What Colors of Purse Bringing More Money and Prosperity to Zodiac Signs
Colors of purse to bring more money. Photo: Astroupay.
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How can zodiac signs attract more wealth to the wallet?

Since a wallet is where your money or representation ( your credit cards) of money is mainly kept, you can help to attract more wealth to your wallet by seeking extra luck. This can be achieved by placing three coins on a red ribbon that is placed adjacent to the home of your wallet.

It is important to de-clutter your wallet, one that is messy is said to actively contribute to making its owner poorer. The notes in your wallet must always be kept neatly and using one with neatly organized compartments is beneficial to attracting wealth.

As credit cards represent debt or money that is borrowed, the more credit cards a person has, the more money they are likely to lose than gain. Instead of having more credit cards in the wallet, it’s important to keep more currency notes in order to help you to attract more wealth, according to Allett.

Money wallet rules

The first bill that you see in your wallet should be the large denomination, and the last one the smallest.

Try to keep beautiful, even, and not torn bills in your wallet (immediately get rid of that kind of money: spend or exchange). Crumpled money is also undesirable.

It's good if you have one dollar in your wallet. (This bill is considered a powerful talisman since it has a printed Masonic wealth sign).

Accept money with your left hand and pay with your right. Such a rule will help attract wealth, Pdoshka cited.

Color Wallet For Zodiac Signs To Attract Money


What Colors of Purse Bringing More Money and Prosperity to Zodiac Signs
Photo: windley

Ruled by planet Mars, Aries is the first zodiac sign. Being a fire sign, it is considered to be fiery and movable. Red is believed to be an auspicious color for Aries. Red symbolizes energy, mobility, aggressiveness, and purity which is lucky for Arians. Apart from red, colors like white and yellow are also lucky for Arians. The colors that should be avoided by the Aries sign are blue, black, and green, Astrovidhi suggested.


To overcome financial difficulties, Taurus is supported by purses in green and yellow tones. Colorful colors and the classic look of the accessories help to avoid excessive spending or money transfers to dishonest people. Bright greens are suitable for girls and lemon tones for men. Taurus born will find lotus pink and white as their most favorable colors for the year.

Your zodiac sign is ruled by Venus and Taurus symbolizes the earth element. Hence pink and white can be your profitable colors for the year, Newsbeezer cited.


The zodiac lord of the natives of Gemini is Mercury. Therefore, it would be very auspicious to keep green, blue, purple, and green color purses with people of this zodiac sign. By doing this, your intellect will be sharpened, the money will rise and new energy power will also develop in your life, Newscrab reported.

Men, women ( Twins) rarely achieve great wealth. Money is not their first priority. They can earn a large sum with their minds, and then spend it with ease. They often participate in charitable projects. It is not alien to them to gamble. It is the impermanence of this sign that is the main problem in attracting wealth. Astrologers recommend that men and women buy accessories made from natural materials. Choose either a combined color - grey, orange, or take two wallets at once. They will also go to receive money in blue, purple purses.


What Colors of Purse Bringing More Money and Prosperity to Zodiac Signs
Photo: dianaco

For any Cancer born individual, white, cream, silver, red, and lemon yellow can prove lucky. Your ruling planet is the moon, and so these colors can best suit your sign. These are soft and nurturing colors, and when you choose from these colors, they can help attract the energies of planets that will act in your favor. In general, it is suitable for your zodiac sign to avoid any dark and bright colors. Cancers are not recommended to change their wallet too often. Your colors are milky, silver, white. Do not experiment with products in bright colors. You can supplement with a beautiful trinket, Businessinsider recommended.


Leo is the sign of rulers and it’s deeply under the influence of the sun. Gold, yellow, orange (the colors that represent sun rays), and white will bring much-needed luck in your life. If you are looking for love, make these colors an inseparable part of your life. For ladies, Lviv is preferable to buy wallets in red, purple colors. And chic purses, clutches will go for men black, dark red shade, Indiatimes wrote.

