VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning and Personal Traits
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: knowinsiders.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Dates, BirthDay

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, belongs to those born between the dates of August 23rd and September 22nd.

Those born under this horoscope sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their ‘attention to detail’ is for a reason: to help others. Virgos, more than any other zodiac sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy. They are also tailor-made for the job, since common Virgo traits are being industrious, methodical, and efficient. The sense of duty borne by these folks is considerable, and it ensures that they will always work for the greater good.

Born from August 23 to September 2: Decan 1

Mercury will rule the person born in this range and make them versatile, inventive, and malleable. You will possess a disciplined nature, trustworthiness, and generosity. You will have a tendency to be very methodical, disciplined and ordered in specific areas of your life. While you can be incredibly scatty and messy in other areas. You work hard to achieve the desired goals. However, you have a highly disciplined, analytical, and logical mind. With this, you work best in careers that require dedication, attention to detail and practicality. You are entirely honest and trustworthy to your work and the workplace. You will work very well with perfection if you believe a job is worth doing. You always strive for excellence in everything you do. Also, you spend countless hours checking, modifying and editing until perfection is reached.

You are extremely loyal, dependable, and faithful to your partner. You are generous, extremely caring, and considerate with people who are dear and close to you. You are naturally creative and seem to have good command in most areas of communication. You have an astounding ability to negotiate your way out of difficult situations. You rarely have trouble finding the right words to say exactly what you want without offending anyone. Also, you are fluent in talking with sarcasm. You have a hunger for knowledge and always eager to learn more. However, you experiment with new things and expand your horizons.

Born from September 3 to September 12: Decan 2

Saturn will rule the person born in this range and make them sensitive, sympathetic and caring. You possess brilliant organization skills, a strong will, and tactfulness. You have a natural ability to organize things systematically even under the most chaotic situations. You are unflappable, practical and disciplined. You are a perfectionist and won't stop until you get the job done successfully. You have excellent organizational and leadership skills and can direct and guide others very well with motivation, delegation, and assertiveness. You will not accept the things that are less than perfect. You also expect and demand the same level of perfection in others. So you get disappointed when others let you down. You are totally dedicated to your commitments and responsibilities. Apart from this, you have the mental endurance to push through discomfort to reach your loftiest goals. You are willing to put in a lot more than just hard work for material wealth and professional successes

You are endowed with a natural ability to analyze problems and provide solutions. Get insights into all your problems in 2020 and get appropriate solutions for it from your Free Personalized 2020 Report! You can grab the attention of anyone very easily as you talk confidently. People usually turn up to you when they are feeling confused or need a brilliant talker, highly skilled in the art of persuasion, to help them get what they desire. You are obsessed with neatness, order, and cleanliness. So you get embraced with some messiness around you. However, you are a cautious person who tends to be suspicious of anything unknown and unfamiliar to you.

Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury

The fleet-footed messenger planet, Mercury rules Virgo natives and make them intelligent yet witty. You have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication. You are highly skilled in handling information. You meticulously narrow down the wealth of information by picking out only what’s important and useful. The energy of the planet makes you incredibly observant and analytical. At the same time, it makes you a sensible source of information and ideas. The acute sense of knowledge and information makes you a loyal, trustworthy and helpful ally. You possess the ability to multitask and check off their never-ending to-do lists with precision.

Born from September 13 to September 22: Decan 3

Venus will rule the person born in this range and make them warm-hearted, generous, loving, shy, and timid. You possess a reserved nature, an artistic sense, and sensitivity. In addition to this, you are stable, solid, and jovial. You are the epitome of optimistic thinking, mental and intellectual stability and positivity. You will show more determination and will power. Also, you show a higher dose of persistence. You have an excellent ‘can do’ mentality. Once you have visualized a good cause, you will mobilize your entire energy to successfully complete it. Nothing seems to be too hard or complicated when you are determined for anything. You are faithful to the bone and will devote all your attention once you find the right partner for you. You don’t like to tell lies, exaggerate or start the rumor mill spinning. You demand absolute loyalty, truthfulness, and honesty from your favorite peeps.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning and Personal Traits
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: ELLE.

