Which Countries Love American Travelers Most?
Which Countries Love American Travelers Most?
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The United States is one of the largest and most influential countries in the world, with political, military, and pop-cultural eminence that impacts every other country on the planet in one way or another—and as such, the citizens of those other countries often have specific perceptions, attitudes, and feelings about Americans. The world's friendliest countries are predictably hospitable, and as a rule, tourists from the U.S. are generally welcome in most countries. Still, U.S. citizens seeking an ideal vacation spot, the best place to study abroad, or even the perfect country to immigrate to may wish to start their search with countries whose people are known to love Americans. No matter where one travels, it's essential to respect the local cultures, traditions, and people.

Americans love to travel; that’s no secret. If you're looking for a new vacation destination or looking to travel or study abroad, your best options are likely ones where the residents view Americans favorably. No matter where you travel, it's essential to be respectful of each country's cultures, traditions, and people.

The National Travel and Tourism Office analyzed data from the U.S. resident outbound market to answer that question. While domestic travel remains strong, as does travel to neighbors Mexico and Canada, the number of Americans traveling overseas is steadily rising, with 38.3. million Americans traveling overseas. Here are the top overseas countries visited by most Americans and countries actually love having American tourists!

Global Attitude Towards Americans

According to a report by the Pew Research Center, the share of the global public that has a favorable view of the United States is on the decline. Some countries oppose American-style democracy and President Trump's leadership, and many others oppose the spread of U.S. ideas and culture around the world.

Globally, a median of 49% holds a favorable view of the United States. This is significantly lower than the 64% during the final years of the Obama administration.

Pew Research Center has tracked 37 countries for favorability of the United States. Of these, Americans' favorability has only increased in Russia, Vietnam, Greece, Nigeria, Jordan, and Hungary. Russia had the largest improvement, with an increase of 26 percentage points from 15% to 41%. Favorability in Western Europe and Latin America has taken the hardest hit. Of the ten European Union countries surveyed, only four have positively inclined feelings towards the United States: Poland (73%), Hungary (63%), Italy (61%), and the United Kingdom (50%).

Which Countries Most Americans Visit?

1. the United Kingdom

Perhaps not a huge surprise to anyone, the U.K. came out on top as the most-visited country by American travelers. With numerous air routes between the U.S. and the U.K., it's an easy trip that 3.8 million Americans made it in 2017. Britain alone saw over 40 million visitors in 2018, drawing in travelers with a wealth of history, culture, and shopping. From quaint country villages to bustling cities, the U.K. offers a lot for travelers who feel more comfortable in a nation that speaks their native language. By 2025, said VisitBritain, the country should have a tourism industry that’s worth over $339 billion.

2. the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean; the country received 6.18 million visitors in 2017 (3.9% more than it received in 2016), and made up 21% of all Caribbean travel in 2017. The U.S. accounted for over 2.7 million of the Dominican’s visitors. Many of these visitors came via cruise ship — the Amber Cove cruise port in Maimon gets around 15,000 cruise visitors every week. Outside of cruising, though, tourists head to the DR for beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and historical cities. They get all that and more, hopping from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana and soaking up all this tropical nation has to offer.

3. France

France has topped the list as the most visited country in the world for the past few years, so it makes sense that it's a favorite for 2.6 million American travelers. From the vineyards of the Champagne region, to the beaches of Normandy and the sunny Riviera, France packs a punch with an array of attractions to make its neighbors jealous. The number of visitors can get overwhelming, however, and major attractions such a the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in Paris sports lines that wrap the block. The head of France’s national tourism development agency said the country may need to regulate its number of visitors.

4. Italy

Tourism is Italy’s leading industry, and millions of visitors (420 million of them in 2017), flock to this romantic country every year. Among the nation's many visitors were 2.3 million Americans, who came to walk the ancient streets of Rome and relax along the Amalfi coast. From the sparkling Amalfi coast to the rolling hills of Tuscan wine country, Italy's visual attractions are obvious. Add in a rich culture and history plus some of the most mouthwatering food in the world, and it's clear Italy isn't slowing down anytime soon. According to The Local, tourism is growing stronger in the southern part of the country, such as Sicily and Basilicata. But so many people are visiting Italy overall that its most popular attractions are overcrowded, and an anti-tourism movement has begun to emerge in a few particularly over-visited spots, such as Venice.

5. Germany

With over 2.2 million American visitors in 2017, Germany has never been more popular. And it's not difficult to know why. Between bustling metropolises like Berlin and Munich and charming Bavarian villages, plus a handful of magical castles, Germany is chock-full of highly-rated attractions. History buffs can walk along the Berlin Wall or tour the magical Heidelberg Castle. Outdoor lovers can ski through the stunning Harz National Park or find some peace and quiet in the famed Black Forest. With such a variety of things to do, and direct flights to Berlin from many U.S. airports, it’s no wonder tourism in Germany continues to grow.

Which Countries Love American Travelers Most?

Photo: toursofdistinction
Photo: toursofdistinction

1. India

Why they love Americans? Indians are some of the friendliest and most welcoming on Earth. Wherever you go, and literally whoever you are, they are always happy to help you get about, find a decent meal, or just offer up travel advice, regardless of where you’re from. Oh, and they are naturally very curious about Westerners, so much so that their cordiality is infectious!

