Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada for FREE, Live Broadcast
The good news is that British content is accessible for Canadians. Photo Best VPN Canada

The BBC iPlayer service was one of the first trailblazers of video-on-demand and changed the way British audiences consumed content. It essentially got people used to the idea of being able to stream British TV shows wherever and whenever they wanted. This has become especially important in 2021 as we are streaming far more than we used to.

Trying to watch the BBC iPlayer is problematic from Canada because the BBC has set up their catch up service to be only accessible to people living in Britain. Given the popularity of BBC shows in Canada, and now with the disappearance of BBC Canada, it's incredibly frustrating for Canadians and expats who cannot access the shows that they want.

The good news is that British content is accessible for Canadians. That is, if you know how to do it. In this guide, we will run over the options that are available in Canada to stream the BBC and other British TV series.

Watch TV shows on BBC iPlayer from Canada

Follow these steps:

1. Download Chrome Browser (That is, if you aren't using it already)

2. Install the Beebs Chrome Extension

3. Register for BBC iPlayer

Once you've completed the steps listed above, you can start watching BBC iPlayer straight away from anywhere within Canada. Happy viewing!

Thanks to the simple and intuitive way Beebs has been designed, it is super easy for anyone to watch all the great TV series hosted on BBC iPlayer from Canada. And, as a bit of a bonus that's going to sweeten the deal, those that download Beebs can gain access to all the British TV shows found on both ITV Hub and All4.

Stream BBC TV shows from Canada

Option 1: Subscribe to Britbox

It was once quite easy to watch shows from the BBC on cable TV by tuning into BBC Canada. However, with the recent shutdown of BBC Canada and subsequent launch of its replacement service, tuning in to watch BBC TV shows in Canada is a little different.

British TV on-demand is no longer a pipe-dream for Canadians with the launch of Britbox which offers selected content shows from the BBC and ITV. Subscribers pay $8.99 CAD per month and have access to selected current and classic boxsets for viewing on-demand. Though it must be said that the programming on Britbox is lacking when it comes to newer content since these shows are released to the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub platforms first.

Premium new shows are also distributed to other bigger platforms such as Netlfix or Amazon since they can pay more money for them. Britbox does not give Canadians full access to all programmes to watch on BBC iPlayer but you will likely receive the most popular shows at a later date.

BBC iPlayer tips and tricks TV guide

A really handy feature of iPlayer is the integrated TV guide. This lets you scroll back through the last seven days of television programmes that have been broadcast and catch-up on shows that you've missed. Available programmes are highlighted in white text, just click on what you want and start watching.

Watch in HD: If your broadband can handle it (the BBC recommends at least 3.2Mbps) then you can stream certain content in HD. Depending on the version of iPlayer you're using, either select Watch in HD or toggle the HD on/off switch.

You can also download programmes in HD to watch offline, although if you're using your phone's 3G connection, be wary of exceeding your data allowance. Live Restart: If streaming live channels, a neat feature of iPlayer is being able to restart most live programmes from the beginning by clicking 'Restart the current programme'.

So, even if you come into a programme that's been on for half an hour, you can just reload it to the start. Search and favourites: If you know the name of the show you want to watch, you can use the search bar to find it. If it's a programme in a series you know you'll want to keep watching, simply click the star icon to save it to your personalised favourites page.

Enable subtitles: Most of the BBC's shows can be streamed with subtitles enabled. Depending on the type of device you're using, you can turn the subtitles on simply by clicking or tapping the ‘S' symbol while the content is playing.

Option 2: Purchase a VPN

There are a number of ways to stream the BBC iPlayer service in Canada. A popular method is to buy a virtual private network (VPN). Using a private connection the VPN can mimic your location so it appears you live in the UK, not Canada, where everyone can watch the BBC iPlayer. You may have to have a small amount of technical knowledge to set one up and keep it maintained. Another downside it that it will slow your overall internet experience down. Most VPNs do not specialise to access British TV channels so buying a highly rates VPN is essential. These will usually set you back roughly $100 CAD per year.

Option 3: Download the Beebs Chrome Extension

So, what is Beebs exactly? It is Chrome Extension that functions much like a normal VPN, unlocking sites that are usually geo-blocked. You can add an extension to your browser in a couple of clicks and be watching the BBC iPlayer from Canada in seconds. The extension acts as a proxy server to spoof your IP address and will show that you are based in England. Canadians can subscribe to Beebs for $49.00 CAD per year ($4.08 p/m).

Another big positive for those using Beebs is the offline mode. Since you have access to BBC iPlayer on your computer you can use BBC iPlayer Downloads which is an application you can install on your computer to download programmes from the BBC iPlayer website. You can download programmes from the website then watch your favourite programmes in the application when you're offline.

With Beebs locked and loaded in your browser, you are ready to start binging the best new British TV shows you've been missing out on.

With over 5.3 billion streams across all content on BBC iPlayer in 2020, the BBC iPlayer proves once again that it is an essential part of the TV landscape in the United Kingdom. If you want to get a taste for what the locals are tuning in to. below is a list of the top 10 most-streamed series on BBC iPlayer from last year.

The Top 10 most-streamed series on BBC iPlayer

1. Normal People

2. Killing Eve

3. MasterChef

4. Strictly Come Dancing

5. The Split

6. Silent Witness

7. The Secrets She Keeps

8. Life

9. I May Destroy You

10. This Country

Can I Watch BBC in Canada Online with a Free VPN?

We’ve covered this before – BBC is quick to ban VPN servers. So, what are the chances that BBC hasn’t already blocked your free VPN server? Not very high.

Though that’s not the only reason why you should always steer clear of these free VPN servers. There’s no surety of security, the speeds are miserable, and the annoying adverts will make sure your browsing experience is terrible. If there’s one thing we all like during our streaming sessions, it’s to not be bothered during that sacred time.

In summary – if you do get lucky with a free VPN (which I doubt you would) and you don’t mind seeing annoying ads, then have a go at it! If not, a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN is the way forward.

What Can I Watch on BBC Canada Online?

Now that we’re past the question, “how to get BBC iPlayer in Canada,” it’s time to answer some entertaining questions. What are some of the greatest titles on the streaming platform right now?

List of the top 10 movies and TV shows available on BBC iPlayer in Canada right now:

Planet Earth II

Killing Eve

Doctor Foster

Blue Planet 2




The Nest


Line of Duty

What BBC Channels Can I Watch in Canada

If you’ve purchased the TV license offered to you at the start, you should also have access to the following list of BBC iPlayer channels for free:




BBC Three

BBC Four


BBC Scotland

BBC News


BBC Parliament



One quick disclaimer – for BBC iPlayer Canada, 2016 marked the changes in strategies. Following this change of policy, all users were now required to log in to the BBC before they could continue with iPlayer or the TV channels. Though there was no requirement to pay for a TV license.

Can I Watch Wimbledon 2021 Live Stream on BBC iPlayer in Canada?

Yes, you can watch Wimbledon 2021 live matches on for free on BBC iPlayer. All the Wimbledon matches live stream are available on BBC iPlayer free channels, including BBC One, BBC Two, and Red Button.

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