You are drawn to the finer things in life. Nothing makes you happier than seeing others smile because of you. You may find yourself being unhappy living under restrictions. However, you are drawn to creative pursuits where you are free to be your own master. You have a natural talent for facing and overcoming obstacles in all aspects of life. You can overcome all the obstacles coming in your career by talking to our expert astrologers. You do not like to be the center of attention. But prefer to operate in the background. You are reluctant to share your thoughts and feelings with others. But once you get to know people and become comfortable and relaxed with them then you share your feelings openly.

VIRGO Facts & Figures

Element: Earth

Polarity: Negative

Quality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling House: Sixth

Spirit Color: Silver

Lucky Gem: Peridot

Flower: Sunflower & marigold

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Opposite Signs: Pisces

The Symbol denotes: Matters pertaining to food, fitness, clothing, hygiene, and health.

Characteristics: Earthy, mutable, feminine, cold

Noteworthy qualities: Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, efficiency, cautiousness, intelligence, domesticity, prudence, industriousness, action-orientation, intuitiveness, perfectionism.

Undesirable personality traits: Selfishness, irritability, apprehension, secretiveness, skepticism, coldness, unresponsiveness, inconstancy, indecision, short-tempered nature, timidity, calculative approach.

Favorable things: Laptops, magazines, long showers with aromatherapy soaps, outdoor concerts, childhood friends, Trivial Pursuit

Things they hate: Lazy people, dive bars, spicy food, leaving home, toothpaste squeezed from the top of the tube.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Meaning

The stellar constellation of Virgo has origins in Babylonian society, where it was associated with the goddess Shala, who was depicted holding an ear of grain. To the Babylonians, this goddess ruled over fertility and the harvest, connecting Virgo to some of its earliest archetypal associations.

This connection to the harvest continues into Greek mythology, where Virgo was connected with the goddess Demeter, who ruled over the bounty of the earth and agriculture as well. Virgo is also connected to Ceres through early Roman culture, where she was the ruler of the same agricultural themes.

To this day, Virgo has held this connection with planting, growing, harvesting food, and herbal medicine. In the Middle Ages, Virgo’s virginal symbolism was observed by association with The Virgin Mary.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning and Personal Traits
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: horoscope2021.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Personal Traits

VIRGO Characteristics

Smart, sophisticated, and kind, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgos are amazing friends, always there to lend a hand and also lend advice. Practical Virgos are incredibly adept at big picture thinking, and planning out their life, their vacations, and what they're going to do today isn't a drag it makes them feel in control and secure.

Virgo’s personality traits are derived from its receptive, feminine, or yin qualities, making this sign oriented toward contemplation and engagement with inner awareness. Alive in both, a Virgo woman or Virgo man, those born with the Virgin as their rising, sun, or moon sign have a diligent, adaptable, and observant energy in the core of their personality, an echo of the preparedness and utility of late summer/early fall activities.

As a mutable sign, Virgo zodiac sign holds the qualities of being an alchemical “synthesizer,” able to find relationships between seemingly disparate and disjointed factors to transform these into a meaningful, useful harmony.

Those with the sign of the Virgin prominent in their charts are great at dedicating themselves to projects and relationships that need some care, healing and tending, to restore them back to health, purity, and natural function.

Positive VIRGO Personality Traits

You enjoy studying all situations in great detail. You are truly inclined towards understanding things. You are very reliable, practical and helpful to the people around you. At the same time, you are humble and easy-going. You have an analytical mind which helps you approach a situation critically. You are gifted with the powers of discrimination. It is hard to deceive you since you can see through such things. You also are unlikely to fall for a show of power, money or status.

The primary Virgo strengths can be found in their mental agility, adaptability, and skillful, meticulous nature. Diligent and observant, these folks think clearly, learn quickly, and gain enormous satisfaction in serving, healing, and helping to bring order, perfection, and practicality to their world.

