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Tourist Should Never Do in Alaska

We in the final frontier take great pride in the abundance of wild-caught, locally-grown, and sustainably-sourced foods and products. We are a state that takes pride in its independent businesses, and it is our duty to learn about those businesses and the goods they sell so that our hard-earned money stays in the hands of Alaskans.

We take great pride in wearing the world's most comfortable, long-lasting, and insulating Alaska Native clothing while we camp out on the beach and venture into the backcountry. Therefore, you should definitely check out these 9 things that no Alaskan should ever do.

1. Farmed seafood

With the obvious exception of sustainable aquaculture (we have some of the very best oysters produced in captivity in the history of the world), You should get on that as soon as possible if you haven't already taken the oath to consume only wild, natural, and sustainable seafood from Alaska. Wild seafood is the name of the game and the source of our fame in the 49th state, as it is the third largest industry in the entire state of Alaska.

Because of its secluded coastlines and untainted waters, Alaska is an excellent location for the farming of marine shellfish. The majority of Alaska's aquaculture industry is focused on the production of littleneck clams, Pacific oysters, and mussels; however, farming of finfish is not permitted in the state. The majority of aquaculture operations in Alaska can be found along the expansive coastlines of the southeast and south-central regions of the state.

2. Or buying fish in general

Always make an effort, if you have the time, to catch your own wild Alaska seafood and prepare it. There is something about fish that you can't deny makes it taste better when you've caught it yourself, and this is something that can't be denied.

3. Eating hot dogs

Put down the hot dogs and pick up some reindeer dogs instead! When you're in Alaska, you should act like a local. M.A.'s, located in the heart of Anchorage, is widely regarded as one of the finest establishments across the entirety of Alaska at which one can indulge in an outstanding reindeer dog.

4. Shopping at big corporate box stores

Since 1980, Three Bears stores have provided Alaska with an extensive selection of goods, including but not limited to firearms, hunting equipment, cleaning supplies, and mouthwatering meats. Keeping one's financial support within the state of Alaska and with local companies is what it means to be a true Alaskan.

ONLY in Alaska: 9 things tourists should never do
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5. Buying produce without an ‘Alaska Grown’ label

Eating Alaska Grown products is always the most responsible choice to make, as well as the choice that yields the best tasting results, because so many local Alaskans work tirelessly and put their blood, sweat, and tears into ensuring that we have the most delicious products available.

The Alaska Grown program ensures that Alaska's agricultural products are of the highest possible quality. The coveted Alaska Grown logo can only be awarded to agricultural products that have earned the USDA's highest two ratings. When there is a lack of preexisting grading standards, the state Department of Agriculture will create its own. The presence of the logo ensures that the products have the best taste, as well as the highest levels of freshness and appearance. According to the information provided by, this classification can only be awarded to items that have been manufactured in the state of Alaska.

6. Going into the back-country unprepared

In this extremely sparsely populated and unforgiving state, venturing into the backcountry without adequate supplies is not only foolish but also incredibly ill-advised. Ever.

7. Staying inside when the Northern Lights are dancing

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Don't be rude to Mother Nature and the Aurora Borealis by staying inside while they put on the greatest FREE show of your life. Enjoy yourself, even if it means giving up a little sleep. You owe us a "in the morning" thank-you.

8. Uttering the words “I am bored" in Alaska

Don't ever complain of boredom in the Last Frontier, unless you want to receive the century's longest eye roll. Alaska, for crying out loud. The final frontier is not a place where one can get bored. In a word, no way, no how, no way!

9. Drinking wine, beer or even seasoning your meat with a product that isn’t from Alaska

We need not send our hard-earned cash out of state any longer, what with all the great new businesses opening up in the final frontier. Our wines are also superior to the competition. Our breweries are no different. We'll never go back to the boring stuff now that dedicated Alaskans are making the market's most delicious blends.

What the heck? That's exactly right. Put away your salt shaker and seasonings of the past. The products made in Alaska, including those made by Alaska Seasonings Company, are among the best available. In addition, the meat might literally jump off the grill and run back into the woods if you try to season it with anything other than Alaska-made seasoning. You shouldn't gamble like that.

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