Top 8 Best Free Web Hosting In New Zealand
Top 8 Best Free Web Hosting In New Zealand

One type of internet hosting service that enables people or businesses to make their websites accessible globally is a web host. Numerous hosting service providers in New Zealand provide a wide range of hosting services depending on your requirements and budget.

There are many free or inexpensive web hosts in New Zealand, but which ones are the safest to pick? Here are the top 10 free web hosting providers in this nation that you can use.

How much do web hosting services cost in New Zealand?

Choosing a web hosting provider is easier than it might seem. Actually, choosing a mobile or Internet plan for your home is very similar to this.

Customers of web hosting companies typically have access to a variety of plan choices, which typically fall into one of three categories: basic, intermediate, or advanced or professional.

The number of websites you can host, the amount of storage you get, and the amount of traffic you can send through your site each month vary between the three basic levels of hosting plans. For instance, a basic plan might only provide 1GB of storage. A premium plan might offer up to 100GB of storage or even unlimited space.

Similar to a telecom plan, you can typically save money by signing a long-term contract that lasts longer than a year. Your monthly payments will typically be reduced by 10–20% as a result.

However, upfront payment is typically required by web hosting companies, who use the monthly fee to highlight how inexpensive they are in comparison to their rivals. Comparing the costs of the various plans side by side is the best way to find the best offer.

Fortunately, the table below shows that we have already completed that work for you. After reading this article, if you're interested in learning more about the different plans, you can visit the websites of each company.

Cost and Services for Web Hosting in NZ Compared:

Cost and Services for Web Hosting in NZ Compared

Bluehost (36-month Term) Shared – Basic 50GB $4.03
Shared – Plus Unlimited $7.45
Shared – Choice Plus Unlimited $7.45
Shared – Pro Unlimited $19.07
Dedicated – Standard 1TB $109.34
Dedicated – Enhanced 2TB $136.68
Dedicated – Premium 2TB $164.01
Crazy Domains (1-Year Term) Linux – Economy 150GB $2.58
Linux – Premium 500GB $7.00
Linux – Unlimited Unlimited $12.33
WebhostingNZ (1-Year Term) Economy 1GB $4.95
WordPress Plan 5 GB $5.56
Delux 50GB $15.95
Spark (1-Year Term) Basic 20GB $14.95
Essential 50GB $22.95
Premium 100GB $34.95
Voyager (Monthly Terms) Lite 1GB $14.95
Plus 10GB $29.95
Max 50GB $49.95
SecondMile Silver 4 page website $55.00
Gold 8 page website $55.00
Platinum 10 page website $55.00
Freeparking (1-Year Term) Saver 5GB $13.42
Standard 20GB $18.00
Select Unlimited $34.25

What are the five things to check before you choose your new web host?

Here are some five things you need to focus on while selecting your Web hosting provider in New Zealand:

• Customer support: This service provides pre- or post-sales support, which is another important factor because it enables you to create the website you want.

• Pricing: Pay close attention to the pricing structure to make sure your business won't be saddled with a hefty hosting bill.

• The location of the datacenter is also crucial. Let's say you want to purchase hosting in New Zealand. Choose a hosting company with a data center in New Zealand or a nearby location, such as New Zealand, in that situation.

• Hosting Reviews: Before choosing a web host, do some research on them and read reviews from different websites.

• Speed: Speed is crucial, particularly in the initial stages of development.

It could cost you thousands, if not millions, in lost potential sales if your web hosting is slow to respond. We need a quick web host that at the very least satisfies the essential standards for a working website.

What are the different types of Web Hosting Services?

In New Zealand, there are numerous hosting companies that offer web hosting services. Here are four types that website owners frequently buy.

Shared Hosting: In a shared hosting package, you and other website owners share a server. That implies that some software programs and your actual server are shared.

There are compromises associated with this kind of shared plan. However, they are made to be as user-friendly as they can be. To help you quickly launch your website, many hosting companies offer one-click installs for well-known scripts and content management systems.