It is desirable that the money clutch be spacious, then the bills will linger in it.


The zodiac lord of the natives of Virgo zodiac sign is Mercury. Hence, people of this zodiac should keep purses of green, parrot, blue, purple, and yellow. By doing this, your intellectual capacity will increase and in matters of religion, faith will increase, the atmosphere will be happy.


What Colors of Purse Bringing More Money and Prosperity to Zodiac Signs
Photo: Etsy

The weights of the purses of blue, turquoise, and green will save the balance. These colors help to avoid excessive expenses. Choosing the shape of the purse is also important, and astrologers are recommending that Libra stop the selection of clutches made in the original modern style.

Large wallets will increase the desire to save money and a large number of bills will help you to raise money.


If Scorpio sets a goal to achieve material prosperity, then he will definitely achieve this. Basically, men, women of this zodiac sign do not put money in the first place in their lives, but they like to live comfortably. Scorpios are very capricious, so they will not like ordinary Chinese accessories. It is better to buy wallets of a well-known brand, good quality. Choose by color golden, yellow, red, orange tone.

It is the yellow color that gently acts on banknotes. Thanks to him, the money will be comfortable in the wallet.


For the carefree Sagittarians, who believe in living life to the fullest, lucky colors are bright orange, purple and white. Ruled by Jupiter, people of these zodiac signs are known for their adventurous streak. If you want to get lucky in love, wearing reddish-orange or white might prove to be fruitful. And if you want to impress your date with flowers, you now know which color you need to choose.

It would be very fruitful to keep yellow, red, pink, or saffron-colored purses with people of this zodiac sign. By doing this, there will be Mars in your life, successes will knock at your door.


The zodiac lord of the natives of Capricorn is Saturn. Capricorn needs to choose a purse of brown shades. A good option would be a wallet made of genuine leather, which will last more than one year and attract finances to the house. Golden is the color for Capricorn women.

In addition, you can take a closer look at the milk purse with a beautiful keychain. This will remove all the obstacles in your life. There will be new career opportunities, according to Timurovets.


What Colors of Purse Bringing More Money and Prosperity to Zodiac Signs
Photo: Amazon

Co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, red, yellow, and blue are the favorable colors for the people of this Zodiac sign. Since Aquarius is under the influence of two planets and being a water sign, blue can be the best choice to strike luck and love.

The zodiac lord of the natives of Aquarius is Saturn. Therefore, keeping a purse of black, blue, green, and white colors to the people of this zodiac will increase auspicious results and unexpected money can be benefited.


Fishes - not a banknote. Inner peace is important to them. Even if Pisces becomes wealthy, they will not cling to their capital with a stranglehold. Often among the people of this constellation, there are lovers of antique products.

Therefore, an antique wallet with a touch of the last century will suit them. Color to attract material wealth can be white, steel, blue, silver, turquoise. By keeping yellow, saffron, red, white, and pink purses with people of this zodiac sign, there will be a positive energy in life. This will increase your confidence, will increase your dignity in society.

The Meaning Color for Wallet

Red: Wealth’s magic color.

When it comes to success, prestige, and the color most associated with bright advancement, that color is beautiful, clear red. Red is a color that has the energy of fire and the sun.

In China and India red is the color of happiness. It’s also a color associated with love and romance, and the color that is most beneficial to women. In feng shui, red is the color of recognition, fame and a rise in prominence, and the material possessions of success.

Red is the color of life (think of the blood in your veins) and is used to energize. When you want to lift the energy of a home, add red colors. To brighten up a figurine, add a red bow.

Red is a color of happy energy and having a red wallet is one of the best ways to energize your life for wealth and income. Better still, having a red wallet in your handbag will energize your purse, too. If you carry a wallet that isn’t red, be sure to add something red inside your wallet to energize it.

Black: The color of prestige.

