12 Zodiac Signs: What Do They Need To Change To Make Themselves Happy?
12 Zodiac Signs: What Do They Need To Change To Make Themselves Happy?

What should 12 Zodiac signs give up to make life more meaningful?

Pisces should be confident in themselves instead of doubting themselves. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so you should be proud and try to promote your strengths to affirm your position.

Eliminating disturbances, jostling, lowering personal ego, accepting the "disorder" in life, etc. will help your soul to be comfortable, peaceful and everything will become light and pleasant.

Each constellation has a distinct personality, so what should the 12 Zodiac signs give up to make life more meaningful?

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1. Aries: Constantly challenge yourself

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Aries is a constellation that loves to explore and take risks, so it is always challenging to challenge yourself. Even though it is great, Aries, slow down a little bit, you will realize many surprises and interesting things. Challenging yourself has many benefits but also comes with risks, and you should be aware of this.

What makes an Aries happy?

Most Aries love a good rush of adrenaline through their veins. They seek adventure and jump at anything that can get their blood rushing and heart racing. They’re the kind of person to jump headfirst into any kind of activity as long as it promises to bring them some kind of excitement. Be it sky-diving, roller coasters or simply crossing a bridge high over a mountain side, these sorts of activities will put a smile on Aries’ face.

Aries isn’t just into heart racing death defying activities. Many Aries are also often into some sport; whether it’s participating in a competitive sport or simply cheering their team on from the side line. Tickets to a sporting event or an invitation to participate in some kind of sporty competition will get any Aries out of bed any day. Aries tend to prefer much more active sports such as soccer or cycling over sports that require a lot of focus like golfing or cricket.

Aries is often known as the first sign in the western horoscope. It is in their nature to be number one in whatever they do. An Aries is most comfortable and happy when they can be in charge and call the shots. They feel happiest being able to exercise their power and have people who will respect and follow their decisions. Whether it be in work or outside of it, Aries is happiest in a leadership position.

2. Taurus: Confusion

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Famous as the most industrious constellation in the zodiac signs, is it unreasonable to say that Taurus needs to give up the mess?

In fact, Taurus's hard work is almost entirely focused on work, and they often neglect home affairs, so it is natural that the house is messy. You need to roll up your sleeves to clean up your living space, remove all the unnecessary things from the house. That not only creates an ideal relaxing space, but also frees thoughts and helps to relax.

What makes a Taurus happy?

If anyone knows a Taurus, then they know the appreciation that they have for a good meal. While they’ll be fine with the usual takeout, what really makes a Taurus happy is when they’re treated to luxurious or home cooked food. A good warm meal with a lot of heart or a fancy restaurant that doesn’t skimp on portion size, is the right way to any Taurus’ heart or stomach. Offering to treat a Taurus to a meal is a good way to break the ice.

Taurians prefer activities that don’t require them to leave their own territories, also known as their homes. Most Taurians will take spending a quiet day at home watching movies or tending their plants over going out for a party. Nothing makes them happier than being able to enjoy themselves in their own abode. ‘Why go out, when they have everything they need in easy reach at home?’ That is their thinking. Suggest activities that can be done at home rather than forcing them to go outside.

Some may call the hardworking bull materialistic. While, yes, Taurians take the most pride and happiness out of material gifts, there is an intangible comfort from material goods. Taurians like it when they can see their hard work or appreciation being show in something they can hold, use or admire. While pure acts of kindness will be welcomed, a gift with an actual price tag, and place to put it, will always make a Taurus smile.

3. Gemini: Guilt for not accomplishing goals

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Gemini should let go of the guilt for not fulfilling the set goal. You have a lot to do, so skipping a few things isn't such a bad thing. You need to be strict with yourself to make things better, but if you've done your best, don't blame yourself. Learn to forgive yourself, and you will feel relief. The mood will also improve to welcome new challenges.

What makes a Gemini happy?

Nothing makes a Gemini happier than being able to find someone they can share a smart conversation with. Their partner must be able to keep up with Gemini’s wit, humour and intellectual knowledge though. A Gemini loves being able to debate or discuss complex topics casually with others. Finding someone who can keep up with their kind of conversation makes them feel happy as they feel a kinship and intellectual connection to said person. You can find a Gemini talking for hours with those able to match them.

