What Is Reon Pocket: How Much It Is, How To Buy, More Information
What Is Reon Pocket: How Much It Is, How To Buy, More Information

A Sony representative says that sales of the Reon Pocket in Japan have "beyond expectations".

Sony's convenient pocket air conditioner was launched in early July 2020. The product is called Reon Pocket and has now launched its third generation.

It is a device made of white plastic, thin and fits in the palm of the hand. This device can charge via USB-C and connects to iOS or Android phones using Bluetooth.

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Reon Pocket: The Design

Photo: Sony
Photo: The Verge

The product includes a silicone patch on the back that the user can press between the shoulder blades, helping to blow cool air down the spine. The Reon Pocket uses the Peltier effect to cool or warm itself by absorbing and releasing heat.

According to promotional information, Reon Pocket can reduce the body surface temperature by 13 degrees, for example from 36 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius. However, according to actual user experience, this number is only accurate at the point of contact and will be worse over the whole body.

Weighing just 80 grams, Reon Pocket doesn't cause much trouble when placed inside clothes. However, it will be quite inconvenient to have to stick the product to the back. As a result, Sony has partnered with several clothing brands to produce a line of work shirts and golf shirts with integrated pockets for the Reon Pocket.

How much is Reon Pocket Wearable AC?

Photo: The Verge
Photo: The Verge

Reon Pocket was developed thanks to a crowdfunding project in July 2019. The campaign raised 66 million yen ($485,000) in just one week. Thanks to that success, Sony bought the device rights and officially released it in 2020. The company sold 10,000 units in the first 2 days.

Despite selling well, Sony doesn't seem to care too much about the product. At the time of launch, several YouTubers posted trial videos of Reon Pockets, but there was no official promotion from Sony itself.

According to SoraNews, it is possible that Sony feels that the product still does not fully meet their high standards. Since 2019, the company has continuously made improvements and has launched the Reon Pocket 3 in early 2022. According to Sony, the new version has 50% better cooling performance than the previous model.

Photo: The Verge
Photo: The Verge

Sony also applies technologies in the smartphone development process to its products. The Reon Pocket 3 is equipped with a sensor to detect the wearer's movement and provide appropriate cooling. In addition, users can also manually control the cooling capacity through the smartphone application.

The device can be fully charged in about 100 minutes via USB-C and use about 8-61 hours in cool mode, or 27-54 hours in warm mode depending on the intensity setting.

The 3rd generation Reon Pocket is out now in Japan for 14,850 yen (about 109 USD) for the device and 4,700 yen (about 35 USD) for the t-shirt with the device bag. Attached is the application displayed in English to help users easily use if there is a need.

How does the Reon Pocket work?

Differently than traditional air conditioners, the Sony Reon Pocket uses thermoelectric technology to cool down (or raise) your body temperature when you keep it in contact with your body. Taking advantage of the Peltier Effect (a scientific concept in thermodynamics), temperature difference is created by applying a voltage between two electrodes connected to a semiconductor material.

Sony Reon Pocket 3 Wearable Thermo Device Description

Photo: PCM
Photo: PCM

Summer in many parts of the world is both hot as well as humid and this can be a nightmare if your job requires you to wear a suit or you have to spend extended periods outside. Similarly, going inside where the air conditioning is blowing cold air on you can be similarly uncomfortable.

The SONY Reon Pocket 3 is a thermal device capable of heating or cooling a desired body part. It is an ideal partner for hot summer days as well as chilly winter nights. The Reon Pocket 3 has improved the cooling efficiency with a newly developed thermal module and heat dissipation mechanism.

You can easily switch between warm and cool mode using the REON POCKET app that lets you also customize how you use the device. The device weighs only 92

The neck band for the Sony Reon 3 is sold separately.

Reon Pocket 3 Wearable AC: Review

The size of the REON POCKET 3 body is smaller than that of a small smartphone. It is one size smaller than the iPhone SE (3rd generation) placed on the left side. There is an exhalation port at the bottom of the main body.

The left is the REON POCKET 3 main unit, and the right is the iPhone SE (3rd generation) for size comparison. The height is about 2 cm. From the side, you can see that the design is slightly curved. A USB terminal and a button with LED are arranged on the right side. There is an exhaust port on the top of the main unit.

