Top 9 Oldest Companies In The World
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Wach of the companies listed below has stood the test of time throughout various natural disasters, wars, and miscellaneous periods of destruction. When you consider the fact that countries can come and go, empires fall into the hands of invaders, and so on, this is impressive. As we can see below, sometimes businesses can last through periods of occupation, or where foreign countries take over a nation.

List of 9 oldest companies all over the world

9.Sean Bar-Year Founded: 900

8.Royal Mint-Year Founded: 886

7.Tanaka Iga-Year Founded: 885

6.Monnaie de Paris-Year Founded: 864

5.Staffelter Hof Winery-Year Founded: 862

4. Stiftskeller St. Peter-Year Founded: 803

3.Genda Shigyō Paper Industries-Year Founded: 771

2.Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan-Year Founded: 705

1.Kongo Gumi-Year Founded: 578

Let’s see how hold they are!

9.Sean Bar-Year FoundTop 9 Oldest Companies In The Worlded: 900

Photo Pixa Bay
Photo Pixa Bay

Country: ireland

Industry: Pub

Ireland is unsurprisingly home to many old companies, and while Sean’s Bar’s age is controversial, it is truly one of the oldest bars in the world.

8.Royal Mint-Year Founded: 886

Country: UK

Industry: Mint

This is a government-controlled corporation that has been producing money and employing British people for over 1000 years. The main function of a mint is to produce coins that can be used as the country’s currency.

Today, you can visit the site as a museum and see a brief history of how the British pound has evolved throughout the years. Or, take a glance at how they produce coins today. However, they won’t show you exactly how they make their money.

Interesting Facts:

One of the oldest active government-operated corporations in human history.

Has operated under several different headquarters during its 1000 year history.

Currently produces around 5 billion coins a year.

Also produced medals to be worn as rewards for officials.

7.Tanaka Iga-Year Founded: 885

Country: Japan

Industry: Religious Goods

When you hear of a religious goods store, you might think of a chain like Mardel, which is a chain store which hasn’t really been around that long. However, the Tanaka Iga is so old that the religion which it sells goods for (Buddhism) was founded closer to the this store’s opening than today’s date.

What is perhaps most interesting is that many of the goods sold by this store are made on site.

Interesting Facts:

The oldest known merchant of Buddhist goods.

Likely the oldest store in the world that doesn’t sell food or drinks.

Manufactures most of the goods that are sold there.

Was founded nearly as close to the time of Siddartha Gautama (Buddha) than to today.

6.Monnaie de Paris-Year Founded: 864


Country: France

Industry: Mint

Long before the European Union started producing Euros for trade across Europe, the Monnaie de Paris was creating coins that were spread around France. This means that this mint has been producing money for many different political climates, including for the Nazis during WWII.

Interestingly, this mint even immediately switched over to producing Euros soon after France joined the European Union. Since this mint has printed many different types of currency while employing local citizens, it is the oldest mint in human history.

Interesting Facts:

The oldest mint in human history.

Has produced Francs and Euros.

The oldest active government corporation in known human history.

Didn’t start producing Euros until 1998.

Produced German currency during Nazi occupation.

5.Staffelter Hof Winery-Year Founded: 862

Country: Germany

Industry: Winery, Hospitality

If you want to see the oldest winery in the world, which also serves as a guest house, look no further than the Staffelter Hof Winery in Germany. Founded in 862, there was once a point where Roman soldiers would have come here to purchase wine.

In addition to surviving the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, this winery also survived the destruction of WWI and WWII, where over 10 million Germans lost their lives and various places were left in ruins.

Interesting Facts:

Serves both as a guest house and winery today.

Cultivates over seven hectares of vines.

Was once part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Survived the rise and fall of Hitler’s Third Reich, WWII, and the Allied invasion of Germany.

4. Stiftskeller St. Peter- Year Founded: 803

Country: Austria

Industry: Restaurant

Photo Public Domain
Photo Public Domain

We now go to Salzburg, Austria, which is home to Stiftskeller St. Peter, said to be the oldest inn in all of Europe, having been established in AD803. The writings of the English scholar Alcuin of York revealed the date of founding of the inn.

Stiftskeller St. Peter is the 6th oldest company in the world and the first on the list to be located outside of Japan. This restaurant can be found in the city of Salzburg in Austria. It is the oldest restaurant in the world and the oldest company in Europe. Stiftskeller St. Peter was founded in 803 AD within the monastery of St. Peter’s Archabbey. The restaurant claims to have served several famous individuals over the last few centuries, including Christopher Columbus and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

3.Genda Shigyō Paper Industries-Year Founded: 771

Country: Japan

Industry: Paper

Although paper wasn’t invented by Japan (we can thank China for that), this is the longest-running paper distribution in the world. Dating back well over 1,000 years, it is impressive that a company like this has survived for such a long time without succumbing to economic factors such as competition.

Interesting Facts:

Prints ceremonial paper products, such as cards for weddings.

Does gift wrapping using sophisticated paper designs.

Specializes in twisting paper into cords.

2.Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan-Year Founded: 705

The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Inns in Japan have the record of being open since the 8th century. / Photo: Wikimedia
The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Inns in Japan have the record of being open since the 8th century. Photo Wikimedia

Country: Japan

Industry: Hotel/Hospitality

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is by far the oldest hotel in the entire world, having operated since 705 AD. There is little surprise that the hotel operates in Japan and has existed been operated by at least 52 generations. The hotel is a hot spring hotel, which gained it popularity since its inception.

1.Kongo Gumi-Year Founded: 578

Photo Pinterst
Photo Pinterst

Country: Japan

Indsutry: Construction

Easily topping the list of the oldest companies in the world is the Japanese construction company, Kongo Gumi. Imagine, the company was founded more than 1,400 years ago. It was actually founded 1,443 years ago but even ignoring 43 years doesn’t really affect how old the company is. The construction company was a family-owned corporation throughout its history. However, unfortunately, even the seemingly immortal cannot escape the financial realities of recent decades and the company faced significant difficulties in 2006, which led to it becoming a subsidiary of the Takamatsu Construction Company, and it continues to exist as such even today.

Top 20 Oldest Companies Still Operating Today

Rank Year Established Company Current location Field
1 578 Kongō Gumi Japan Construction
2 705 Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Japan Hotel
3 717 Koman Japan Hotel
4 718 Hōshi Ryokan Japan Hotel
5 771 Genda Shigyō Japan Ceremonial paper goods
6 803 Stiftskeller St. Peter Austria Restaurant
7 862 Staffelter Hof Germany Wine
8 885 Tanaka-Iga Japan Religious goods
9 900 Sean's Bar Ireland Pub
10 953 The Bingley Arms UK Pub
11 970 Nakamura Shaji Japan Construction
12 1000 Château de Goulaine France Wine
13 1000 Marinelli Bell Foundry Italy Foundry
14 1000 Ichimonjiya Wasuke Japan Confectionery
15 1024 Shumiya-Shinbutsuguten Japan Religious goods
16 1040 Weihenstephan Germany Brewery
17 1050 Weltenburger Germany Brewery
18 1068 Otterton Mill UK Mill
19 1074 Affligem brewery Belgium Brewery
20 1074 Benediktinerstift Admont Austria Woodworking
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