Top 7 Best Jobs for VIRGO - Career Guide Horoscope

Are you a Virgo individual that is looking to find the perfect job or career that fits the traits of your sun sign? Before we get to that, let’s talk briefly about Virgo for a few moments. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and it is an earth sign. The common traits for Virgo are an affinity to animals, health, and service. This sign is extremely detail-oriented and is also very organized.

However, the downside to this sign is that the Virgo often becomes too analytical to the point of obsessiveness, and this sign can be quite obsessed with perfection which brings on neuroses.

Top 7 Best Jobs & Careers Virgo

In the workplace, that perfectionism shines in your attention to detail. Once handed a task you dive deep into making sure the end result is perfect and complete.

Doing things half-heartedly is not in your vocabulary, so projects in your name are sure to be the best. Focus and care will also make you stand out to your coworkers, who are sure to come to you for any problems they face during the day.

1. Accountant

Why this is great for a Virgo: Because of your eye for detail, critical nature, and head for numbers, an accountant is perfect for your need to go over financial matters with a fine eye.

This includes taking on the challenge to help clients to keep more of their money while also paying their taxes, all while keeping their moral compass to point in the right direction.

Since they enjoy helping others in a practical way, Virgos may find great satisfaction in managing finances for a living, whether from within a single company or on behalf of a range of private clients.

2. Editor

Another profession that ranks highly in the Virgo career horoscope is that of editor. Attention to detail, organization and strong communication skills are all prerequisites of the job and are all strengths associated with Virgos.

Editors also need a critical eye – which Virgos are known to possess. The problem here, however, is that they run the risk of being overly critical and, in the process, changing the voice of the writer.

Virgos looking to work in the editing profession will need to keep their own ideas of perfection in check.

3. Auditor

Why this is great for a Virgo: Your strive for investigating and eagerness for knowledge are what Auditors look for.

Some things that you will do are handling sensitive documents and records, examining each detail in books so they are balanced correctly, and making sure businesses are complying with all tax preparations and payments.

4. Computer Engineer

Why this is great for a Virgo: Infinite patience and the drive to make sure things run smoothly are what should draw you to this career choice.

Solving problems with information output, deleting duplicate and stale information, and rebuilding complex computer systems are just some of the ways computer engineers are great for Virgos.

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5. Executive Assistant

Why this is great for a Virgo: Your sense of organization, efficiency, and attention to detail will prove helpful for others as an executive assistant for a company or for a celebrity.

Organizing schedules, coordinating functions, meetings, and travel will be a piece of cake along with doing smaller, personal tasks such as house-sitting, shopping, and other miscellaneous errands.

6. Investor

Why this is great for a Virgo: The strong business perception that has kept itself hidden will finally sit front and center while getting to the top as an investor.

Things that come with being an investor include the ability to be sensitive to market fluctuations and shifts in the economy and advising clients with honesty about significant investment options available at the moment.

7. Public Relations

Why this is great for a Virgo: The thrive for routine and order along with a methodical mind are what makes you great, and what makes being in public relations stand out to you.

Working on press releases, coming up with stories that will paint your client in a positive light, pitching story ideas for media outlets that will grab the public’s attention.

Virgo, You can build up your client’s credibility with the public, and having quick reflexes in case people start questioning your client is all in a day’s work in public relations.

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What Are the Key Traits of a Virgo?

Virgos are methodical, hardworking and reliable. Those born under this sign long to be needed and take pleasure in pragmatically helping others. Virgos are acutely aware of the smallest details. They enjoy living by organized systems and routines, and become easily annoyed by chaos and disarray.

Whilst outgoing and sociable, Virgos prefer a quiet environment over a noisy, crowded one. They are in tune with nature and often opt for the peaceful outdoors over social occasions. Healthy living and nutrition are also said to be keen interests.

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The Virgo’s desire for perfection can often be seen as a flaw. Highly idealistic, their standards can be hard to meet, and they can be overly critical and judgmental. Typically, they focus this criticism on themselves, but can also direct it to those around them.

When Virgos take on a task, their goal is to complete it to the best of their ability; they generally focus all their attention in one place. As such, Virgos make for poor multi-taskers and can become frustrated in situations that require them to handle several things at once.

What Are Virgos Like at Work?

In the workplace, Virgos are the ones most likely to arrive early and stay until a job is done right. They are committed to overcoming any obstacles that stand in the way of their work goals.

Many of the professions listed in this Virgo career horoscope require a methodical approach. This is because this particular star sign is highly attentive to detail and enjoys working in a structured manner.

One of the key character traits of a typical Virgo is their need to have everything around them organized, with every element of their day as and where it should be.

Top 7 Best Jobs for VIRGO - Career Guide Horoscope
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Virgos are also well known as perfectionists, and this trait extends to their professional lives. They’ll find the most satisfaction in careers that allow them to continually learn and build on their skill set, though they tend to steer away from anything that may disrupt their working routine.

From an outsider’s perspective, the Virgo’s quest for perfection can often prove an annoyance. Colleagues may see tasks as taking longer than necessary, owing to the Virgo’s insistence on doing them just right. They can also be taken for fussy, striving for brilliance when satisfactory would do just fine.

Perhaps the biggest flaw of the Virgo, and one that causes the most difficulty in the workplace, is their critical tendencies. This star sign lives by a set of ideals and Virgos apply their high standards not only to themselves but also to those around them. This can make them difficult to please and cause tension in teams.

All that said, Virgos are generally modest people who prefer to go about their work behind the scenes. They tend to steer clear of the limelight, even when their work proves highly valuable.

Their need for perfection makes them fully committed to any career they choose, and their organized approach makes them valuable assets to any workplace.

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