Top Google Trending Searches in 2021
Top Google Trending Searches in 2021

Google's yearly report of top trending searches reveals the most popular keywords and topics across different categories.

Last year, "coronavirus" predictably topped the trending search list globally and dominated much of the US list. This year, the top trending global searches were more sports-focused. In the United States, politics and finance filled out the top 10 trending search list.

The Mega Millions jackpot made both the list of top US trending and the list of news searches. AMC's stock also appeared on both, and GameStop appeared on the US news list, pointing to the high interest in the meme-induced frenzy surrounding these stocks.

Top 10 Trending Recipes In America

Last year, recipe searches were all about comfort. In 2021, recipe searches were focused on what's new and trendy. TikTok recipes were especially hot, according to Google's analytics. Of the many recipes from the app, it was TikTok Pasta—the viral dish that combined baked feta, roasted tomatoes, and pasta—that reigned supreme on the search engine.

TikTok pasta

Bacon jam

Birria tacos

Crockpot chicken


Squid Game cookie

Baked oats


Gigi Hadid pasta

Smashed potatoes

While this is a departure from last year rankings, which included mostly baked goods and bread—specifically sourdough—it still suggests that people were searching for comfort in the form of food. Carbs were king once again, but instead of bread, it was pasta.

Top 10 Trending “How to be ...” In The U.S

Perhaps the most poignant of the Google trending search categories to me were searches that started with “how to be.”

It was led by how to be eligible for stimulus checks but beyond that, it pointed to a fundamental insecurity that many of us are facing after nearly two years in relative isolation: “How to be more attractive,” “How to be happy alone,” “How to be happy with yourself,” and “How to be eligible for a stimulus check".

How to be more attractive

How to be happy alone

How to be a baddie

How to be a good boyfriend

How to be a good kisser

How to be a flight attendant

How to be happy with yourself

How to be mindful

How to be romantic

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Top 10 Trending ‘This Or That’ In USA

An often overlooked type of query is the ‘this or that’ search.

Whether it’s how to use a word correctly, or what’s the difference between two things, the ‘this or that’ search is a versatile keyword type that offers many opportunities for new content.

Here’s what searchers needed more clarity on this year:

Effect or affect

Barbie, Bratz or Fairy

Allergies or COVID

Bones or no bones

Bougie or boujee

Pfizer or Moderna

Sinus infection or COVID

Choose Bidoof or Bidoof

Cold or COVID

Capitol or capital


Top ‘How To’

Answering peoples’ questions is the cornerstone of content publishing, so we’ll start off with some inspiration for your next “how to” articles.

If you can provide the most holistic answer to one of these questions you may see an influx of traffic coming your way.

How to help others

How to help Afghan refugees

How to help Texas

How to help India COVID

How to help toddler with cough

How to help foster kids

How to be

How to be eligible for stimulus check

How to be more attractive

How to be happy alone

How to be a baddie

How to be a good boyfriend

How to style

How to style straight leg jeans

How to style a wolf haircut

How to style a corset

How to style rings

How to style a sweater vest

In the U.S., news and politics caught more attention: "NBA," "DMX," "Gabby Petito," "Kyle Rittenhouse" and "Brian Laundrie" were the top five searched terms domestically.

Americans' minds were also on the money: Mega Millions, AMC stock and stimulus check ranked sixth, seventh and eighth respectively in overall search. Googlers wanted to know "how to be eligible for a stimulus check," and searched spiked for "dogecoin" when amateur investors worked to send the cryptocurrency "to the moon."

