How to Watch Live iPhone 13 Launch Event
How to Watch Live iPhone 13 Launch Event

Apple's launch event is called "California streaming". You'll be able to see the "iPhone 13" launch live with many different ways in America, UK, Canada, Australia and from around the world.

When is the iPhone 13 launch taking place - date, time

Apple hasn't even confirmed that its next event will feature the new "iPhone 13," but it has announced a date, time — and some of the ways to watch.

In US terms, "California Streaming" will be on Tuesday, September 14, from 10:00 a.m. PT, 1pm ET or 6pm in the UK.

What will Apple launch at its California Dreaming event?

New iPhones are expected, and we've written up what's known so far about the iPhone 13.

The iPhones will be the star of the show, but it's also heavily rumoured that we'll get a first glimpse at the Apple Watch Series 7, and possibly also the third generation AirPods at the show. Less likely – currently suggested to have their own events – are Apple MacBook upgrades, although it's expected we'll see an M1 style MacBook Pro 16 inch at some point in 2021.

Watch Live iPhone 13 Launch Event on Youtube TV From Around the World

There is already a page on YouTube where the video will premiere then. YouTube may just be the most universal way to watch, since every device you can think of has a YouTube player.

However, we note that depending on where you are in the world, the YouTube video has been known to lag a little behind the live stream. If it lags at all, it's in the order of seconds, and certainly never more than a minute.

After the event has finished, YouTube has the advantage that it's easier to scrub through looking for the segments you're interested in. On all platforms, you can drag the slider to wind through quickly.

How to watch the Apple event on a computer

Apple no longer forces people to use its own streaming format, as it did in days gone by. In fact, these days you can simply hop on its official YouTube channel and stream it from there. If you’re forgetful, YouTube also allows you to set a reminder when the stream is about to start, which is handy.

How to watch the Apple event on a phone or tablet

You’ve got some options here. You can, of course, use the YouTube app, or your phone’s web browser, to head to Apple’s site. If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, then you can also use the Apple TV app to tune in. This is a pretty good way of doing it, if you’re able.

Watch Live iPhone 13 Launch Event on Apple Website, Apple TV

How to Watch Live iPhone 13 Launch Event In The US, UK, Australia and Around The World
Where to Watch Live iPhone 13 Launch Event In The US, UK, Australia and Around The World

Apple's own website is also good after the event because it shows markers in the timeline. Hover over the video on a Mac and you'll see dots for each point the subject changes, plus if you click in a certain area, you'll see the description.

Also, if you watch after the stream has finished, Apple will shortly release a version with American Sign Language in-vision on its event page.

As ever, Apple is streaming the event live via its own website. And as it has for the last several events, it is really streaming it solely via the American version of the site.

If you're watching anywhere else in the world, the local Apple site will be promoting the event and will tell you the local time it starts. But it will then link through to the US page for the actual event.

Apple recommends watching its site on an iPhone 7 or later, iPad 5th generation or later, or Mac through Safari on macOS Mojave 10.14, or later. It notes that you can stream it to an Apple TV, and also that recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge can play if they support MSE, H.264, and AAC.

Apple will provide a number of ways for you to catch every minute of its launch event, depending on your hardware at hand.

You can watch it right here via YouTube for a start:

Apple TV

There might seem little point streaming the event from your iPhone to your Apple TV, since you can just watch it directly on that Apple TV 4K. But finding it on there remains as peculiarly difficult as it has since Apple dropped its Apple Events app on Apple TV.

The event will be there, but you will not find it at all until it's begun. Once it has, and then forever afterwards, searching for "Apple events" will turn it up in the Movies section.

Alternatively, just use the YouTube app on Apple TV.

If your TV is recent, it may well be able to access the Apple TV app, so you can use that. The quality should be better than anywhere else. Check your TV’s app store, but a lot of Samsung and LG models are all set up to run Apple TV if you want.

Also, there is always the YouTube option. Virtually every TV from recent smart TV history can call up the YouTube app. So hit that if you can’t access the Apple TV option.

If you have an Apple TV, then of course you will be able to see the stream using that. You’ll find the event video listed when you open the Apple TV app on, erm, your Apple TV.

Older TVs with a Chromecast will also happily stream the YouTube feed too, if you don’t have any direct way to watch. Just hit the Chromecast button in YouTube when the stream starts, and tell it where you want to stream it too.

We’ll also add the YouTube stream into this page on the day. And we’ll also be updating the site with news as we find out what Apple is announcing. There’s more updates happening on our Apple Event page too, so keep an eye on that.

How to Watch Live iPhone 13 Launch Event In The US, UK, Australia and Around The World
Watch Live iPhone 13 event on Apple TV

How to Watch iPhone 13 Event in Australia

Because of that pesky international dateline and timezones, in Australia that will translate to the very early hours of the morning of Wednesday 15 September for any Apple fans dead keen on getting the official word from Apple as to what's being released.

Here's how the timing rolls out across Australian time zones:

Australian Central Standard Time (Adelaide, Darwin, Broken Hill)


Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart)


Australian Western Standard Time (Perth)


You can watch it right above via YouTube for a start.

iPhone 13 deals in Australia: You can't buy an iPhone 13 yet, so there are no deals, although we'd expect a wide array of carrier offers as soon as the iPhone 13 lands. You can, however, score deals on the current iPhone 12 lineup, and indeed for some earlier iPhone models as well.

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