Before visiting the UK, take your time to explore this wonderful country's food and culture, even the weirdest ones, you will get a comprehensive insight into it. Now, with KnowInsider, let's dig in.


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Every country has their respective culinary delicacies that may seem, well, a bit off to the rest of the world. America has peanut butter, a sticky condiment that most Europeans can’t understand for the life of them. Cambodia has crispy tarantulas, Japan has tuna eyeballs, and Canada has moose nose.

Spotted Dick

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The absolutely wretched name notwithstanding, this is a popular dish of sponge pudding made with suet (the Brits love their suet!) and dried fruit, and served with custard. Mummy and Daddy likely ate a lot of this at boarding school.


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This one is just too much fun to say. Periwinkles are a type of tiny edible seasnail that attaches itself to rocks in the ocean. They’re an extremely popular choice for foragers who love to pick them and fry them up with a bit of bread and butter. Lovely.

Scotch Egg

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Bubble and SqueakA hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage, coated in breadcrumbs, and fried to perfection, the Scotch egg makes for a great snack, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. It seems to be popping up on menus across the U.S., but I wish we didn’t have to frequent a hipster bar to get one.

For number five, we have a food delicacy that can in no way be deciphered by the name; Bubble and Squeak. A breakfast dish comprised of cabbage and potatoes, this plate is usually made by combining different leftovers from the traditional Sunday roast dinner, a tradition that still carries strong in many homes and pubs of England.

Even though potato and cabbage are the main two ingredients, now a days many people add in other slightly-fried vegetables like carrots, sprouts, or peas. Not the mushy kind, don’t worry. Why is it called Bubble and Squeak do you ask? Well some clever soul was cooking up all of these leftovers and noticed the bubbling and squeaking sound the cabbage and vegetables made during the cooking process in the pan, and decided that should then hence-forth be the name.

Yorkshire Pudding

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Continuing the trend of names that don’t reflect the dish at all, we have Yorkshire pudding. Many people may think the term ‘pudding’ automatically refers to a dessert dish. In the UK, anything that has ‘pudding’ in the name most certainly does not refer to a dessert dish. Pretty easy – everything is opposite in England.

Black Pudding & White Pudding

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Up next, we have two MORE types of pudding: black and white pudding. Again, this pudding is definitely not a dessert. In fact, it is more of a breakfast staple than any other. Black pudding is a type of blood sausage that is made from pork blood, pork fat, and some type of grain, like oatmeal or barley. White pudding is almost the same, but leaves out the blood. Thanks, white pudding makers.

Mushy peas

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These are peas that have been soaked overnight, then boiled with sugar and salt, to form a green mush. It's the side dish usually served with fish and chips. One of the only things on this list we've actually tried and liked.

Liquor sauce

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This is a sauce made with parsley and vinegar and is the classic accompaniment to pie and mash (meat pie with mashed potatoes), which originated in East London in the 19th century and is still popular today.

As far as food traditions and delicacies go, Britain has got some weird ones. Puddings that aren’t actually desserts, blood in your morning breakfast, and dishes that have strange names, there are plenty of alternative dishes to go around. One thing is for certain; Britain loves keeping a tradition alive, with most of these recipes dating back centuries, and most of which don’t appear to be going out of trend anytime soon. If you like this list, please follow KnowInsider to explore more amazing news and share it with your friends.

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