Top 10 Free Web Hosting Providers For New Blogger
Free Web Hosting Providers

Web hosting is the service of making available storage space on a web server for a website's files. Hosting a website makes its components accessible via the World Wide Web. A server is where you'll find every website you've ever visited.

Different types of hosting provide varying amounts of disk space for websites. Shared, dedicated, virtual private server, and reseller hosting are the most common. The server technology used, the extent of management, and the availability of ancillary services are what set them apart from one another.

Take a look at these best free web hosting in the world.

What is Web Hosting?

In a nutshell, web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web. Website content such as HTML, CSS, and images has to be housed on a server to be viewable online.

Servers are what? Servers connect web users worldwide to your site. Web hosting providers provide servers, connectivity, and related services to host websites. By offering a variety of hosting plans, they cover the spectrum of hosting needs, from small blogs and large organizations.

If you’re planning on creating an online presence, reliable web hosting is essential. Today, hundreds of web hosts offer thousands of services. Plans range from free with limited options to expensive web hosting services specialized for business. The plan you choose will depend primarily on how you plan to use your website and how much you have budgeted for hosting.

The right hosting plan will give you the resources to load your website quickly and reliably for visitors. Many businesses today sell and get leads from their websites. Customers won't wait if a website doesn't load or doesn't appear. They'll leave that site for one that works well and delivers what they want.

How does Web Hosting work?

In other words, a server is the "home" of your website. The server holds all of your website as files that can be sent as needed. The server must actively send data to the visitor when they arrive at your website.

Let's pretend a potential customer is interested in checking out your blog. The server will send the blog to their browser screen. Once they chose a specific blog post, the server will display that post on their screen. The type of website hosting service that you need depends on the size of your following and the specifications that you need.

Shared Hosting

When looking for a hosting service, the most cost-effective option is shared hosting. It's the most basic type of hosting, but also the weakest. This type of website hosting consists of one server that handles multiple websites and all of their files. Shared hosting is recommended when:

Blog writers

Small to medium organizations

Small tech businesses

When websites on a shared host platform start getting a ton of traffic, it can cause unexplained lagging or downtime for the other sites on the server. When your website begins to gain more traction, the website can crash for seemingly no reason.

These shared servers aren't great if you plan on rapidly expanding your site or dealing with lots of visitors. They also don’t have a completely customizable capacity.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of hosting service. This type of website hosting is ideal for larger organizations that have a server administrator on standby. It is equipped with more power that allows you to have more freedom for your website. It's harder to keep under control because of how much power it has.

A dedicated hosting server provides full root access to the server for the website owner. They take up all of the space on the server. This is great! However, the website owner is then responsible for upkeep and updates for the server.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, short for virtual private server, is a service that bridges the gap between shared and dedicated server hosting. The VPS host provides the website owner with their own private "virtual" server where they have full administrative access.

This type of website hosting gives access to additional resources than you would get with a shared server while being a shared hosting service. There are just fewer websites on this type of server which ensures that you have more bandwidth and power.

Is Free Web Hosting Good?

Somewhat, but largely not. While it is free, there are serious drawbacks to it. You can only do so much; many websites lack adequate security measures; and if something goes wrong, you're on your own.

As we mentioned earlier, you’re better off choosing some cheap web hosting provider than going free. But in the end, it's up to you, and free web hosting can be sufficient for some situations, such as beginners who just want to dabble in website creation.

Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting

The drawbacks of free web hosting far outweigh the benefits. The primary benefit is that it does not cost you anything; there is no downside. This might be an okay choice for just trying out yourself in creating a website but you are almost always better off just paying for a good hosting provider, and there are some cheap ones too.

As you can imagine, there are quite a few cons to free web hosting. Performance is vastly inferior to paid hosting, security is questionable, don’t expect too much from customer support (if there’s any), and more often than not, you’re on your own if there’s some trouble with the website. All in all, if you can, stay away from free web hosting and pick a good cheap hosting provider.

