Meaningful Birthday Gifts for Boss
Here are our suggestions for you to choose suitable and meaningful gifts for your boss.

It is important to get birthday gifts for your boss because it demonstrates your care and respect for them as a professional role model. Further, giving your boss a birthday gift can also potentially enhance their opinion of you in the workplace. Buying a gift for your boss can be tricky because you want to get something that's a nice sentiment and also useful, but not over-the-top where it looks like you're a bit of a brown-noser. So, we've done some research and picked out our favorite options when it comes time for gift-giving at the office. From a personalized fountain pen to a business card case and notebook, keep reading to find the best gifts to give your manager.

1. A set of notebooks with a bullet journaling system

Top 9 Meaningful Birthday Gifts for Boss
Photo: The New Yorker

These small books are the perfect size for jotting down quick notes and to-do lists. Each page is printed with circles to help them set up an efficient, organized bullet journal.

2. A desk sign with a hint of humor

If you and your boss have a humorous rapport going, they could get a kick out of this witty take on the everyday office signage. Plus, the sleek wooden and gold design let the sign speak for itself without appearing as overly kitschy.

3. A comfortable travel-sized pillow

Not that we're encouraging sleeping on the job, but this mini pillow does make spontaneous naps very tempting. It's the smaller but equally comfortable and supportive version of one of our favorite pillows and even has its own pillowcase and travel bag.

4. A leather business card holder

Top 9 Meaningful Birthday Gifts for Boss
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First impressions matter, which is why they should be pulling out business cards from a handsome leather case. It has a no-fuss, invisible magnetic closure and can hold up to 20 cards. Choose from pebbled or smooth leathers in a variety of colors, or upgrade to a premium leather. You can also add a monogram for an additional $10.

5. A delicious and unique food gift

Mix and match jars of fig preserves, triple berry preserves, apple butter, pumpkin butter, and more to create a sweet breakfast starter kit. The size is also perfect for their desk if they ever want a small and sweet afternoon pick-me-up.

6. A key cable they can bring anywhere

Top 9 Meaningful Birthday Gifts for Boss
Photo: Gear Moose

This portable cable charges up Apple devices quickly and claims to be six times stronger than the standard lightning cable, boasting a 10,000-bend lifespan. The knotted cable also looks great and makes it easy to fish out the charger from their bag, cites business insider.

7. Best Heated Foot Massager: Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager

Does your boss constantly complain that their feet are cold? If yes, then get them the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager to keep their feet feeling toasty. They can also simultaneously set it to massage to work the kinks out of their ankles and toes.

They can even remove the top foot muff and use the massager on their back, shoulders or even her legs. It measures about 12 x 12 inches wide and it has eight little built-in nodes that gently rotate to relax knotted muscles. Users claim the nodes feel just like a masseuse’s fingers.

8. Best Brewer: Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer

Don’t make your boss walk into the kitchen every time they need another hit of caffeine. The Coffee Gator Brewer is the pour-over variety, which makes it suitable for their desk. And pour-over brews are known to be smooth as silk, so you’re not just giving her coffee. You’re giving her good coffee.

The Osaka Brewer includes a surgical grade stainless steel filter, so they won’t have to keep buying the paper variety to keep it going mug after mug. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, which prevents months and years of coffee from penetrating and imparting a bitter taste after a lot of use.

9. GENNISSY Pocket Hip Flask

Top 9 Meaningful Birthday Gifts for Boss
Photo: Tools of Men
If you’re close with your boss — at least enough to know that they enjoy a drink here and there in the office — the GENNISSY Pocket Hip Flask can make a perfect gift for them.

This handsome flask is made of top grade stainless steel and quality leather for a firm grip and it comes with a funnel cap and three little cups. The cap seals nicely, so it won’t leak and get any files wet. If you really want to get fancy, get them a mini-bottle of their favorite relaxer to go with it. You might want to offer this gift when the two of you are alone, but, of course, you’re not giving it to them for office use, right? It’s for their personal time, and it will even fit nicely in their pocket, suggests thebalancesmb.

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