Lucky Colors Of All Zodiac Signs for Year 2022
Lucky Color Of All Zodiac Signs for Year 2022

Every zodiac sign has a favourable colour, which can bring positive influences and that's why knowing it might work in your favour.

Your zodiac power color is something you can wear, accessorize with, decorate with, or use to bring out and enhance your sign's best qualities.

What Are The Zodiac Colors

What’s your sign? Whether you’re a smooth-talking Gemini or a spotlight-loving Leo, your astrological sign can say quite a bit about your personality.

But remember this, you have a power color. You can see it as an empowering zodiac color palette.

But, there are also disadvantageous hues you should steer away from. Picking the wrong color for your zodiac sign is what we’re trying to avoid at all costs.

Why? As we said, colors have power. While your personality colors might differ from your powerful zodiac colors, you can always use them to channel in positive vibes. Here are the best and the worst colors for your zodiac sign.

Every Zodiac Sign has unique characteristics and explicit colors indicating the emotional and spiritual connect with the Zodiac Sign. Our astrologers have identified your Zodiac color and you will be eager to know if these matches with your favorite colors.

Lucky Colors Of All Zodiac Signs for Year 2022
Lucky Color for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries Lucky Colors 2022

Photo Color Pallette
Photo Color Pallette

Red is an auspicious colour for you. This colour represents energy, ferociousness and purity that define your personality. Apart from the fiery red, colours like white and yellow are also considered to be lucky for you.

The color red stirs Aries’ soul and enhances passion, energy, and initiative. It’s the color of excitement and assertion, which supports Aries’ active nature and eagerness for life. Red demands attention -- and Aries is a sign that doesn’t like to be ignored. It’s also no surprise that Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, is known as "The Red Planet." The more shades of red Aries surrounds itself with, the greater their natural powers can be.

Unlucky colors for Aries: The colors that should be avioded by Aries sign are blue, black and green.

Taurus Lucky Colors 2022

Pink and white are really lucky for you in all aspects of life, especially in finance-related matters. The colour green is the symbol of elegance and money which is also an auspicious colour for you.

Despite the fact that it predates Greek mythology as a zodiac sign, Taurus’s association with the planet Venus means that it’s often linked to the goddess Venus or Aphrodite. As Aphrodite was the goddess of love, it only makes sense that the color associated with this domain should be one of the most sweetly romantic colors ever: pink!

Pink is often associated with feminine love as well as with innocence, childlike wonder, and first crushes. Audrey Hepburn once famously stated that she “believed in pink” as a way of encouraging her audience to embrace the lighter, more “frivolous” aspects of life.

Pink doesn’t always have to seem lighthearted, however. It can also represent passivity or naiveté. The same traits that make it such a powerful symbol of youth and innocent expressionism can also leave people reluctant to take the color seriously.

Unlucky colors for Taurus: These people should stay away from the colors like yellow and red.

Gemini Lucky Colors 2022

You can consider light yellow and green to be your favourable colours. This is said to bring positivity and success to your life. Besides this, you can also opt for colours like pink and white because these can be lucky for you too.

The color yellow is associated with optimism, excitement, friendship, and intellect; what better way to describe a Gemini? Yellow is a bright shade that quite literally lights up any room. While it may not be a color you'd paint your whole house with, using it in small doses can make a giant impact. Incorporate yellow into the areas of your home that need a boost or that you go to when you need some cheering up. Given your desire to change things up, you would work best with bringing in yellow accessories that can easily switch out when needed, such as glassware, rugs, or wall art.

Unlucky colors for Gemini: Blue and red colors are very less favorable for the Gemini.

Cancer Lucky Colors 2022

Your sensitive soul needs warm and nurturing colours like white, grey, silver and cream. These resonate with your sensitive and lovable personality and showcases you as the warm, supportive and secure person that you are.

Cancer is the sign of the moon. As a result, the cool silver tones of its primary color just make sense. It’s a calm, healing color that puts the viewer in mind of moonlit nights or time spent underwater.

Silver is often associated with wealth or success, but it can also have a slightly more dangerous side. In several ancient cultures, silver was seen as deceitful, enigmatic, or otherwise insincere. Cancers are often known to be evasive or even outright deceptive, so take care when wearing too much silver!

Finally, silver has long been associated with moon deities throughout history. In this light, silver represents the calling to a higher purpose, the strive for meaning, and the desire to rise above the current surroundings and make something greater of oneself.

If you find yourself drawn to the color silver, it’s easy to work into your wardrobe in the form of watches, rings, or other accessories that can boost your power color without being overwhelming.

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Leo Lucky Colors 2022

Shades of gold, regal purple and burnt orange reflect your bold personality as your sign is ruled and influenced by the sun. These colours define your dazzling self and further enhances your presence in front of others.

As soon as you see it, gold symbolizes wealth. One of the most precious materials found in nature, gold has long been a symbol of power, prestige, strength, and influence. In many cultures, including medieval Christian societies, gold was linked to divinity and the presence of the divine.