The back side looks like this. A cold part of stainless steel is placed in the upper half, and this part that touches the skin gets warmer or colder. It feels a little cool when you touch it at room temperature. Charge it first before use. Insert the included USB Type-C cable into the USB terminal of the main unit ...

The LED of the button lights red while charging. Charging is complete when the LED turns off. When charging from the state where the battery is used up, 90% charge is completed in about 60 minutes, and charging is completed in about 100 minutes. Before operating the main unit, first make the initial settings. A dedicated smartphone app is required to make initial settings.

The iOS version and Android version have been released, but this time we will use the Android version. First, access Google Play and tap Install.

Next, the app will move to the operation screen of the main unit, where you will be notified that 'AUTO START / STOP function has been enabled'. This is a function that automatically cools and heats when the main body is attached to the neck, and automatically stops when it is removed and placed on a desk or the like. It is said that you can change the enable / disable later, so this time just tap 'OK' to enable it.

You can hold the REON POCKET 3 in your hand and use it as it is, but you can also use it by fixing it to your neck with a special neckband.

In addition, during the cooling operation, the air is discharged from the exhaust port of the main body, but since NECKBAND 2 is curved so as to warp to the rear side, the air does not hit the body directly. .. However, some people think that 'the air hits me and I'm worried about it.' Silicon Eflow Sheet improves such a situation.

If you attach the silicon airflow sheet so that it hooks on the protrusion on NECK BAND 2. The sound of the fan when the air is exhausted from the exhaust port is quiet, and it is loud enough to reverberate around for the first time in a quiet room. You can check the operation sound from the following video. The fan operation sounds of levels 1 to 4 are the same, but the volume is greatly increased by level 4+.

WARM can also adjust the temperature level in 4 steps, but unlike COOL, there is no '4+'. As with COOL, the main body will warm up in about 10 seconds. The fan does not move, so it is quiet during operation. The rechargeable battery duration is about 4.5 hours for level 1, about 3 hours for level 2, about 2.5 hours for level 3, and about 2 hours for level 4.

In addition to 'COOL' and 'WARM', you can use 'MY MODE' that repeatedly operates both modes and OFF in the app. For example, if you tap 'Stamina COOL'.

After performing COOL (level 1) for 5 seconds, the operation of turning it off for 20 seconds starts. It will stop automatically after 8 minutes.

You can set the WARM time, WARM temperature level, COOL time, COOL temperature level, stop time, time until automatic stop, and tap 'Start' to set the desired operation.

COOL time, WARM time, and stop time can be set from 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 25 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes.

Quick launch is a setting that allows you to switch the operation ON / OFF by simply pressing the button on the main unit for about 2 seconds without using the app. Select the mode to operate when the button is pressed from 'Last operation mode', 'SMART COOL MODE', 'MANUAL MODE', 'AUTO MODE (WARM)', and 'MY MODE', and tap 'Finish' to complete the setting.

'FAN' will appear on the operation screen of the app. You can operate the fan of the REON POCKET 3 main unit with 3 levels of strength, but it is a mode in which only the wind comes out, and the main body does not get cold, warm, or cold wind.

What's the difference between the Reon Pocket 3 and 2?

Photo: Sony
Photo: Sony

The Reon Pocket 3 brings a myriad of improvements and innovations: A new Thermo Engine, auto Start/Stop based on movement, 5 motion and temperature sensors, and an improved body heat absorption. It also has (new) SMART COOL and AUTO mode (not available in Generation 2) that automatically adjust the temperature based on different variables such as body movement types and body temperature sensor. It also has an upgraded battery that lasts longer than the previous generation, which can be continuously charged while you use the device in COOL mode (not available in Gen 2).

Can I use it without the special t-shirts?

The Sony Reon Pocket can only be used together with the special Sony Reon T-Shirts or attached to a Sony Reon Neckband (both sold separately). For better performance, Sony recommends using the Sony Reon Pocket with the special t-shirts. The special neckband can be used as an alternative to the t-shirts, but the cooling performance will not be the same.