Important Features to Look For in Website Hosting Services

A domain name is required for your website. Unfortunately, domain name fees can quickly add up. To save money, hosting packages may include domain name registration.

When a website takes a long time to load, visitors may be hesitant to stay. Pages will load quickly if you choose the right host. Some websites with mostly text will load faster than others with a lot of high-resolution photos.

Storage and bandwidth are both required for a fully functional website. Your website's size should be accommodated by the host you choose. You must decide whether your website will be mostly text, mostly images, or a combination of the two. Your website requires bandwidth as well.

The scalability of the website hosting server you select for your website is critical. If you're concerned about storage and bandwidth, make sure your web host provides more resources or different types of hosting so your website can handle growth and doesn't crash under pressure.

The server that you choose to run your website needs to have continuous uptime, meaning that it can run 24/7 without interruptions to the service that your website is providing.

A professional website will have an email account that is directly associated with the domain. When deciding on the type of server that is best for you and your website, make sure that your web host provides this.

It is critical to have technical support available around the clock. For any problems that you may encounter, your ideal hosting company will provide 24/7 support via phone, email, or chat.

Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting In The World For New Bloggers

1. InfinityFree

Infinity Free is a US-based web hosting provider launched in 2016, and, as its name suggests, it offers free hosting services for an indeterminate period of time. We all know that not everything presented as free hosting is truly free, but Infinity Free manages to live up to its name and does that without overloading your site with ads.

Besides highlighting that hosting with them is completely free (forever and ever) with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Infinity Free fails to brief us about the company itself. According to the data we were able to compile, even though the business was formally established in 2016, it began offering free hosting in 2011 as a side project.

Infinity Free is financially stable despite offering entirely free services because of a partnership with iFastNet, whose products are promoted on Infinity Free's official website. As a result, be prepared to be directed to the iFastNet website if you ever feel the need to upgrade your free plan to one of the premium ones.

Infinity Free’s official site is pretty plain and overrun with ads, but it is easy-to-use (partly due to its simplicity). Unfortunately, like with most free hosts, it doesn’t feature an official blog nor is it particularly active on social media sites.

2. Byethost

A US-based provider of hosting, domain name, and reseller services, Byet Internet, includes Byethost in its portfolio. With more than a million websites hosted, Byethost calls its free hosting service "one of the most powerful networks dedicated solely to free hosting in the world."

Users receive 50GB of monthly bandwidth, 1GB of server space, and MySQL and PHP compatibility. Additionally, they gain from having access to the community and knowledgebase of Byethost as well as the company's obviously helpful 24/7 technical support.

Furthermore, if you are ever interested in becoming a free web hosting provider yourself, Byethost operates a separate entity, myownfreehost, that allows you to do just that.

Infrequently, ByetHost provides reliable support for its free plan. You can access a self-service knowledge base and video tutorials, but a ticketing system is also available.

3. Wix

An Israeli software company called Ltd. offers cloud-based web development services. Using online drag and drop tools, users are able to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites. Wix also has offices in Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and Ukraine in addition to its headquarters and other offices there.

Using a variety of Wix-developed and third-party applications, users can add social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their websites. The Wix website builder operates under a freemium model and generates income from premium upgrades.

To connect their websites to their own domains, get rid of Wix ads, access the form builder, enable e-commerce, or get more data storage and bandwidth, users must purchase premium packages.

Wix offers a drag-and-drop HTML5 website builder with apps, graphics, image galleries, fonts, vectors, animations, and other options, along with editable website templates. Users can choose to start from scratch when building their websites. Wix unveiled a mobile editor in October 2013 to let users customize their websites for viewing on mobile devices.

Both free and paid applications are available on the Wix App Market, with a revenue split of 70% going to the developer and 30% going to Wix. Customers can integrate third-party applications into their own web sites, such as photograph feeds, blogging, music playlists, online community, e-mail marketing, and file management.

Custom JavaScript code can be inserted into Wix webpages using the Velo API.

