Top 8 Biggest Lock Manufacturers In The US By Revenue
Top 8 Biggest Lock Manufacturers In The US By Revenue
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A lock is a mechanism that secures goods or limits access to something that need protection. A mechanical lock is attached to a door and consists of two physically independent pieces. The first section is attached to the frame and serves as a solid metal reinforcement for a hole in the door. The other component fits into a rectangular hole in the door known as a mortise and is made comprised of a metal mechanism that slides a heavy bolt into and out of the reinforced hole.

When a key is turned clockwise or counterclockwise, the bolt slides from one side to another. It must be powered by a mechanism that converts rotational motion (the turning key) into reciprocating motion (the sliding bolt), such as a cam or a crank mechanism. A collection of fixed or moving metal pieces known as wards or tumblers fit into slots cut into the key and are an integral part of a lock's mechanism. This means that just one key can turn the cam, slide the bolt, and open the door. This article rates the top featured manufacturers and suppliers of locks on Thomas, as well as the top lock suppliers in the United States that meet diversity requirements.

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Top 8 Largest Lock Manufacturers in the US By Revenue

1. Dormakaba Group

Revenue: $2.5 billion

Dormakaba Group USA is a global security company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. They manufacture a wide range of locks and other security equipment. The combination creates one of the top three firms in the global market for security and access solutions, with estimated revenues of more than 2 billion Swiss Francs and around 16,000 people. Tomakaba operates in over 50 countries, with production, distribution, and service facilities in all relevant markets.

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2. Allegion

Revenue: $883.61 million

Allegion makes building security systems and equipment, including locks. Other items include access control, biometrics, door controls and closers, door trims and accessories, doors and frames, exit devices, key systems, and sanitary fittings.

Allegion provides home and commercial security devices and solutions. We provide a variety of mechanical and electronic security equipment, including locks (mechanical and electrical), door closers, escape devices, steel doors and frames, and more.

3. DoorKing, Inc.

Revenue: $55 million

Door King Co., Ltd., founded in 1948, is a top maker of intercom systems, auto gate operators, parking control devices, and access control systems in the United States. DKS, located in Inglewood, California, has occupied seven locations since its founding and is less than three miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). These structures house headquarters, production, engineering, sales & marketing, training, warehouses, and shipping and receiving sections. We also have 15 regional sales managers throughout the country.

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4. Schlage Lock Company

Revenue is $434 million

Walter Schlage started Schlage, an American locksmith, in 1920. The company's headquarters are in San Francisco. Schlage is one of the most popular brands among its clients, producing low to mid-security residential and commercial devices. The company primarily produces flip-top locks, including the Primus, Everest, and Obverse lines.

5. Baldwin Hardware Corporation

Revenue of $106.61 million

Baldwin Hardware Corporation manufactures locks and building hardware, including door and cabinet hardware and accessories. They were founded in 1996.

Baldwin Hardware Corporation is a hardware manufacturer based in Lake Forest, California, United States. Baldwin Hardware Corporation employs 1033 people across all departments and has revenues of $106.61 million.

6. VSR Industries

Revenue: $40 million

VSR Industries, founded in 1969, is a fully operational manufacturing company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The corporation categorizes its products, which include locks, slot bases, board game accessories, cabinets, and cash transportation.

VSR Industries produces specialized sheet metal products, as well as high-security locks, bases, and cabinets.

7. Micro Plastics, Inc.

Revenue: $62.75 million

Microplastics, Inc. produces standard and customized twist locks with adhesive backings, holders, and labels. Their competencies include manufacturing, packing, forming, and prototyping.

Microplastics Incorporated. It operates in the plastics sector and is based in Flippin, Arkansas, United States. Microplastics Inc. employs 400 workers across all areas and generates US$62.75 million in revenue. The Micro Plastics, Inc. corporate family consists of 144 firms.

8. Hansen International, Inc.

Revenue of $31.6 million.

Hansen International, Inc. has been producing, engineering, and distributing high-quality automotive equipment systems since 1920. With substantial resources, we are a prominent component supplier to industrial vehicle manufacturers across the world.

Hansen International Inc. produces equipment and finishing systems for commercial, industrial, and emergency vehicles. Their product line includes handles, latches, strikers, locks, gaskets, visors, doors, trims, and fittings.


Above, we discussed some of the largest lock firms in the United States. We have identified the top featured manufacturers. We hope this information was helpful in your supplier search.

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