For sheer financial power and the serious business of making money, there’s only one color that meets all the qualities of a power broker and that color is black. Think about the color of power cars – it’s the long black Rolls Royce, Mercedes, or BMW that exudes prestige. The color black brings about the image of power, authority, and sophistication, and in feng shui, black represents opportunity, wealth, and prosperity.

Blue: More money, please.

If you’re looking for a job and a steady source of income, true blue is the color for you. A navy or blue-colored purse will help you keep your sources of income intact – and growing. Look for a rich-looking navy bag with pretty hardware, especially gold-tone. This combination is both stunning and classic and perfect for stimulating a rising income, especially on job interviews.

Pink: Bright, happy prosperity.

Want money to be FUN? If you can remember how happy you were when you got your allowance as a kid and ran right out to buy something, that’s what a pink purse is all about – having fun with money and enjoying it. Pink is merely a lighter version of red, so it has all the qualities red does but with a lighter, fun side. Red is the color of success, but pink is the color of having a good time with your income.

White: It makes financial might.

The color white is often overlooked as a power color, but it shouldn’t be. White is the color of metal, and metal makes water, which is the element of money, career advancement and income. When you want to command attention and attract windfalls and the support of influential people, a white handbag is the power bag to carry, especially if it’s outfitted with gold hardware. Accent on wealth.

Gold: Go for it.

Purses with metal fittings and accents are another enhancement on most handbags. But should you choose silver or gold – or a silver or gold purse? Let’s look at these two colors more in-depth. Gold and silver represent two different types of metal.

Silver is the cutting, small and sharp color that’s associated with scissors or a steak knife. Its light is like the light of the moon, not a generated light like the sun, but the sun’s reflected light.

Because of its association with small metal, silver won’t activate your purse for wealth the way you may want. Bear in mind that small metal means small money, according to Redlotusletter.

What Colors of Purse Bringing More Money and Prosperity to Zodiac Signs
Photo: knowfengshui

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Wallet Tips to be the Magnet of Wealth Luck

1. Keep Free of Clutter

Firstly, It is always good to keep your wallet in a clean and tidy state, so start clearing all the unnecessary stuff out of your purse and wallet. Similar to home and office Feng Shui, once you clear an area and remove the stagnant energy, it will make room for new energy to flow. Here are some dos and don’t for what items should be put into your wallet:

a. Receipt, credit card bill or anything that is representing debt or spending money

b. Always keep your wallet packed with money because it is a symbol of abundance. Avoid empty wallet.

c. Do not place junk, like sweet wrapper, old name card, expired membership card of any in your wallet.

2. Store your wallet properly

Next, you must treat your wallet well before they treat you well too. Allocate a special location in your house for your wallet and place it there everything you are back home so that they will feel treasured. Once you learn to appreciate them, it will tend to attract more money onto your life. Avoid tossing your wallet away on the dining table or anywhere that you find convenient.

3. Respect your Wallet

Do not place your wallet on the floor, especially on the toilet floor.

4. Avoid using 2nd Hand Wallet

Do not use a wallet that was used before because the previous owner’s energy has been in the wallet and it might influence you if you start using it. You will never know if it is good luck or a bad one, so just get a brand new one instead.

5. Be organized and sort out your notes

You can tell if a person has money or not by simply looking at the way a person placed their money into their wallets. For those who respect and appreciate the money, they had all their notes and coins neatly sorted. Those who were broke or always lack money will have disorganized and messy wallets. Be sure to arrange your notes in an upright position before placing them into your wallet because it has a huge influence over the energetic relationship between you, your wallet, and money.

You might consider getting a wallet or purse with compartments for you to organize your things neatly, instead of getting one without any (a catch-all type), it will be very messy.

6. Choose an Auspicious shape

Avoid choosing irregular wallet/purse shapes. It is best to have a long and straight type that you do not have to fold the notes in order to put them in. It helps to enhance wealth luck, Fengshuibeginner noted.

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