Secrets to Get Luck in Life
Secrets to Get Luck in Life

What is luck?

This life is controlled by you, but luck to people is not entirely by chance or fate as you think. Don't try to be lucky, just relax and do good deeds, luck will come to you, acccording to feng shui experts in Eastern culture.

Luck is the phenomenon that determines the experience of remarkably positive, negative, or improbable events. The naturalist interpretation is that positive and negative events occur all the time in a person's life, both due to random and non-random natural and artificial processes, and even events that are not. possible occurrence by random chance. In this view, "lucky" or "unlucky" is simply a descriptive label that indicates the positive, negative, or unlikely of an event.

Overview of Luck

Supernatural interpretations of luck consider it an attribute of a person or object, or the result of a god's favorable or unfavorable view of a person. These interpretations often prescribe how good luck or bad luck can be obtained, such as by wearing a lucky charm or making sacrifices or praying to a certain deity. To say someone is “born with good fortune” can mean, depending on the interpretation, anything from which they were born into a good family or good circumstances, or that they often experienced bad things. Positive conditions cannot be obtained due to some inherent property or lifetime favor of a god or goddess in a monotheistic or polytheistic religion.

Many superstitions are associated with luck, although these are often specific to a certain culture or set of related cultures, and are sometimes contradictory. For example, the lucky symbol includes the number 7 in Christian-influenced cultures, but the number 8 in Chinese-influenced cultures.

Unlucky symbols and events include entering and leaving a house through different doors in Greek culture, throwing stones into the wind in Navajo culture, and crows in Western culture. Some of these associations may arise from related events or desires.

For example, in Western culture, opening an umbrella in a house might be considered unlucky in part because it could poke someone in the eye, while shaking hands with a chimney cleaner might be considered unlucky. is partly fortunate because it is a good thing but annoying due to the dirty nature of their work.

In Chinese culture, the association of the number 4 (four) as a homonym for the word death (death) may explain why it is considered unlucky. Extremely complex and sometimes contradictory systems of timing and auspicious and unhealthy arrangements have been devised, such as feng shui in Chinese culture and the astrological system in Chinese culture - different cultures around the world.

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Top 7 Magic Tips to Get More Luck - According to Eastern Feng Shui Experts

1.Buying Salt at the beginning of the lunar year

A bowl of salf must be full with a top, symbolising fullness
A bowl of salf must be full with a top, symbolising fullness - Buying Salt to Get Luck

The custom of buying salt was reminded by the Vietnamese old saying in the proverb: “At the beginning of the year to buy salt, at the end of the year to buy lime”. The ancients thought that, salt is salty, anti-defiling, and can ward off evil spirits and bring good luck in the family.

The custom of buying salt at the beginning of the year also means praying for the affection in the family affection, harmony, sticking the glue between husband and wife and children. Moreover, this is also the salinity, close friendship all year round in the conduct and business relationship. People often buy salt on the first day morning of New Year. However, when buying, you should pay attention to buy a full bowl with a top and pay correspondingly one or two pounds to wish for good luck.

Vietnamese people often sprinkle sea salt in every room and in front of the house to ward off evil spirits and welcome good luck.

Not only in Vietnam but many cultures around the world consider salt a good omen. To dispel bad luck, you can take a handful of salt and throw it over your left shoulder. Remember that your left shoulder is twice as bad at throwing it over your right shoulder. In addition, you can purify the body by taking a salt bath. Just add two teaspoons of salt to warm bath water. Not sure if it really works, but at least your skin will be cleaner and mentally refreshed.

2.Pray with incense sticks to get luck

In many asian countries like China, Vietnam etc, people are also flocking to temples to burn incense to get luck.

Burning incense is an effective way to increase luck and neutralize negative energy. When you're in a bad mood, you can choose to burn a scent like sandalwood or jasmine. And when burning incense for Buddha, ancestors, etc., you should light odd numbers, not even numbers.

