Top 7 weird foods in India you won't dare try

Indian food is a beautiful amalgamation of the culture and diversity that is part of the country. When you think about the Indian cuisine, you think about the rich flavours, the mouth-watering and eye-watering spices, the delightful sweetness of our mithais and the fine aromas.

But there are weird food in India that people eat which will leave you surprised because these bizarre dishes are far from the regular types of Indian cuisine which people have grown to love. Some of these dishes might even give Bear Grylls a run for his money!.

1. Red ants chutney

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The great Indian chutney makes every dish come alive, but this one right here, can make you have second thoughts before consuming it! From the wilderness of Batsar region in Chhattisgarh, comes a red hot chutney called ‘chaprah’, a dip made with red ants and their eggs. The ants are dried and then crushed with salt and spices. Ants contain Formic acid which is believed to render medicinal qualities. The local Dhuruva tribe will tell you that it’s not just a dish, but an adventure.

2. Frog legs

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This exotic delicacy is part of the Goan and Sikkim cuisines. The battered and fried frog legs are considered to be of great medicinal value by the Lepchas community in Sikkim. It is known to have cured dysentery and other stomach ailments. And, no; you won’t start jumping like frogs after eating it.

3. Phan Pyut

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You vegetarians probably didn’t expect any vegetarian dishes here. Well, (un)fortunately, there is one! Potatoes are part of the staple diet for majority of the Indians. It’s the same with this that is part of the regular North East Indian cuisine. Except that the potatoes are rotten. Ask them why and they’ll tell you how delicious it is. This one probably tops the list of weird food in India which people actually eat as the main ingredient itself is rotten!! But people do enjoy eating it and they have no qualms about it eating it raw or cooking it like any other vegetable.

4. Paya

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Paya means feet in Hindi or Urdu. It is a type of curry made with the hoof or trotters of animals like cow, goat, buffalo or lamb. These have relatively lesser meat but the fats and tissues are known to offer a unique flavour. Traditionally, it was slow cooked over coal for hours, usually kept overnight.

5. Bhunni

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This unique dish comes from the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. It is made with goat's liver, stomach, intestines and blood. You read it! All the ingredients are curried and coupled with few spices. While I'm a bit conservative about what's put on my plate, those who've tasted blood (pun intended) find it quite appetizing.

6. Nahkham

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This dish is a favourite amongst members of Meghalaya’s Garo tribe. This delicacy is made from dried fish, vegetables (if you want any) and distilled ashes. Yes, the same one you get from burning something. It apparently tastes delicious. The only problem is the smell – it smells rotten. Talk about bizaree food!!

If you’ve tasted any of the bizarre and weird dishes, share your experience in the comments below. For the one’s who haven’t, go get adventurous! We dare you. If you find this article informative, share it right now!

7. Eri Polu

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Maybe this is the weirdest food in India. This is a popular food ingredient in Assam. It’s basically eri silkworm pupa. This means once a silkworm starts enclosing the cocoon of eri silk, the pupa state of their life cycle begins and as soon as the silk is taken out by boiling the cocoon in hot water, the leftover silkworm – the pupa – is prepared with Khorisa, another exotic food ingredient of this state (see unusual dish number one). The dish looks colourful, has a strong aroma and literally melts in your mouth.

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