A very intelligent sign, Gemini is the kind of sign that finds joy turning over some puzzle, brain teaser or mystery. They love both the process of solving and solving any thing that needs solving. This can be in the form of an actual puzzle to put together, an escape room or a board game with a mystery. A Gemini’s worst nightmare is being bored, so allowing them activities that are mentally stimulating and allow them to exercise their intellect or logic naturally makes them happy.

A bit harder to gift or obtain, a Gemini is happiest when they see their suggestions or recommendations being taken into account. This doesn’t, necessarily mean, following all their orders or opinions. Instead, acknowledging their opinion or even bringing it up to others will make them feel tickled pink. Gemini doesn’t like it when their opinions are just brushed aside. As long as their ideas and opinions are being heard and actually considered in the long run, you will have one happy Gemini on your hands.

4. Cancer: Nostalgia for the past

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Cancer should give up nostalgia for the past, let them sleep in peace and stop thinking about the things that hurt you. Cancer deserves to be happy, so stand up, move forward and find new joy for yourself. Focusing on the negative only creates more negativity.

What makes a Cancer happy?

Most Cancerians share a common love for the past and what has been. Some might even be history buffs outside of the subject in schooling. Anything from the past or has a sense of nostalgia will interest them. They are happy to listen to stories of how things used to be or visiting museums showcasing relics of the past. It fascinates and interests them. Be it far into the past or only a few years, Cancer is happy to study it.

Cancerians can be very introverted from time to time. As such they are happiest when you give them the time and space they ask for. At the same time, it can be hard for them to come out of their shell, let alone let anyone into it. Respect their privacy. Simply knocking before you enter and not pushing them into new activities, will get you into the good graces of a happy Cancerian.

Cancerians feel a very strong emotional attachment to their friends and family. Despite being introverts, they enjoy it most when they’re spending time within their own close-knit circle of companions. They are happiest when their family is gathered in one place, getting along and doing one activity together. This could be something as simple as a family game night or everyone going out on a group outing. The harmony within the family group fuels the happiness of the Cancerian.

5. Leo: Wants to be recognized by others

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If you're tired of wanting others to recognize your achievements, it's time to get rid of this unnecessary need. Being praised is great, but it's not all the reason to try. Instead of expecting praise from those around you, acknowledge your own efforts and give yourself encouragement.

What makes Leo happy?

Lions are known to be prideful and proud creatures. In real life, Leos are very capable and passionate people, whom deserve the praise they receive. While they prefer objective judgement and reasoning, Leos are still partial to receiving praise. Nothing makes a Leo happier than knowing their work is being recognized and praised by others. It can be something as simple as praising the way they’re dressed or refereeing to some of their larger accomplishments. Praise must be sincere and meaningful though, to truly make a Leo happy.

While a Leo hates to get involved in real life drama or messy problems, most Leos have a love for the entertainment genre. Whether in movies, tv shows or even books, Leos love watching the beginnings, middle and end of any good dramatic story. They can be completely captivated by the storyline and characters caught up in whatever obstacle or challenge in the plot. As long as the story remains exciting, don’t be afraid to get Leo a book from the series or settle in to watch an episode with them.

6. Virgo: Meticulous to the point of annoyance

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The excessive meticulousness of Virgo often make people around feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, Virgo should relax and be more open to things outside the rules. When you innovate, you can unleash your creativity, and life becomes more colorful and interesting.

What makes a Virgo happy?

It may sound rather funny, but lists do make Virgos happy. Whether it’d be to-do lists, shopping list or a list of personal goals, a Virgo feels a sense of satisfaction from making and viewing them. This is because Virgos are very detail orientated people who enjoy when things are laid out clearly for them to see. Having a proper list, with all the information, allows them to make use of the information to the best of their own ability without any other interference.

Virgos may not seem like the most social of signs at first, but don’t be fooled. They enjoy good company and mingling with others. They are happiest, when they can find someone or a group to share detailed and intellectual conversation with. Their environment should suit the nature of these conversations, so Virgos tend to be happier when they can go out to an upper-class establishment like a restaurant or high society party. Alongside side their own group of close friends.

Virgo likes being able to test and exercise their minds. They don’t necessarily like brain teasers or puzzles but prefer puzzles where they have to do a lot of mental math, strategy or calculation. Examples include Sudoku, Poker or Risk. While it might not seem like the way to relax to most signs, to them it’s how they unwind and enjoy their down time. Getting Virgo a book of Sudoku or other similar mental puzzles shows that you really know what they enjoy.