Cool and conscientious, they are typically able to carefully discern between what is skillful and useful, and what is not. Too busy working on improving themselves and the world around them, they are often humble and modest and are usually too earthy and sensible to become arrogant and self-aggrandizing.


Virgo individuals are blessed with powerful intelligence and are always ready to expand their knowledge reserves. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo is the sign of intelligence. You usually have a systematic approach to life. You always ensure that you don’t miss any loophole behind.


You appear to be calm and collected. But underneath you have a great intensity that demands you bring order to your worlds. You need to rearrange your frantic interior beneath the calm exterior until everything is perfect. You are highly patient with others and always try to find the good in people. You give enough time to others to fix up their act if need be.


A Virgo has an analytical mind that can see things in black and white. You are capable of finding solutions to tough problems. What allows you to find solutions to problems is your keen attention to detail before making a decision. You have a very clever mind. You will go through all possible elements of thinking before making a decision.


Virgo is one of the most honest signs in the zodiac. You will always tell others exactly how you feel about them to their face. You don’t like to sugar coat your words. For you, honesty is the best policy, even if the truth hurts. You are most likely to follow the instructions at the workplace which makes you the best team player.


Virgo individuals are highly reliable and keep up with commitments. One can completely rely on you to complete complicated tasks with efficiency and perfection as you are very rational. You will never let your close ones down and give your best to meet their expectations. You will be the first to answer the call of others and the last to leave a situation when someone is in need.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning and Personal Traits
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: express.


Virgo is the perfectionist of all the zodiac signs. Virgo individuals settle only for the best. You seek perfection in everything you do from your career to your hobbies For you, confidence, ambition, and intelligence are very appealing. Your perfection works well with your analytical thinking and practicality. You can easily find flaws and notice the imperfections in everything you do.

Problem solver

Virgos like to tackle problems of close ones and the people around. Initially, your friends and family may think that you are trying to control their life. But they will soon realize that you are analyzing their situation to find ways and helping them in improving their life.

How to recognize Virgo?

Virgos are almost and always devoted to their families. Virgo men are not exactly garrulous, and they will stand out as a loner. They are the ones who are gentle, and attractive men over there in the comer, with the thesaurus under their arm. They are the ones with the tick-tock mind, clicking away the hours neatly and methodically noticing the smallest and finer details. In fact, they measure each minute for what it’s worth. Virgo women are quiet with beautiful and soft eyes. The perfectionists of the zodiac wheel are more likely to work late at the office rather than being gregarious at a cocktail party. You usually do not prefer to relax sufficiently and enjoy the carefree social swim. It is mainly because you are basically uncomfortable in crowds. They make attempts to follow the party routine at times, through pure frustration. But duty whistles too insistently to allow for much frivolity. They are too busy daydreaming. At the same time, they are generally very tired at night due to a long day so devoid to make wishes from stars. Hence, they will seldom be blowing bubbles in the air or building castles in the sand. There will be a definite impression noticed on their faces and look naturally worried at the time of the serious problem. The impression is also noticed while they are struggling to solve problems or are secretly worried about something.

Negative VIRGO Personality Traits

Your perfectionism can get in the way of your usual clear thinking at times. You are suspicious of everything and everyone around you. Being too nosey is another weakness of yours. Your nature of trying to put everything in the right order can be irritating to other people. You are liable to indecision in wider issues and this can become chronic, turning molehills of minor difficulties into major ones. Everyone has core strengths and pitfalls.

Some potential weaknesses in Virgo’s approach to life are rooted in their great strengths. Though intelligent and mentally dexterous, this highly functional mind can easily become overactive, leading to worry, anxiety, and insomnia. What they think up may become more real than what is actually happening, making it important for these natives to stay grounded in their bodies, breath, and the moment.

The Virgin’s talent for service and healing can get out of hand if they are overidentifying with being useful to others. They may be keeping themselves busy to avoid uncomfortable feelings and need to remember that it’s okay to “just be” at times, and to balance service with some healthy self-care and “healthy selfishness.”