The app is not available in my country

The iOS app for Sony Reon Pocket require a Japanese App Store account. Instructions on how to download the iOS or Android apps are included in all orders, but after-sales technical support or assistance is not provided by ShopMask.

Does it cool down my whole body?
The lowest setting will offer a gentle cooling around the device. Increasing the settings to maximum level, a larger area on your back will experience a stronger cooling sensation. For better results, Sony recommends that you use the Reon Pocket with the Reon T-Shirts instead of the neck support.

Wearable Air Conditioning Is the Latest in Cooling Technology

People have been figuring out ways to cool themselves down for as long as we’ve had to endure hot temperatures. Ancient Egyptians cooled their homes using dripping water in their windows. For just as long, people, including such illustrious scientific names as Benjamin Franklin and Michael Faraday, have tried to figure out better ways for us to cool ourselves down.

What’s the Problem with Standard Air Conditioning?

Our modern solution is the air conditioning unit, which was invented in 1902 by an inventor named Wills Carter. Since then, it’s become an integral part of our lives. For many, it’s a necessity because of health conditions that make heat intolerable. AC units are also essential for businesses with computers, artwork, or other temperature-sensitive items.

This means, however, that there are more than a billion air conditioning units around the world. That’s a major factor in the demand for electricity. Plus, all of those AC units contribute to environmental problems, including rising global temperatures. While the impact of air conditioning wasn’t noticeable when the technology was first introduced more than a century ago, it’s now having a major impact, warming up the outside even as we cool down the insides of buildings more and more effectively.

Of course, air conditioning technology has improved over the years and is now more efficient. Higher-rated units have less of an impact on the environment. However, the sheer number of air conditioners out there is still a problem. Plus, many people opt for lower-rated air conditioners in order to save money. Additionally, the problem is cyclical: the hotter temperatures are, the more people use their AC units, which contributes to hotter temperatures, which then contributes to more AC usage.

Why Is Wearable Air Conditioning Better?

Cooling an entire building takes up a lot of energy. A person is significantly smaller and therefore the energy required to cool just one person would be much less. It’s for this reason that inventors first began discussing the idea of wearing air-conditioned clothing several decades ago. However, the technology needed to cool someone down at the time was too bulky to be a practical solution. If the wearable AC was made smaller, it couldn’t dissipate the heat as effectively as a larger unit.

Air-conditioned clothing manufacturers have been working to combat this problem by focusing on creating a perceived cooling effect rather than an absolute cooling effect using the Peltier effect.

What Is the Peltier Effect?

In 1834, French scientist Jean Charles Athanase Peltier discovered that when he passed an electric current through a thermocouple circuit, heat was released at one junction of the circuit, but absorbed at the other end, producing a cooling effect. This effect is involved in a variety of different technologies, from wine coolers to heated car seats. Manufacturers looking into wearable air conditioning are using this effect in their designs.

How Do Wearable Air Conditioners Work?

These devices work by using the Peltier effect to create not an absolute lower temperature but the sensation of a lower temperature. This means that they make their wearers feel cooler relative to the outside temperature rather than actually cold.

Why You Should Use Wearable AC?

Newly created on-skin wearable air conditioning device can cool down your body, thereby reducing the risk of having a heat stroke, reports a new study. The findings of the study are detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

One day, soldiers could cool down on the military battlefield -- preventing heat stroke or exhaustion -- by using "wearable air conditioning," an on-skin device designed by engineers at the University of Missouri. The device includes numerous human health care applications such as the ability to monitor blood pressure, electrical activity of the heart and the level of skin hydration.

Unlike similar products in use today or other related concepts, this breathable and waterproof device can deliver personal air conditioning to a human body through a process called passive cooling. Passive cooling does not utilize electricity, such as a fan or pump, which researchers believe allows for minimal discomfort to the user.

"Our device can reflect sunlight away from the human body to minimize heat absorption, while simultaneously allowing the body to dissipate body heat, thereby allowing us to achieve around 11 degrees Fahrenheit of cooling to the human body during the daytime hours," said corresponding author Zheng Yan, an assistant professor in the College of Engineering. "We believe this is one of the first demonstrations of this capability in the emerging field of on-skin electronics."

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