4. Googiehost

GoogieHost’s free plans include lots of features that you don’t usually get for free—like a website builder, design templates, and spam protection, as well as an SSL certificate. Plus, with unlimited bandwidth, you have peace of mind that if your traffic increases, your expenses won’t.

As a free host, GoogieHost does not offer a free domain name, but it does offer an unlimited number of free subdomains. As a result, you can create numerous websites using different subdomains without paying any additional monthly fees.

GoogieHost offers free professional email addresses. This is a fantastic feature, especially if you want to keep your costs low and are just starting out and are not ready to pay for a business email with Google (or a comparable provider).

When you opt for a free hosting provider, you’re often forced to place advertising on your website. Refreshingly, GoogieHost doesn’t expect or even try to put up ads on your site, which means that your website will only ever display the content you put on it.

GoogieHost advertises that you can host an unlimited number of website files, but your SSD storage is actually limited to 1000 MB. Yes, it’s a little misleading, but 1000 MB is more than enough for most websites, and SSD means it should perform up to ten times faster than traditional HDD.

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5. FreeHostingNoAds

FreeHostingNoAds delivers just what it says on the tin: Free web hosting without any adverts. The brand is owned by Runhosting, an established web hosting provider that offers unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic for as little as $2.49 per month.

Although FreeHostingNoAds uses the same dashboard as Batcave (1GB/5GB/1 domain) and FreeHostingEU (200MB/4GB/5 domains), it only offers a small portion of what you get with a paid account. The latter are two other free web hosting providers that share an identical set of features with FreeHostingNoAds, and may well be part of the same family.

An SSL certificate, which will give you the all-important security padlock in browsers, will set you back an eye-watering $30. The Zacky Tools Installer's control panel is extremely constrained, only offering one-click installs of Grav, WordPress, or Joomla. However, if you so choose, you can install your own. Just keep in mind that the file size is limited to 15 MB.

Creating a new account is straightforward, but we were slightly concerned by the fact that the account emails landed straight in our spam box, a sign that some sites hosted by FreeHostingNoAds might be on a deny list.

6. 000Webhost

Our fifth pick is 000Webhost, a free website hosting provider owned and operated by Hostinger. 000Webhost has been around for 10 years and has millions of users, which unfortunately makes it a prime target for hackers. The provider's entire database was breached in 2015, resulting in the theft of information from an estimated 13.5 million accounts. Since then, 000Webhost has completely changed but many users still remember the hack to this day.

You can get cPanel, a website builder, and a WordPress auto-installer with 000Webhost. Additionally, there are no ads. However, the bandwidth and especially the disk space are on the low side, with 3GB bandwidth and only 300MB of disk space.

The lack of an SSL certificate is expected, but what is a little surprising is the absence of email accounts, subdomains, and ticket-based support (you must use the forums if you need assistance).

You should be able to install two websites with 000Webhost, but we got an error message when we tried to do this a second time, saying that we had reached our limit. Additionally, Google flagged the account creation email as a suspicious email and displayed a pop-up alert noting that malware frequently originates from that URL. Note that you can also create a website on using the same credentials as

7. Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud web hosting is part of the wider Google Cloud platform. It has a pay-as-you-use structure, so cost depends on what you need, and a pricing calculator helps users to figure out what their preferred option will cost.

You can start by purchasing your domain name (the address of your website) at Google Domains before building your website. The cost is determined by the level of popularity of the top-level domain (.com,.org, etc.) you select for your website. For instance, '' is $12 per year and '' is $60.

You then need to set up a virtual machine (VM), an operating system that runs on cloud-based software rather than hardware. The Google Cloud calculator can be used to estimate the cost of your data needs.

To host your site’s files, you also need to pay for cloud storage. The price depends on how much data you need to store and your network usage. It can also depend on the server location you select. As an example, simply storing your data (at rest) on the Iowa server costs $0.020 per GB a month, plus extra for network usage.

If you find all of this confusing, you might prefer a click-to-deploy solution like WordPress. This bundles your VM and storage. After acquiring your domain, you can use WordPress to build your website before deploying it to the Google Cloud for hosting.

