios can be so darn good at lying that sometimes even they struggle to decipher truth from lies.

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5.Pisces don’t tell lies often

Most astrology buffs tend to dismiss Pisces as a sensitive, kind-hearted, and artsy soul, but underneath that is a bit of a devil who will lie to achieve their goals, climb up their career ladder or even win friends. With their sensitiveness and ability to be more intuitive than other signs, they know exactly when and how to tell lies to get what they want from every situation.

They are more convincing liars than Gemini and even Scorpio — the only reason they are not on the top is that they don’t tell lies as often as Scorpios.

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