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Unluckiest Color For Each Zodiac Sign
Unluckiest Color For Each Zodiac Sign

The colors around us are very colorful and eye-catching. Each zodiac sign represents a unique color and they can tell quite a lot of aspects of your personality.

Besides the colors that are considered "amulets" for the 12 zodiac signs, there are also colors that destroy your luck, even causing you to have constant bad luck.

Let discover the most unlucky colors based on the zodiac sign.

1. Aries: Gray

The secret of the 12 zodiac signs revealed, Aries is full of energy, love and hate are clear, black to black, white to white, no emotional ambiguity.

Of the many eye-catching colors in life, gray is disgusting to Yang Yang and completely unacceptable in the mind of this constellation.

So every time you see gray, Aries will feel dizzy and try to get away immediately.

2. Taurus: Red

Red symbolizes luxury, power and attractiveness. However, most Taurus people hate this color, because they love what is simple, closer to nature.

Whenever attending a party or an event, Taurus likes to use the color of the earth because they do not want to attract the attention of others.

3. Gemini: Green

Many people say that green helps protect the eyes, but many people think that this color symbolizes betrayal.

For Gemini themselves, green makes them feel dazzled and resentful, so they hate it.

4. Cancer: Black

According to the 12 zodiac horoscope, both Cancer men and women love to treat people with sincerity. They never deceived and betrayed anyone.

Therefore, the obscurity of black is very unsuitable for such good people. This is considered a bad color for Cancer.

5. Leo: Green

Leo can be said to be a group of people who are quite afraid of the color green. They understand the direct blue color as betrayal and do not want to face and endure this betrayal.

Therefore, green is an unlucky color for this zodiac sign. Seeing green anywhere, they immediately stay away.

6. Virgo: Red

Astrology says that Virgo belongs to the group of people who are very afraid of "seeing blood". Most of them feel dizzy, dizzy and aggravate the problem when they see red, especially the color of blood.

If you see red, Virgo will start to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, red is also the unlucky color of this constellation.

7. Libra: Pink

Pink symbolizes tenderness and loveliness, just like Libra's personality: very approachable, likable.

That personality can be said to be completely suitable for pink, but unfortunately, Libra is very hostile to this color, because it brings bad luck to this constellation when using this color. pink anywhere.

8. Scorpio: White

White is the color of pure beauty, clear and easy to grasp. Compared to the cold, mysterious, unpredictable Scorpio, this color is always disproportionate.

Seeing white, Scorpio will become annoyed and want to stay away. Therefore, the color that is incompatible with this zodiac sign is white.

9. Sagittarius: Black

It is very natural that since childhood, Sagittarius has been very afraid of the color black, they will have an ominous premonition whenever they see black.

Therefore, black can be said to be the unlucky color of number one Sagittarius. Seeing black is Ma Nhi has lost more than half of the joy.

10. Capricorn: Red

Capricorn is smart, very diligent in studying, lucky and suitable colors for Capricorn Woman are blue and yellow.

And red is the unluckiest color in this constellation because it brings a melancholy, depressed mood to Capricorn.

11. Aquarius: Yellow

Aquarius is very active in thinking. Therefore, "rusty" colors such as yellow bring constraints to Aquarius, making them more resentful.

And every time they use things related to this color, it seems that a series of bad luck comes to them.

12. Pisces: Blue

Pisces loves fantasy, it can be said that they are very suitable for the blue of the sky, but unfortunately blue does not become a lucky color for small fish.

Therefore, you should limit the use of this color in your life to avoid bad luck.

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