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What is UPS Driver's Salary in the US Right Now
What is UPS Driver's Salary in the US Right Now

A company that delivers packages with an American base is called United Parcel Service (UPS). One of the largest multinational delivery companies, UPS has now gone global. It not only ranks among the top delivery services in the US, but it also has some sort of presence in 220 other nations. Having a variety of package delivery options helps the business run smoothly. UPS owns cargo and delivery drone airlines in addition to delivery vans and freight trucks.

We are becoming more and more reliant on delivery services as the online market grows every day. We used to occasionally find a brown box on our doorstep, but now it seems commonplace. Everything is now available online, from casual shopping to everyday groceries, and due to its convenience, package delivery services have grown to be a significant part of our shopping experience. During the pandemic's lockdowns, our reliance on their services increased even more.

UPS hires more than 200,000 drivers so that you can receive your package on time. UPS does this in order to adapt and effectively operate in an ever-expanding online world.

What Do UPS Truck Drivers Do?

Transport is a delivery driver's main responsibility. To deliver goods and other items to clients, customers, or other businesses, delivery drivers typically drive some kind of vehicle. Additionally, they are frequently tasked with loading goods into their vehicle. In general, delivery drivers spend less time at the delivery locations themselves and more time traveling there from their offices. The majority of the workday is spent driving, with some loading taking place indoors or outdoors depending on the business. The work consists primarily of mental labor with sporadic physical components.

Although delivery drivers frequently interact with customers and clients while delivering goods, they typically spend little time interacting with their coworkers. In some cases, depending on the task at hand, delivery drivers work in teams.

Companies will have different requirements for this position in terms of training, licensing, and prior work experience. The majority of food delivery jobs demand a clean driving record and a current license. Additionally, a high school diploma might be required. While some positions for delivery drivers include a vehicle, others call for the driver to use their own vehicle.

The working hours depend greatly on the job. Depending on the position, a delivery driver may have to start very early in the morning or work into the evening.

How much do UPS Truck Drivers make?

In the United States, a UPS truck driver makes an average salary of $56,146 per year (updated in 2023).

That comes out to about $26.99 an hour, in case you need a quick salary calculator. This is equal to $4,679 per month or $1,080 per week.

The majority of UPS Truck Driver salaries currently range between $40,000 (25th percentile) and $67,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $76,000 annually across the United States, despite ZipRecruiter reporting annual salaries as high as $80,500 and as low as $20,000. The wide range in average pay for UPS truck drivers—up to $27,000—indicates that there may be numerous opportunities for pay increases and advancement based on experience, location, and skill level.

According to recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, there aren't many employers hiring right now, so the job market for UPS Truck Drivers in Hanoi, Vietnam, as well as the entire state, isn't very active. A UPS Truck Driver in your area earns, on average, $57,586 a year, which is $1,440 (3%) more than the $56,146 national average. the highest paying state for UPS truck drivers out of all 50 states.

As millions of active jobs are published locally across America, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database to determine the most precise annual salary range for UPS Truck Drivers positions.

Salary Ranges for UPS Driver (United Parcel Service Driver)s

The salaries of UPS drivers (United Parcel Service Drivers) in the US range from $18,860 to $134,000, with a median salary of $29,850. The middle 67% of UPS Driver (United Parcel Service Driver)s makes between $29,850 and $60,350, with the top 67% making $134,000.

How much tax will you have to pay as a UPS Driver (United Parcel Service Driver)

For an individual filer in this tax bracket, you would have an estimated average federal tax in 2018 of 22%. After a federal tax rate of 22% has been taken out, UPS Driver (United Parcel Service Drivers) could expect to have a take-home pay of $57,389/year, with each paycheck equaling approximately $2,391*.