To some, gold may be seen as flashy, pretentious, or even a little bit arrogant. However, the warmth and clarity found in pure gold is usually enough to overcome that image so that the end result is a stunning, vibrant color that symbolizes compassion, generosity, and a boundless sense of optimism.

Leo’s association with the color gold most likely comes from its association with the sun. Nevertheless, some believe that it also may have arisen as a result of Leo’s association with the Nemean lion. The fur of the animal was said to have shone like gold, no matter what weapons were used upon its surface, and its unique qualities remained after its death.

Lucky Colors 2022 are green, yellow, red & blue


The color green represents fertility, balance, purity from contamination, growth and harmony. Green can help calm anxiety and reduce stress. In more recent years it also stands for eco-friendliness.


The color yellow represents the Earth and is often associated with royalty and power. The first Emperor of China was known as the Yellow Emperor. Today yellow signifies neutrality and good luck. It is common to see it paired with red.


Red represents fire and is the most popular color. It is also the national color representing happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success and good fortune. Red is used in China at important events including festivals and weddings. Red envelopes with money are given during the Chinese New Year for luck.


Blue stands for healing, trust, calmness and long life. Shades of blue are used to decorate homes for longevity and harmony.

Virgo Lucky Colors 2022

Colours like blue, green, yellow and white are lucky colours for you, as you have a dual nature sign as an earth element. Your calm nature is further defined by these colours that can prove to be lucky for your personal relationships.

You are very confidant and social. ‘Navy Blue, Gray or Dark Green’ shows your vivacious nature and works best for you. Whether at workplace or in a party, your Zodiac color helps to showcase your strength and your charms.

Unlucky colors: Whenever possible, the people of Virgo sign should stay away from red.

Libra Lucky Colors 2022

You should choose bright colours as it can prove to be very lucky for you. Pleasant colours like white and light blue compliment your personality very well, so you can opt for such colours.

You are artistic and very refined in your gestures. White, Pink and Turquoise’ colors are the best colors for you. The colors depict your inherent nature and your romantic personality. The shades of blue and white is perfect for the creative you.

Unlucky colors: This sign should avoid to use red color much in their lives.

Scorpio Lucky Colors 2022

White, red and all shades of brown are auspicious colours for you. This is said to help you find direction and purpose in life. Besides these, orange and yellow are also very beneficial for you in personal and professional relationships in life.

When Mars is ruling you, thenOrange, Brown and Murky Red’ are your lucky colors. You are ambitious and also mysterious so you need a color that balances your nature perfectly. Orange indicates health and strength as well.

Unlucky colors: Scorpions should take care of yourself when it comes to colors like blue and green.

Sagittarius Lucky Colors 2022

Dark yellow and orange are auspicious for you, as it supports your impulsive behaviour and witty personality. Icy blue or turquoise colours are also lucky colours that are believed to protect you from evil connotations surrounding you.

You will love theYellow, Pink and Purple hues as your ruling planet is Jupiter. This is basically in line with your ambitious and adventurous nature. At times you need some colors that soothe you mind and get you off your restlessness.

Unlucky colors: Blue color is unfavorable for the Sagittarians.

Capricorn Lucky Colors 2022

You should opt for black, purple, dark brown and green as your lucky colours because these are highly profitable for your business and work life. These colours will give you monetary success and are also useful for enhancing your personality.

Since you are calm and hardworking, your lucky colors are deep colors like‘Purple, Indigo and Gray’These colors show that you are spiritually inclines and you are clear about what you want and do in life.

Unlucky colors for Capricorn: People of Capricorn sign are advised to stay away from red and yellow color.

Aquarius Lucky Colors 2022

As the quirky and fun sign you are, bright colours like light blue, purple and white suit you the best. Not only are these favourable, but these help you to get creative ideas that you’re always looking for. These colours define you perfectly.

You are creative and your pleasant personality wins you great friends. Your lucky colors are ‘Black, Gray, Dark Blue and Brown’. They depict that you are intellectual and a very understanding person.

Unlucky colors for Aquarius: The colors like dark blue and green are not very lucky for the people falling under Aquarius sign.

Pisces Lucky Colors 2022

Belonging to the fire element, you are a dual-nature sign and yellow and orange are considered to be auspicious for you. The colour pink is also pretty lucky for you, as it helps you gain inspiration and insights required for your expertise in work and relationships.

You have expressive qualities and so ‘Violet-red, Green, Yellow and White’ are your lucky colors. These colors denote your confidence, sentiments and your spiritual connect in life.

Unlucky colors for Pisces: Apart from these colors, pink color is also lucky. Whenever possible Pisceans should avoid black and dark bright color.


The importance and effects of color in our life can clearly be seen and felt in our day to day activities. It is like feeling fresh and energetic while you are surrounded with greenery whereas we feel tired and sleepy at dark places.

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