7. Libra: Procrastination

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Because they always want to seek justice, sometimes, Libra hesitates, procrastinates, causing themselves to lose many opportunities. Thinking carefully before making a decision is essential, but don't let the process go on too long. You will not be able to find a perfect solution to all problems. And whatever the outcome, remember that it was the best decision at the time. In addition, a little surprise, spontaneity will give you many new experiences. Just do what you like and don't worry too much about what other people think.

What makes a Libra happy?

Libra is truly a sign that knows how to enjoy luxury. However, they don’t just enjoy things like expensive gifts or furnishings, instead, they look for luxurious experiences that they can keep in their memories. A trip to the spa, a highflying ride up in a hot air balloon or an expensive trip to some remote islands. Libra know how to enjoy themselves and make every penny worth of their experience. With a Libra, it’s all or nothing for their happiness.

While not the only sign to be happy from admiring art of all kinds, Libra is one of the few signs that love to add a dash of elegance to their admiration. They aren’t just happy viewing expressions of art online or viewing a picture or a picture. They want to be there in person, in the museums, out in actual art stores or in front of street artists. They love being able to see the art being made or being able to personally talk with the artist.

The biggest thing that can make a Libra happy is their own personal freedom. Some of them may not realize it makes them happy, but they can certainly feel it. The best thing you can do is allow a Libra the freedom to make choices on their own, whether in work or in their life. The moment they feel they are ready, it is good to let them take charge of their own life. Even a small thing like allowing a Libra to decide the route to take on a map makes them feel happy.

8. Scorpio: Aggression

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Aggression due to a high ego is something Scorpio should give up if they don't want things to go too far. Keeping relationships around is more important than a little self-esteem after an argument. Resolving conflicts by compromise is not giving up power or lowering self-worth, but also showing that Scorpio is a strong person who knows how to recognize wrongs, especially delicate in behavior.

What makes a Scorpio happy?

It’s no secret that Scorpio is the secretive type. They enjoy putting on a good mystery and they enjoy studying mysteries. Most notable, Scorpios enjoy looking into things of the supernatural, occult or mystic. They love researching into the unknown and feel happiest when they can add to their knowledge of these sorts of things. Being able to play the role of the mystical detective, whether in a game or real life is their fantasy. It may not seem like them at first, but a good mystery will always get a Scorpio feeling giddy.

Another one of the intellectually minded signs, unlike others, Scorpio is less interested in general knowledge. Instead, they enjoy researching deeper into obscure or niche topics that not many others may know. Their knowledge may not always apply to every day life, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for them to dive into a book about the exotic plants on some obscure island and the like. Scorpio doesn’t always fit the norm of knowledge seeking, but they love it.

Scorpios, like other intellectual signs, often are happy when they find someone who can understand their level of thinking. Again, unlike other signs, what they look for intellectually is someone who can understand what they’re thinking before they even say it. What makes Scorpio happiest is someone they can share a conversation with, without giving out their secrets. In a way, they are happy finding someone who can understand them beyond an intellectual level when conversing.

9. Sagittarius: Stubborness

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You may not realize it, but sometimes your desire to be the center of attention makes others feel unimportant. You don't mean to ignore their feelings, but focusing too much on yourself can cause misunderstandings. To overcome this, you need to see the other person's point to understand them better.

What makes a Sagittarius happy?

Born under a fiery star, most Sagittarians love a good challenge that needs them to get out of bed and start moving. Sagittarians may have an affinity for physical exercise, but simply wanting to go for a run might not get the relatively relaxed Sagittarian out of the home. Instead, they will be excited if the exercise if presented in the form of a challenge or competition. The only thing that makes a Sagittarian happier than participating in a physical challenge is winning in a physical challenge.

It may not be obvious at first, with the fiery and passionate nature of the Sagittarians, but they are often avid nature lovers. The energetic and passionate Sagittarian will be surprisingly agreeable to slowing down and taking a simple walk. As long as they can admire nature along the way. They feel happies surrounded by trees, shrubbery and all kinds of wildlife. They love being able to walk in the gardens and simply enjoy a breath of fresh air as they relax and mellow under the sun.