If you are having bad luck in your personal life, burn incense at home. If you are having difficulty at work, burn incense in the office.

3.Keep your amulets for good luck

Top 7 Magic Tips to Get More Luck - Acccording to Eastern Feng Shui Experts
Carry The Clover

Amulets are a great way to bring you good luck. It can be a necklace, bracelet, … yours. Some of the most popular feng shui treasures include:

Carry A Key: A set of keys has been used for good luck since ancient times. Wearing the three keys will help you open the door to wealth, health and love.

Carry The Clover: Because in the middle of the forest clover is very rare, so if anyone finds a clover branch, they will be extremely lucky. Each leaf on the branch is considered to represent an aspect of life: money, fame, love and health.

Clover is a herbaceous plant of the pea family that has dense, globular flower heads, and leaves that are typically three-lobed. It is an important and widely grown fodder and rotational crop.

4.Good luck wishes by feng shui stones

Top 7 Magic Tips to Get More Luck - Acccording to Eastern Feng Shui Experts
Good Luck Stones to Attract Positive Energy

Different stones are associated with different legends and bring about wonderful things that are not the same. Decorating feng shui stones in the office, home or always by your side helps you fend off bad energies.

Rose quartz will increase positive energy to repel bad air. Mother of pearl will protect you from helpless spirits who try to suck your energy and positive emotions. Amethyst protects you from dangers while traveling. Some other types of feng shui also have the effect of warding off evil spirits and bringing good luck such as: ruby, quartz, blue sapphire, green peridot, volcanic glass stone, silicate sedimentary rock, surface stone. moon, black onyx, emerald, etc.

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5.Actively doing good deeds

One of the best ways to change one's luck is to do good deeds. When you 'give' there will be a day when you 'receive'. This is a way to pay for any bad things you have done in this life or before. Enhance your karma by doing charity, helping the elderly homeless or orphans.

It is important that you do good deeds with a sincere desire to help others from the heart. If you only do good deeds for good luck in your own life, you will achieve nothing.

Charity will also help you realize many things. At some point, you will find yourself born in good health and in a much better condition than the unhappiness around us. They are people who are fighting day and night with dangerous diseases, children born orphans, old people alone in the afternoon etc.

6.Clean the house regularly

Top 7 Magic Tips to Get More Luck - Acccording to Eastern Feng Shui Experts
Take all the projects on in a single weekend, or bookmark the list for later and accomplish one task at a time. Either way, your home will look better for the extra effort.

A clean house is more than just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Living in a messy house can block positive energy from flowing in and create negative emotions and bad luck. This simple act can give you new energy and power to change your luck.

Throw away all old items that are no longer in use. Wipe off cobwebs and dust in the house. Try rearranging your furniture to improve the flow of energy. Painting the walls of the house brings a new breeze to your space and life. When cleaning the house, you can turn on some music and open the windows to let in the sun and wind. This will encourage positive energy to flow into your new living space.

7.How to neutralize broken mirror

Since ancient times, broken mirrors have been considered very 'poisonous'. When you accidentally break a mirror, do not throw the broken mirror in the trash.

After careful cleaning to avoid the debris causing injury to family members, you should wrap everything in a bag and then bury or throw it in the river.

In this method, take a single piece of the broken mirror and touch it into a tombstone. While doing so immediately you will be able to abandon the misfortune of breaking a mirror seven year due to breaking a mirror.

Dig a hole on the earth into the deep where evils can not reach then bury the pieces of cracked mirror under the earth to dampen the bad luck in the night because at night there would be less reflection mirror.

In a nutshell, breaking a mirror is not a major cause of concern as these are the few tips that you can try to avoid the bad luck of seven years and to gain your conscience. Apart from this, try to avoid looking at yourself in the broken mirror as it shows distortions which might worsen your soul with evil thoughts.

*Editor Note: Above is sharing How to be lucky in everything, Wish you always good luck and success in life.

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