For those who require more than a shared plan but do not need a dedicated server due to a limited budget, VPS hosting is the best option. Virtual Private Server is referred to as VPS. This indicates that while technically there are more VPSs on a single machine, it is still your server. If you want to learn server administration, you can use VPS hosting.

They provide more control because the server is fairly divided. Individual resource allocation ensures a certain level of performance.

They function as a solitary server that you are fully in charge of. Through the provider's control panel, you can modify your web hosting service to alter how your site's visitors interact with it.

Dedicated Hosting: A dedicated hosting plan gives you access to the entire web server. You are not sharing your server or resources in this case. However, the cost of your hosting purchase will be high.

Collocated Hosting: With this type of hosting, you purchase your server but place it on the premises of the hosting company. Your server will be entirely your responsibility. Additionally, you receive total control and access rights with these hosting plans.

Cloud hosting: With cloud hosting, you can automatically increase or decrease server resources based on traffic. There are no fixed costs associated with the billing, which is done on an hourly basis. Given that developers do not have to worry about their hosting infrastructure, it is currently the most popular hosting type for web apps. The word "cloud" is derived from network diagrams, where network infrastructure is represented by a cloud symbol.

Managed WordPress hosting:

For those looking to build their websites using the well-known WordPress content management system (CMS) from, there is WordPress hosting. Management WordPress hosting companies are experts in the CMS. They can solve your WordPress issues with ease.

Top 8 Best Web Hosting In New Zealand - Free or Low Paid

1. SiteGround

When choosing a web hosting provider, there are many factors to take into account. For instance, there are features that are more geared toward businesses (like e-commerce and server location) as well as features that are more appealing to a broad range of customers (like pricing and storage). All of these problems are addressed by SiteGround, and it does so successfully. It provides a good selection of hosting plans at competitive prices, as well as a wealth of tools for improving performance. SiteGround is a top-notch web hosting service for both individuals and small businesses, despite the absence of VPS, dedicated, and Windows servers.

Another excellent option to free website hosting is Siteground. They are renowned for their fantastic support and lightning-quick response times. Additionally, SiteGround is an authorized WordPress hosting provider.

Users of WPBeginner can receive a hosting discount of up to 63%. Basically, it will cost you $6.99 a month to get started.

The hosting packages from SiteGround include a website builder, a 1-click WordPress and Joomla installer, SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, first-rate customer support, and more.

Advanced website performance features like lightning-fast PHP and MySQL databases, site optimization, and security plugins have also been developed by them.

SiteGround offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee and has data centers on all four continents.

For building your own website for your shop or small business, SiteGround is ideal. You can upgrade to their VPS web hosting plan to get faster speed and scalability as your website grows.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost, founded by Matt Heaton in 1996, hosts over 2 million websites. It's a global web hosting giant.

Kiwis will have slower site loading times than North Americans unless you use a different content delivery network (CDN).

Bluehost's stability, features, and affordability explain its popularity. It's a versatile platform for beginners and pros.

Their WordPress integration and flexibility have made them a household name and one of the best NZ web hosts. Bluehost offers Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting for other CMSs.

Shared hosting shares servers with other websites, so heavy traffic will slow loading times. As the most affordable option, it's best for part-time bloggers or those who don't expect millions of simultaneous hits.

Shared Hosting has four plans—Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro—with 12- or 36-month terms.

The Basic plan lacks domain privacy, automated backup, and dedicated IP. One website and 50GB storage are included.

If you expect high traffic, dedicated hosting is best. This is better for business owners or those expecting site traffic to increase.

Only three monthly plans—Standard, Enhanced, and Premium—are available.

VPS web hosting, which is a mix of the first two, may be confusing. You share server resources with other sites but get some space and memory.

Standard, Enhance, and Ultimate VPS plans resemble dedicated hosting. Since it's still a shared server, it's priced between, but long-term contracts get discounts.

If you're considering Bluehost, you're probably building a WordPress site. These have the same names and prices as Shared Web Hosting: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

WordPress hosting includes the latest CMS. Automatic updates, secure credentials, a year-long domain name, and Google integration are included.