Salary Comparison in States of USA 2022

Photo: 13wmaz
Photo: 13wmaz
Massachusetts $46,121
Hawaii $45,461
Connecticut $45,000
Wisconsin $44,303
Tennessee $44,015
Washington $43,858
Minnesota $43,845
Rhode Island $43,749
Ohio $43,693
New York $43,488
Alaska $43,040
North Dakota $43,023
Utah $42,792
Nevada $42,701
Louisiana $42,520
New Mexico $42,141
New Hampshire $41,980
Maryland $41,863
South Dakota $41,767
Iowa $41,412
Oregon $41,228
Nebraska $41,133
Kansas $40,769
Virginia $40,593
Kentucky $40,535
California $39,687
Vermont $39,484
South Carolina $39,456
Colorado $39,398
Delaware $39,143
Wyoming $38,990
Oklahoma $38,229
Mississippi $38,209
West Virginia $37,802
Pennsylvania $37,619
New Jersey $37,509
Idaho $37,181
Montana $37,100
Arkansas $37,072
Maine $36,973
Michigan $36,953
Illinois $36,871
Arizona $36,718
Indiana $36,483
Missouri $36,083
Texas $35,912
Georgia $35,422
Alabama $34,593
North Carolina $33,622
Florida $33,385

How much do UPS workers make for overtime?

A UPS driver works an average of 8 hours per day, the majority of which are spent driving. Consequently, a 40-hour workweek is normal. However, most drivers choose to work 11 or 12 hours daily and get paid for overtime. Additionally, drivers should expect to work weekends during busy delivery times, such as around holidays. The typical overtime pay for a UPS driver is $45 per hour.

UPS Driver salary based on Work Experience

Photo: georgiaencyclopedia
Photo: georgiaencyclopedia

Work experience is important and raises salaries, as is evident in all professions. A UPS driver's career is no different. An entry-level driver with one year of experience is eligible for bonuses, paid vacation, and overtime pay, which makes UPS unique in the industry.

By combining all of these, he can make an hourly wage of about $19. A UPS driver may earn around $22 per hour after 4-5 years of experience. It increases to $25 per hour as you get closer to 10 years of experience, and it can reach $35 per hour once you have 20 years.

Benefits Offered to UPS Drivers

While their employees put in long hours and receive few benefits, the majority of large corporations make huge profits. But UPS is renowned for offering its employees a great work-life balance, including bonuses, overtime pay, health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. The largest business in the Teamsters Union is UPS.

Full coverage is provided for UPS drivers' medical insurance plans. These drivers also have the option to add family members to their plan to cover their health. Even more impressive is the fact that UPS also provides health insurance for its part-time employees.

The paid vacation days that are provided to all UPS drivers based on their level of experience is another appealing aspect of working for UPS. One week of paid vacation is given to UPS drivers after one year of service. A driver is entitled to 3 weeks of paid vacation after five years of service, and after twenty years, they are eligible for six full weeks. There are 5 Personal Time Off (PTO) days each year in addition to these vacation days.

UPS provided the typical 401k retirement plans up until 2018. However, UPS drivers now have access to retirement plans that are better suited to their interests thanks to the Teamsters Union.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for UPS Truck Drivers Jobs identified 10 cities where a UPS truck driver's typical pay is higher than the national average. Richmond, CA is at the top of the list, followed closely by Stamford, CT, and Bellevue, WA in second and third, respectively. Bellevue, Washington exceeds the national average by $10,598 (18.9%), and Richmond, California continues this trend by exceeding the $56,146 average by another $12,553 (22.4%).

Importantly, the UPS Truck Drivers job market in Richmond, California is only moderately active, with only a few businesses actively seeking candidates for this position.

The average salary in these ten cities is higher than the national average, so there are many opportunities for UPS Truck Drivers to advance financially by moving.

The fact that the average salary in these top ten cities only differs by 9% between Glendale, CA and Richmond, CA underscores the limited potential for significant wage advancement. When weighing location and pay for a UPS Truck driver position, the possibility of a lower cost of living might be the most important consideration.

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Richmond, CA $68,700 $5,725 $1,321 $33.03
Stamford, CT $66,896 $5,575 $1,286 $32.16
Bellevue, WA $66,745 $5,562 $1,284 $32.09
Lakes, AK $64,404 $5,367 $1,239 $30.96
San Francisco, CA $64,388 $5,366 $1,238 $30.96
Palmdale, CA $63,696 $5,308 $1,225 $30.62
Santa Clara, CA $63,454 $5,288 $1,220 $30.51
Hartford, CT $63,329 $5,277 $1,218 $30.45
Pasadena, CA $63,098 $5,258 $1,213 $30.34
Glendale, CA $62,727 $5,227 $1,206 $30.16

What influences a salary of UPS Driver?