This is estimated to cost $52.34 per month for the VM and $0.48 per month for 10GB of cloud storage. You can then get a sustained use discount of up to 30% if you use your VM for more than 25% of each month. Additionally, new Google Cloud platform users are given $300 in free credits to try out the products they decide on.

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8. AwardSpace

Initially offering free HTML hosting, Awardspace changed its policy in 2003 to include free LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) hosting without requiring users to run banner ads. The business started providing premium hosting plans in 2005. Awardspace featured three plans designed to meet the growing needs of existing customers for whom the free plan was no longer a fit.

Over the years, Awardspace has added multiple types of hosting to their product portfolio. They also develop custom tools for their hosting customers, such as automatic CMS installers and custom control panels. The business now boasts a 99.9% overall uptime and serves over 2.5 million customers.

A range of hosting services are provided by AwardSpace. It is most well-known for its free plan, which contains:

One website

Three subdomains

1 GB disk space

5 GB bandwidth

MySQL database

24/7 live chat

The Zacky website builder and one-click content management system (CMS) installation are both included with Awardspace. Also, the 24/7 live chat is available to free plan users if you have questions.

Your website won't contain any ads once it's launched. Plus, you can place ads to monetize it. Additionally, AwardSpace gives you the option to keep an eye on your bandwidth usage, which could be useful for resource allocation.

9. Freehostia

Web hosting company Freehostia has been around for more than ten years. They provide what they refer to as "cluster hosting," which entails that each asset in their network has a particular function and only supports a particular kind of service. For instance, they have servers that are solely used for MySQL, which lowers costs, lowers the amount of work each server must handle, and improves the efficiency of those servers. This enables them to provide affordable, high-performance web hosting to their users. With more than 15 language options, their cPanel is usable by users from all over the world, and its uptime rating of 99.92% is excellent.

There are conflicting opinions about their customer service, and many reviews from five or more years ago complain that their servers are frequently unreliable or glitchy. Having said that, Freehostia's ability to continuously improve their service by listening to customer feedback is one of their best qualities. Users have recently reported that the hosting service has significantly improved from a few years ago and that the support staff frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty to fix bugs and address issues whenever they arise.

Freehostia has four paid plans, ranging from the most basic Watercircle plan to their most advanced Supernatural plan. A 30-day free trial is offered with every paid plan. You receive 100 email accounts, 2 gigabytes of space, 50 gigabytes of bandwidth, SMTP server access, and Elefante (their 1-click script installer) with Watercircle. All the features of the more affordable plans are included in the Supernatural plan, in addition to unlimited disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, MySQL storage, and free domain registration. Freehostia also offers a free hosting plan called Chocolate. Users of the Chocolate plan can host up to five domains and receive 250 MB of storage, 6 GB of monthly bandwidth, round-the-clock customer service, a 1-click free script installer, no advertising, and a lot more. Other than the 500KB per file transfer restriction and the lack of SMTP access, Freehostia's Chocolate plan appears to be superior to the sector standard. The free plan has no time restriction.

10. FreeWebHostingArea

Despite having a website that looks like it was created in 1999, FreeWebHostingArea is an alternative if you're looking for a free web host that can offer you unlimited bandwidth (or at least that's what the provider claims).

What’s more, it offers a more generous storage capacity than most, giving you 1.5GB of web space, plus you get three MySQL databases – which again outperforms most rival free website hosting providers.

The control panel is basic, and at the time of writing, the site builder and the auto-installer were not functioning correctly, leaving any user who wants to build their own websites with the task of uploading their files via FTP. FreeWebHostingArea allows files up to 12MB in size.

FreeWHA, as it is also known, also gives users daily or weekly offsite backups and no ads on low traffic websites. Regardless of how popular the site becomes, upgrading to the FreeWHA Basic package for $12 a year gets you rid of the ads as well as five MySQL databases per account, one-click database backup, and priority technical support.

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