You can export a free.XML file from another WordPress site on a different server. Transferring multiple sites requires an additional fee.

Bluehost provides 24/7 phone support, online web chat, a ticket-based system, and a knowledge base to help even novice web builders launch their projects.

Bluehost is one of the best hosting platforms in New Zealand because of its fast and responsive customer service.

3. Crazy Domains

Since 2000, Crazy Domains has offered innovative, affordable online products and services. This top web host serves millions of customers worldwide. Crazy Domains offers reliable service, innovative technology, and affordability.

Crazy Domains is different because they offer a variety of top products and services to help your business succeed online. Crazy Domains sells domains, web hosting, online marketing tools, and more. Crazy Domains' "crazy" prices make these products and services affordable.

Crazy Domains is also eco-friendly. Their offices and data centers use less energy and water thanks to sustainability. Servers and switches are recycled and paper usage is reduced. Crazy Domains also donates to local communities by planting trees.

Crazy Domains' full-featured packages simplify web hosting. Three web hosting plans fit your budget and needs. Their best-value unlimited plan includes unlimited web space, bandwidth, email addresses, websites, email marketing, instant activation, and more. Cloud Network speeds up loading 300% with this plan.

The intuitive site builder makes site building easy. Drag, drop, point, and click to create a website in minutes. Over 4000 site designs are available without site building experience.

4. WebhostingNZ

WebhostingNZ provides all the web hosting basics:

• Domain registration, not included in their prices

• SSL certificates included for free with hosting

• Email hosting with web hosting products, or as a standalone product

• Free daily backups

Web hosting includes SEO tools, MariaDB, CloudFlare for page load speed, DNS management, and the hosting-optimized CloudLinux OS. The WordPress web hosting plan automatically installs WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

VPS plans let you start from scratch or add cPanel, CloudLinux, and Softaculous for high-end web hosting. Root access and SSH hosting are also available.

WebhostingNZ guarantees all hosting plans for 30 days. Web and reseller hosting have monthly, semi-annual, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year billing options. VPS hosting has monthly to yearly billing.

The plans are:

Web Hosting: Six cPanel-enabled shared hosting packages with unlimited data transfer. 20% off annual billing. Plans include 1–11 hosted websites, 1–50 GB storage, 2–unlimited email accounts, 1–50 subdomains, and 1–20 databases.

Reseller Hosting: Eight reseller packages with 10–unlimited hosted websites, 10–50 GB storage, and 250–unlimited bandwidth. Higher-tier plans unlock SSL manager, addon domains, Site Builder, Softaculous, and unlimited email accounts. Free cPanel/WHM.

VPS Hosting: Eight configurations offer unlimited monthly transfer. The top four plans have four vCPUs while the first four have one. Your plan gives you 5–200 GB storage and 64–8 GB RAM. Add-ons include cPanel, CloudLinux, off-server backup, and Softaculous.

Although fairly standard, WebhostingNZ's prices are among the least expensive of New Zealand-based hosts.

Through a ticketing system or live chat, all WebhostingNZ customers have access to technical support around-the-clock. They also have technicians watching over their physical servers round-the-clock, and their friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable technical support staff is amazing. For those of you who prefer to take care of yourself, there is a self-help section and a list of FAQs, but more content would be welcome.

Plans are available from $4 to $15 at WebhostingNZ. The cost is determined by the hosting plan type you select.

Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Providers In The World Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Providers In The World

If you are learning about web hosting and looking for the best free web hosting in the world, you have come to the right place.

5. Spark

Spark is a leading New Zealand telecommunications and digital company. They specialize in mobile, broadband, and NZ web hosting.

Spark can host your New Zealand website because they have servers on both islands.

Basic, Essential, and Premium are their only plans. You need a domain name before registering for their web hosting.

Spark will verify the availability of a new domain after one business day. Transferring an existing one requires your service provider's UDAI or EPP code.

Compared to other web hosting services, New Zealand domain names cost $35.95 per year. Global domain names cost $19.95 per year instead.

The Basic plan should work for a simple website with less than 500GB of monthly traffic. A "brochure-style" site with 20GB of storage should be enough.