2. Poland

Why they love Americans? In Poland, according to the Pew Research Center, 73% of the Polish people interviewed have a favorable view of Americans. In Warsaw, you will find American-style hotdogs and hamburgers. American TV and Hollywood movies are watched avidly. Poland has been one of the most pro-American countries in Europe for decades, as they look to the United States as their benefactor and ally, stemming from the United States being an early sponsor of their independence in 1918. A more recent shared success was America’s support for the Solidarity movement. In addition, there is a strong Polish-American community in the United States, with many people that still have family living in Poland.

3. Australia

Why they love Americans? Aussies are famously welcoming to the travelers they call Yanks, accent in full flair. They appreciate that we also bailed on the Crown. They will rib you over how much armor NFL players wear compared to the spare pads of Australian rules footballers. If you're trying to date there, you might find that your exposure to modern American manners goes a long way with Australian women, who are known to complain about their country's 1960s-vintage gender roles.

4. Japan

Why they love Americans? Well, some say they don’t like Americans at all, but the Japanese are some of the most kind, welcoming, and patient people on the entire planet. But it’s not just about temperament, the people of Japan have adopted snippets of American culture gracefully. How so? One of the most unusual (albeit hilarious) of these cultural adoptions includes eating buckets of KFC on Christmas Day. How strange.

5. Italy

Why they love Americans? According to the Pew Research Center, 63% of Italians interviewed have a positive view of Americans. In general, Italians respect Americans and always welcome them as friends. They adore the curiosity of American tourists in regard to experiencing Italian culture, and they love the way that Americans enjoy their food. Another strong connection is historical; they are grateful to the United States for saving the country from total chaos at the end of WWII. Americans are also in love with the Italian culture, and that should be no surprise as there are approximately 17 million people of Italian ancestry living in the United States.

6. Cuba

Why they love Americans? Until 2016, any American who made it to Cuba was risking federal charges. And Cuban people respect that. I went there LONG before it was legal (statute of limitations FTW) and every single Cuban, after asking me if I knew their cousin Yurisleidi in Miami, asked how I got there. Then, as now, they were excited to share their music, family, and food with us, diplomatic impediments are damned. I think they saw us Americans as a blank slate to fill with beautiful images of Cuba and its culture. Literally, four different families invited me to have dinner in their homes. Also, those valuable dollars we bring with us don't hurt.

7. Vietnam

Why they love Americans? There is strong support for American tourists in Vietnam, with 84% of those interviewed by Pew Research Center positively inclined toward Americans. The Vietnamese give visiting Americans such a warm welcome that many feel very comfortable, almost “at home” when visiting this country. There is a great appreciation in South Vietnam for America since they tried to help establish a democracy. In the North, there is no resentment - after all the U.S. was just one brief invasion the country has experienced over thousands of years. The Chinese, Japanese and French, among others, stayed much longer and destroyed as much as they contributed to local culture. In a nutshell, the Vietnamese are incredibly forgiving and welcoming.

8. Canada

Why they love Americans? They are neighbors and Canadians are famous for being super friendly. The two nations don’t just share a border, though. Their close proximity means they share a lot of common ground, both socially and politically. Their leaders might be worlds apart, but there’s always room for a spot friendly banter and a political dig.

9. Thailand

Why they love Americans? To understand Thailand and America's tight ties, go back to the Vietnam War. Thailand struggled with insurgencies that were emboldened by the Communist advances in neighboring countries and formed a partnership with the States. Thousands of American soldiers were deployed around Thailand. For a country that had never been colonized, it meant an entirely new and formative contact with the West.

10. United Kingdom & Ireland

Why they love Americans? The U.K. is an easy place for Americans to travel and we are always welcomed. It is easy to have fun and lighthearted conversations with people from the U.K., especially in pubs! The Brits enjoy American enthusiasm for how old some of their palaces are. Over recent years many people from the US have moved to England and many people from the UK have moved across the pond. There is an exceptional bond between the two countries, including similar values, culture, and common language making this one of the friendliest and easy countries to visit.

Reasons to love American tourists

Nice people

Under the loud, brash exterior is a natural and ebullient friendliness. Americans will engage you in conversation, they’ll be the first to exchange Facebook info, and they won’t scurry off as though you’re trying to rob them when you approach them to take your picture.

They tip

Tipping is more American than apple pie. It’s an inherent part of the culture that hasn’t quite caught on to the same degree in other developed nations. Americans will tip their servers, tour guides, bellhops, and taxi drivers when they travel; one might say it’s a knee-jerk response.

They spend a lot of money when they travel

It happens pretty often when Americans travel because, well, they buy a lot of ish. According to data released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, American tourists are second only to the Chinese when it comes to how much they spend on their journeys abroad. If your home country relies heavily on tourism to stay afloat, this is a pretty big deal.

They’re increasingly curious about international travel

For all the shade Americans are thrown by well-heeled foreign travel snobs, U.S. citizens are more enthused and curious about travel than ever before. Americans are procuring passports in record numbers, enabling them to see more of the globe’s treasures and expand their worldview.

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