The experience, location, and type of vehicle a UPS driver is driving are just a few of the variables that affect their pay. We'll look more closely at how these elements affect a UPS driver's pay in this article.

Years of experience

Salary increases are typically correlated with your level of experience. In general, you can anticipate earning more the longer you work as a UPS driver. According to the National Compensation Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, experience can have an impact on your UPS driver salary. Survey.

Level of experience Salary
Entry-level (less than 1 year) $32,413
Early career (1 to 4 years) $38,423
Mid career (5 to 9 years) $50,009
Experienced (10 to 19 years) $65,033
Late career (20+ years) $89,627


How much you can earn as a UPS driver depends in part on where you live. Working in a major city is typically associated with a higher salary as well as a higher cost of living.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has provided a list of some significant cities along with their corresponding average UPS driver salaries.

How to increase your UPS driver's salary

Now that you have a better idea of what you could expect to earn as a UPS driver, let’s look at ways to boost your salary.

1. Strengthen your skills

You might be better positioned to compete for promotions and higher-paying positions if you pursue and improve in-demand skills.

Among these abilities are:

Time management: Be able to efficiently and promptly plan and carry out a delivery route.

Provide professional and courteous customer service interactions.

Load, unload, and transport packages of various sizes in a secure manner.

Vehicle Maintenance: Check the delivery vehicle's fluid levels and tire pressure as well as other basic maintenance procedures.

GPS Navigation: Use a GPS system to navigate delivery routes

2. Take more responsibilities

UPS drivers who are prepared to take on extra duties, like mentoring or training new drivers, frequently see their pay increase. Discuss the opportunities with your manager if you're thinking about pursuing this.

3. Grow your network

The number of stops and time it takes a UPS driver to complete a route determine how much they are paid. You'll be paid more the more stops you make. So, if you want to earn more money, work on expanding your network. Check to see if you can form any connections by chatting with other drivers. You'll have more opportunities to earn extra money the more people you know.

UPS Vs FedEx Truck Drivers Salary

You might be wondering if FedEx offers comparable pay to UPS. Let's side-by-side compare the salary information. As we previously mentioned, the average yearly pay for UPS truck drivers is $52,970 according to

The same website lists an average annual salary of $51,933 for Fedex drivers. Even though there isn't much of a difference, UPS generally pays more than Fedex.

But there's another justification for picking UPS over Fedex. It has an impact on your quality of life in addition to your pay and benefits.

As we've already mentioned, UPS positions are union jobs. However, this is not true of Fedex trucking jobs.

In actuality, Fedex has a history of being extremely hostile to unionization efforts. As reported by The Guardian in 2020, "FedEx, the second largest logistics company in the US, spent $837,000 between 2014 and 2018 on union avoidance consultants, according to a recent report published by the Economic Policy Institute."

Consider pensions to comprehend the disparity in benefits between UPS and Fedex.

According to a FedEx driver quoted by The Guardian, "Our retirement is poor when compared to UPS. For every year of employment, a UPS employee receives somewhere around $100 per month. You will receive a $2,000 per month pension after 20 years. I've been here 20 years. If you extrapolate my pension, my projected monthly income in another ten years, when I'll be close to thirty, will be $300. What will I do with $300 each month?

Therefore, if at all possible, it would be wise to work as a driver for UPS as opposed to FedEx. You'll not only be given the chance to make a higher salary, but you'll also get much better benefits and overall treatment.

UPS Driver Requirements

Here are the basic requirements you need to meet to drive for UPS:

at least 21 years old.

pass a drug test and background investigation.

hold a license that is currently valid.

speak and write English fluently.

possess the strength to lift 70-pound packages.

keep a spotless driving record.

You'll need to be physically able to drive for at least eight hours each day. You would spend three to five days at a time away from home if you worked as a freight driver.

There is a catch when applying for driving positions with UPS, it should be noted. Given their competitive pay and benefits, the majority of UPS drivers stay with the company until they retire. Additionally, UPS frequently promotes employees from within its own ranks.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to get a job when UPS hires drivers from outside the organization. In fact, you will face tough competition even if you already work for UPS and are trying to advance into a driver position.

You must therefore enter with a resume that is as strong as possible.

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