Watch Live La Liga 2021/22 for FREE in Africa: TV Channel, Live Stream, Online
How to Watch La Liga 2021/22 for FREE in Africa - Photo HT Sport

10 Best Free Websites to Watch La Liga in Africa

You cannot watch La Liga 2023 matches on official TV channels, Livestream in your country because of copyright issues. Don't worry, there are tons of sites and ways to watch that are completely free.

♦ Check out the Top 10 Best Free Websites to Watch La Liga From Anywhere in the World.

How to Watch Live La Liga In Middle-East and North Africa

The channel you are likely most familiar with, BeIN Sports holds La Liga coverage rights in North Africa and the Middle East directly via their website.

Where to Watch Live La Liga In South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa

La Liga and African sports broadcaster SuperSport have renewed their media rights agreement covering sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa.

The deal gives SuperSport coverage of Spanish soccer's top flight for the four seasons from 2020/21 to 2023/24.

The South Africa-based pay-TV network's deal covers all languages except Arabic and French. The tie-up will see La Liga’s dedicated 24/7 English-language channel, LaLigaTV, made available to subscribers on pay-TV’s DStv, which covers the sub-Saharan region.

“We’re delighted to have finalised a new deal as football is one of our popular broadcast pillars,” said Gideon Khobane, chief executive of SuperSport. “La Liga is a fantastic product and our viewers enjoy the excitement on show from week to week.”

Melcior Soler, director of the La Liga audiovisual department, added: “SuperSport has been a strong partner for La Liga in Africa for many years and our fanbase across the continent has grown significantly during this time.

“We look forward to further years of success together.”

The overseas rights deal was agreed by SuperSport with Barcelona-based agency Mediapro, which in 2018 acquired La Liga's overseas rights for the 2019/20 to 2023/24 cycle for €4.48 billion (US$5.24 billion). During the previous cycle, Africa as a collective territory made up between three and four per cent of La Liga's annual overseas revenue.

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Watch Live La Liga in Africa Using VPNs

Using a VPN is crucial when trying to stream La Liga matches as it’s needed to gain access to some of the most popular channels.

If you’re in different parts of the globe that don’t live stream the matches, a VPN will allow you to spoof your geolocation and trick the channels into thinking you’re in an approved streaming country.

Another significant benefit to using a VPN while watching these matches is that your download speeds can increase depending on if your ISP has been throttling your connection.

There’s also the many other bonuses that come with VPNs like higher levels of encryption and security to protect you and your data from prying.

These days there are many hackers, government, advertising agencies, and cybercriminals looking to steal your information. Being online without encrypting your data can leave you extremely vulnerable to attacks with a higher chance of becoming a victim to cybercrime.

Free VPNs And La Liga

There are plenty of choices when it comes to VPNs, and some of the options available are better than others. Premium and paid VPNs have a more reliable reputation when it comes to your privacy and protection. By having paying customers, they can invest in more resources, provide a higher quality product, have more features, and generally be a safer choice.

On the other hand, free VPNs are more likely to sell your data onto to third-party advertisers, or in the worst case cybercriminals. They need to make money from their product somehow, and without you paying, this is often how these VPNs make a profit.

If you find a free VPN that is reputable and trustworthy, they tend to be limited and reduce the number of available servers, slow your speeds, or restrict your bandwidth.

Limits won’t do if you’re trying to watch a La Liga match because they will make it practically impossible to successfully stream a live game.

List of Spanish LA Liga BBVA 2021/22 TV channels Worldwide Broadcaster

TV Channels Broadcasting Spanish La Liga 2021/22 Worldwide


TV Channels


Telefonica (Moviestar + will show best rated game every week), GOL TV (2nd rated league game every week) beIN La Liga (8 games per week)


beIN Sports (signed a new deal)


beINSports (Majority of the games live every week), DAZN (some live games plus highlights)


Sports Max and ESPN

South America

ESPN Latin America (selected matches live every week), DirectTV (every match available live)

Middle-East countries

beINSports (Both in English and Arabic)

United Kingdom

Eleven Sports (sign new three year deal worth £18million a season and yet to decide how they will show matches. Via online subscription or setup on TV channel in the UK)


Eleven Sports


beIN Sports Australia

New Zealand & Pacific Countries

beIN Sports


ESPN Brazil (selected matches) FoxSports (Exclusive rights with Portuguese coverage)


Direct TV & ESPN Latin

Puerto Rico

beIN Sports

Brunei & Malaysiya, Indonesia

beIN Sports (exclusive rights in Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Combodia, Laos and Thailand)

Singapore & Philippines

beIN Sports (exclusive rights in the region), ABC-CBN also share LA Liga rights in Philippines

Chine & Macau

PPTV (exclusive rights in China and Chinese territories)

India & Sub-Continent countries

Son Six & Son Kix (Exclusive rights in India, Pakistan Bangladesh and other adjacent countries) Geo Super (Pakistan), Channel9 (Bangladesh), Lemar TV (Afghanistan)


Viasat Sport (Exclusive rights in Denmark, Finland, Sweden & Norway)


beIN Sports


beIN Sports


beIN Sports



South Korea





DAZN (mobile & online streams)


beINSports (exclusive rights of La Liga in France with french coverage)


FoxSports Italia (Exclusive rights)


DAZN (mobile & online streams in German coverage)


Eleven Sports (selected matches), TeleNet

Czech Republic



SportTV (Exclusive rights)


NTV Plus (exclusive rights)




beIN Sports


Eleven Sports

Romania & Slovakia

DigiSport (exclusive rights in Romania and Slovakia)

Eastern European Countries

Sport Klub (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovania)


DAZN (online streams subsciption based in German or French coverage)



South Korea

KBS N Sports & SkySports



Ex-Soviet Countries

Setanta Sports (exclusive rights in countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan)


Orange TV

Chine & Taiwan

PPTV (exclusive rights in Chine and Taiwan). Guangdong Sports (selected matches in some Chinese states)

Some Eastern European

NTV Plus (exclusive rights)

Some Baltic Countries

Setanta Sports (exclusiv rights in Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Moldova)


One (Exclusive rights in the region in Hebrew coverage)

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