Top Google Searches

Top Google Searches in America
Top Yearly Google Searches


1) NBA

2) DMX

3) Gabby Petito

4) Kyle Rittenhouse

5) Brian Laundrie

6) Mega Millions

7) AMC Stock

8) Stimulus Check

9) Georgia Senate Race

10) Squid Game


1) Mega Millions

2) AMC Stock

3) Stimulus Check

4) Georgia Senate Race

5) GME

6) Dogecoin

7) Hurricane Ida

8) Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

9) Afghanistan

10) Ethereum Price


1) Kyle Rittenhouse

2) Tiger Woods

3) Alec Baldwin

4) Travis Scott

5) Simone Biles

6) Derek Chauvin

7) Morgan Wallen

8) Henry Ruggs III

9) Pete Davidson

10) Shailene Woodley


1) Alec Baldwin

2) Pete Davidson

3) Shailene Woodley

4) Gina Carano

5) Armie Hammer

6) Jake Gyllenhaal

7) Dave Chappelle

8) Bo Burnham

9) Olivia Wilde

10) Dog the Bounty Hunter


1) Indie

2) Dark academia

3) Cottagecore

4) Y2K

5) Sage green

6) Kidcore

7) Coconut girl

8) Kawaii

9) Harry Potter

10) Slytherin


1) Tiger Woods

2) Simone Biles

3) Henry Ruggs III

4) Odell Beckham Jr.

5) Aaron Rodgers

6) Giannis Antetokounmpo

7) Sha'Carri Richardson

8) Deshaun Watson

9) Christian Eriksen

10) Jake Paul

Celebrities Searched Together

1) Kim and Kanye

2) Bill and Melinda Gates

3) Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

4) Kanye and Jeffree Star

5) Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal

6) JLo and A-Rod

7) Tom Holland and Zendaya

8) Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

9) Ben Affleck and JLo

10) Selena Gomez and Chris Evans


1) Among Us

2) Battlefield 2042

3) Resident Evil Village

4) Valheim

5) Forza Horizon 5

6) Madden NFL 22

7) Outriders

8) Pokémon Unite

9) Biomutant

10) Friday Night Funkin'


1) Black Widow

2) Eternals

3) Halloween Kills

4) Mortal Kombat

5) Dune

6) Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

7) Godzilla vs. Kong

8) The Suicide Squad

9) Space Jam

10) In the Heights


1) Bernie Sanders' mittens

2) Hamster

3) Twisted tea

4) Squid Game

5) Sheesh

6) Red flag

7) Dab me up

8) Trade offer

9) Vin Diesel family

10) Suez Canal

Musicians and Bands

1) Travis Scott

2) Morgan Wallen

3) Adele

4) The Weeknd

5) Dr. Dre

6) Olivia Rodrigo

7) Marilyn Manson

8) Daft Punk

9) Bobby Shmurda

10) Lil Nas X

Top Yearly Google Searches In The UK

The year also saw ‘covid vaccine’ top the news list and queries around the reopening of ‘schools’, ‘gyms’ and ‘hairdressers’ dominating the ‘when’ trending search list.

Finally, with the globally important COP26 conference taking place in Glasgow, Brits turned to Google for sustainability queries.

The biggest searches were ‘what does COP26 stand for?’ and a range of questions on where to purchase second hand items such as ‘second hard furniture’, ‘second hand electric cars’ and ‘second hand clothes’.

Here’s Google’s full list of top trending search terms for the UK in 2021:

All terms


Premier League

Christian Eriksen

Covid vaccine

Prince Philip

Matt Hancock

Emma Raducanu

Sarah Everard

England vs Denmark

Sean Lock


Covid vaccine

Matt Hancock

Sarah Everard



Kyle Rittenhouse

Gabby Petito

Green list countries





Premier League

England vs Denmark

Champions League

England vs Italy


Olympic medal table

England vs Germany

England vs Scotland



Christian Eriksen

Matt Hancock

Emma Raducanu

Piers Morgan

Alec Baldwin

Travis Scott


Jack Grealish

Tyson Fury

Ashley Cain

Political Figures

Matt Hancock

Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders

Greta Thunberg

Nicola Sturgeon

Sajid Javid

Owen Paterson

Jackie Weaver

Angela Rayner

Nancy Pelosi


Taking the top spot was footballer Christian Erikson, who collapsed on the pitch during a Euro 2020 match and had a cardiac arrest.

Former health secretary Matt Hancock came in second, who was caught on CCTV kissing his then-aide Gina Coladango and the video leaked to the press.

Teenage tennis star Emma Raducanu was the third-most Googled person in the UK, after winning the US Open this year.