At first you may think Sagittarians like lively entertainment, and that is true, but in reality, Sagittarians are happier being the ones entertaining others. Whether it is their work or simply a hobby, Sagittarians enjoy being in the spotlight. Entertaining others and showing off their passion. Simply asking a Sagittarian about their hobby may be enough to find yourself settling in for a good show as they demonstrate their interests. Not only is a Sagittarian happy, but often, so is their audience.

10. Capricorn: Create a wall of separation from everyone

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Capricorn often creates a wall to separate from people for fear of getting hurt. However, if you keep hiding behind that shell, even a small chance to change your life, you will not get it. So, Capricorn, be comfortable with everyone, keep experiencing and tripping, so that you will later realize how meaningful life is.

What makes a Capricorn happy?

Capricorns hate messes. Or rather, they hate the messes of others. They take great pride and joy in creating their own organizational systems or arranging their desk in exactly the way they want it. It may seem a bit strange to enjoy, but Capricorns love being their own home redecorator. They are happiest when they can shape their workspace or home territory exactly how they like it.

Capricorns aren’t usually the adventurous type. As stated above, they feel happiest and most comfortable when inside their own home as well. That doesn’t mean a Capricorn is opposed to going out, but even then, they are happier when their destination is somewhere indoors. They are happy doing activities that can or should only be done indoors, such as watching a movie, computer games or reading. Being indoors with air-conditioning makes for one happy Capricorn.

Self-improvement can be a chore sometimes, but not to the practical minded Capricorn. They get a buzz when they are working on improving their skills, whether that’d be through practicing their craft, taking an online course or simply reading a self-improvement book. They enjoy knowing they’re adding onto their skills or knowledge. While other may call it work, Capricorn would consider improving on their work skills as a leisurely hobby they indulge in.

11. Aquarius: Hide yourself too well

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Famous for being a wise and understanding sign, Aquarius often doesn't want others to underestimate their abilities, so they always tries to hide it carefully. This is what Aquarius should give up. You should be able to listen to other people's opinions and accept differences in thinking to build a more harmonious relationship.

What makes an Aquarius happy?

Nobody know what an Aquarius is thinking, sometimes not even other Aquarians. They are out of the box thinkers, with a knack for doing things non-traditionally. They are unique and love being out of the norm. They happiest doing things in their own unique way and also happiest if they can have conversations with those who think just as uniquely. Fuel their passions by indulging their eccentric ideas, you will be rewarded with a very thankful and happy Aquarian.

Aquarians are proud to stand up for what they believe in. They are happy when they can fight for their beliefs, though they will do so through peaceful methods. A lively debate or peaceful protest to push ahead their agenda and belief is right up Aquarius’ alley. Nothing makes them happier either, than being able to find someone who also believes and supports their cause.

Out of all the 12 horoscopes, Aquarius is one of the best-known socializers. Sometimes dubbed as the social butterflies of the horoscopes, Aquarius takes pride in being able to mingle and speak with others. They love social settings where they can freely network and meet new people. They thrive with the energy of a room, livening up any party or social setting. They are the divas and focus in any room, and they love and enjoy being known for it.

12. Pisces: Self-doubt

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Pisces should be confident in themselves instead of doubting themselves. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so you should be proud and try to promote your strengths to affirm your position. Don't be affected by what others say, then feel disappointed about yourself.

What makes a Pisces happy?

Pisces is represented by the twin fishes, naturally, they feel more at home when they are close or crossing over bodies of water. Be it watersports, simply relaxing near a pool of water such as the beach or taking a cruise, Pisces feels happiest and at home in the water. Even being near a fountain, Pisces can feel their moods rising up. If your Pisces is feeling a little grumpy, take them to the local swimming pool or plan an outing near water.

There’s a high chance that the Pisces you know is secretly a movie buff. This can go beyond simply enjoying watching movies, but also include being interested in how movies are directed or made. They are happy simply settling down and getting lost in the story or timeline of another world. To go one step further, they enjoy being able to see behind the scenes and learn the innerworkings of how such entertainment is produced.

Everyone feels happy after donating their money, time or effort into a good cause. None more so than the charitable Pisces. Going out of one’s way to help others can be tiring, but it helps to invigorate and refresh the caring Pisces. No where will you see a bigger smile, than on a Pisces that has just donated to their local charity or gotten back from helping with a food or clothing drive. If they earn some good karma along the way, then that’s just a bonus to them.

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