The Essential plan is for complex websites that expect more traffic. This plan includes 50GB storage, 1TB traffic, and 3 databases.

The Premium plan is needed to run an online store. 100GB storage, 3TB monthly traffic, and 10 databases are included.

They offer Linux or Windows web hosting. The Console, their easy-to-use control panel, lets you edit and modify your content and features.


The GMO Internet Group, a large multinational company that has been providing online services since 1991, includes Despite having their headquarters in Japan, they have a remarkable reach that extends from Asia to Europe and North America. From a small personal website to a heavily trafficked and resource-intensive e-commerce website, they can accommodate anything thanks to their hosting of over 750,000 websites. But given that these plans come with excellent features at a reasonable price, their WordPress hosting will be of particular interest to many users.

Given's size, it's not surprising that they can accommodate any type of website, no matter how big or small. Additionally, they offer localized versions of their web hosting service in various nations around the world, with a few minor differences in the features and resources offered.

However, given that their primary service is based in Japan, their WordPress hosting is particularly alluring and provides fantastic plans with the following fundamental features:

• Automatic WordPress installation

• Robust SSD storage

• Robust bandwidth

• Host five to 30 WordPress websites

• Unlimited email accounts

• Supports large databases

If you want to host multiple WordPress websites, this is an excellent option. It also supports databases from 512MB to 2GB, which is perfect for e-commerce websites. Also, you get the following advanced features:

• 5GB email storage

• Daily backups

• Affordable SSL certificates

• Separate cache system to speed up your website

• Advanced WordPress security features

You can use's optional proprietary cache system to speed up the loading of your website. Additionally, they provide cutting-edge security features like blocking suspicious login attempts and IP address restrictions.

A separate staging environment and tools for one-click website copying are also provided by for WordPress websites. In just three steps, you can transfer your WordPress website from another host to There is a paid website builder option if you don't want to use WordPress.

7. Voyager

Voyager provides home and business internet services, among other things. The New Zealand-based company is well-regarded for its services. They offer web hosting and domain name registration. Business websites, but individuals can use them. Voyager has served over 30,000 customers for 15 years. Privately owned company.

An ISP that only offers hosting as a secondary service has few options, as expected. VPS, cloud, or dedicated servers. They offer company email hosting. Voyager Hosting Net24 hosts all of their hosting on the same website. Voyager bought Net24 and merged everything under their main brand.

Dependable Hosting

They provide reliable hosting for any purpose. Since this is an internet service provider, they can always expand or adjust wiring or other things and keep their connections up. For many, this is Voyager's biggest advantage over other companies.

Voyager's high availability cloud hosting packages offer very high uptime. Whatever you choose, you'll have a great, reliable hosting experience.

This company offers fast hosting. They use high-quality hardware, including solid state drives, have direct Internet connections, and configure their hardware to respond quickly and reliably. This company provides fast hosting for all types of sites.

8. SecondMile

SecondMile Internet Solutions, founded in 2003, handles most website needs. Despite being a new company, their experts have been building websites and optimizing web traffic since 1994.

SecondMile designs and develops websites before you upload your site. They'll make sure your brand looks good online to boost your online presence in today's market.

However, they only use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS), which is appropriate since their target market appears to be clients with little to no website management experience.

They'll train you to use WordPress, whether you're an individual or a business, so you can manage your content. They'll teach you the basics to update, edit, and refresh your content.

Data analysis includes KPI measurements. This data will be SEO-optimized.

These insights can help your business assess traffic, identify weaknesses, and optimize digital reach.

SecondMile offers end-to-end solutions, including web hosting. Kiwis visiting your site will get fast speeds from their New Zealand servers.

Although they have pre-set hosting plans, they can customize them for you. Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

All plans include free web design, domain registration, SSL Certificates, unlimited bandwidth, and 20 email addresses. SEO optimization and Google Business listings are included.

Web hosting plans include 4, 8, and 10 WordPress pages. Regardless of plan, extra pages cost $75 each. Many NZ web hosting plan buyers may consider this high fee.

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