Virgo individuals are one of the few zodiac signs who are difficult to get along with. You are not always easy. You can be overly critical and demanding. It is because you already have a clear picture in their minds about how things should be done.


Virgo personality types are too judgemental. You tend to appraise and judge people based on one particular viewpoint in that person’s life. You don’t care about looking at a person as a complete person. This causes lots of interpersonal conflicts.

Old school

Virgo individuals are a bit conservative and old fashioned. You are not really into modern changes and prefer things in their old traditional ways. You act pedantically sometimes.


Virgo is also known for being fussy as sometimes you get lost in the details. Your strong likes and dislikes make you quite fussy which can be very irritating to other signs.


Virgo individuals take longer than others to warm up. You are very slow to get to know people in general. When it comes to work settings you have an inability to commit quickly. You will usually commit, after enough prodding and after enough time has passed.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning and Personal Traits
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: Getty.

Virgo's Habits

You are obsessed with cleanliness and organizing things perfectly. You want everything perfect around you. Due to your perfection streak, you are often worried about doing things with perfection. Also, you get upset and stressed if things don’t go as per your expectations. You are allergic to filth and dirt and try to avoid it. However, you need to understand that it is more important that others should feel good with you instead of you looking good. You are very good at adjusting to your limits and shape your needs according to the resources you have. You may even have the habit of offering unsolicited advice. You have an eye for detail but often take it too far. Sometimes you take it so far to the point you get into arguments with others who aren't doing things the way you want them to do.

VIRGO Zodiac Sign: What is

Virgo's Greatest Gifts

Graceful, harmonious, and obsessed with making things the very best they can be, Virgo is notorious for being type A but that's only because this sign knows that everything good can be made great, and that everything great can be perfect. Smart and intensely curious, Virgos are passionate about uncovering the why which is why a Virgo's friends consider him or her their own personal encyclopedia. Known for their grace, Virgos can always talk their way out of sticky situations, and everyone is charmed by their wit and ability to put others at ease.

Virgo's Greatest Challenges

Virgo's desire to have everything be perfect can manifest in frustration when things don't live up to those (sometimes unrealistic) expectations. Besides occasionally leading to fights with friends and partners, Virgo's focus on perfection can cause everything even uploading an Instagram photo to take forever. Learning to go with the flow and accept good enough is a constant struggle.

Virgo's Secret Weapon

Virgo is incredibly hard working. When this sign wants something, they'll work for it. They're also good at making the most of things friends look to them to help them with a DIY project or redecorate their home. Virgins push the people around them to be their best if you want a training buddy for a marathon, you know who to call. Bottom line: Virgos work hard, and that work ethic inspires everyone in their life.

Virgo's enemy

The first Virgo enemy is themselves. The second is waste—wasted time, wasted materials, wasted space, wasted energy. Virgos are efficiency addicts.

Virgo's interest

Despite their self-professed perfectionism, Virgos can be attracted to a wide variety of people. Virgos are not superficial. They can find the beauty in things that most people would dismiss as unappealing.

Initially, a Virgo might be drawn to someone because they are trying to fulfill some need in themselves. They might get attracted to an artist because they want to be creative.

Virgos have a tendency to be drawn to people who are slightly unstable. It’s mostly because they want to put these people back together. Of course, they always feel they have the capacity to tap into the deepest emotional truths of another person. This belief is what makes them so magnetic. But this belief is also often the source of their suffering. This often gets them in situations where they get taken advantage of, or feel like they have to be someone’s only savior. Their relationships can start to feel transactional.


Virgos are afflicted with an absurd amount of expectation. Their love lives are often tumultuous because Virgos tend to be overly critical of other people. They’re not even trying to be mean, they just feel obligated to point out the flaws in others.

When they find someone that they like, they start imagining how perfect their love could be and as time goes on, they begin to conflate the potential of the relationship with the actual relationship. The unfortunate reality is that everyone has flaws. Virgos tend to be much more interested in things and ideas than they are people and feelings. As a result, they can get easily bored and easily distracted. Their hearts are stagnated by their heads.

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