Ex-Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan was heavily criticised for saying she “couldn’t handle the pressure” of competing at Wimbledon earlier this year, and was the fourth most Googled person of the year.

Also in the top 10 was actor Alex Baldwin, rapper Travis Scott and comedian Sean Lock.


Christian Eriksen

Emma Raducanu


Jack Grealish

Tyson Fury

Harry Kane

Anthony Joshua

Conor McGregor

Andy Murray

Gareth Southgate


Squid Game


The Serpent

Line Of Duty

Love Island

Behind Her Eyes

Its A Sin

Pembrokeshire Murders


Friends Reunion

Korean hit-series Squid Game dominated the search trends for 2021.

Netflix declared the show “our biggest TV show ever” after being watched by 142 million households around the world.

In its first 28 days on the platform, the show was watched by 111 million users.

Bridgerton also made the list, which was watched by 82 million households in its first month

Popular BBC drama Line Of Duty was the fourth most-Googled song, with many fans asking "who is H?" on the search engine.

The final episode attracted 128 million viewers, making it the most-watched episode of a drama in 20 years, according to the BBC.

Viewers also wanted to know "who left Strictly?" and “when does Love Island finish?", according to the most searched for "who" questions.



Black Widow


No Time To Die

Red Notice

Army Of The Dead

Shang Chi

Halloween Kills

Suicide Squad

Jungle Cruise

Song lyrics

Poker Face lyrics

Easy On Me lyrics

Sweet Caroline lyrics

Brown Sugar lyrics

good 4 u lyrics

Three Lions lyrics

drivers license lyrics

Body remix lyrics

Bad Habits lyrics

All Too Well lyrics

Lady Gaga's Poker Face topped the list for most Googled lyric searches.

Adele new single Easy On Me was second, and Sweet Caroline by Niel Diamond came in third after its use during the Euro 2020 football tournatment.


Matt Hancock memes

Bernie Sanders chair meme

4 lads meme

hamster meme

Prince Philip memes

its coming home memes

Squid Game meme

sea shanty meme

homeschooling meme

Line of Duty memes

All questions

Is Facebook down?

Is WhatsApp down?

When will lockdown end?

What does COP26 stand for?

When will I get the vaccine?

Where does vanilla flavoring come from?

How many times has Italy won the euros?

How many cases in my area?

What does impeachment mean?

When does Love Island finish?


When will lockdown end?

When will I get the vaccine?

When does Love Island finish?

When does lockdown start?

When does Love Island start?

When do shops reopen?

When will schools reopen?

When do gyms reopen?

When do hairdressers open?

When does the Olympics start?


Who are the Taliban?

Who won Logan vs Floyd?

Who left Strictly?

Who do England play next?

Who is Ashley Cain?

Who will England play next?

Who is H?

Who paid the largest criminal fine in history?

Who is Bernie Sanders?

Who wins Squid Game?


Banana bread recipe

Sex on the beach recipe

Pimms recipe

Iced coffee recipe

Baked oats recipe

Scallops recipe

Overnight oats recipe

Malt loaf recipe

Pornstar martini recipe UK

Sourdough starter recipe


Lockdown birthday ideas

Pergola ideas

30th birthday gift ideas

Pumpkin design ideas

Valentines meal ideas

Sexy halloween costume ideas

Nail ideas

Lockdown valentines ideas

Quiz round ideas

Garden ideas UK

Second hand

Second hand furniture near me

Second hand books online

Second hand electric cars

Second hand sofa

Second hand watches

Second hand kitchens

Second hand iPhone 11

Second hand cars near me

Second hand clothes

Second hand Rolex

Or searches

Who won England or Scotland?

Bare with me or bear with me

Fiance or fiancee

Do clocks go forward or back in March?

Bear in mind or bare in mind

Is a jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?

Who won Logan or Floyd?

Who won Austin or Bryce?

Yours faithfully or sincerely

Effected or affected


Travel update UK

PCR test for travel

Caravan holidays

Portugal holidays

Travel green list

International travel

Travel corridors

Greece travel restrictions

Travel to France from UK

Malta holidays

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