While television networks such as Tarang, Alankar, and ZEE Sarthak broadcast Odia movies on a daily basis, there are still relatively limited resources. OTT services offer movies in practically every regional language industry, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and Kannada.

Recently, there was rumors that the Odia movie Tulasi Apa would be released on Amazon Prime. With the availability of 'Tulasi Apa' on Amazon Prime, it will reach a global audience and is anticipated to receive a large response.

Odia movies were previously available on CDs and DVDs, but the development of piracy websites caused the industry to collapse. As a result, watching Odia films online has gotten increasingly difficult. Your search for Odia movie download websites has led you here, and we will show you some of the platforms where you may watch your favorite Odia films online.

Top 7 Best Free Sites To Download Odia Movies (Legally)
Top 7 Best Free Sites To Download Odia Movies

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What is Odia's film?

The Odia cinema, sometimes known as Ollywood, is an Odia-language Indian film industry located in Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack, Odisha, India. The term Ollywood is a combination of the words Odia and Hollywood.

Which is India's first Odia film?

The first Odia film, 'Sita Bibaha', was released in 1936 and was an important component of the struggle for a representation of Odia cultural identity in celluloid form; it is a mobile history, according to famous cine critic and researcher.

What was the first color movie in Odisha?

Galpa Helebi Sata (1976) - IMDb.

Which was the first Odia film with an English title?

The 1951 film Roles Two Eight was the first Odia film with an English title. It was released fifteen years after the first Odia film, Sita Bibaha. Ratikant Padhi produced it as his fourth Odia film.

Top 7 Best Free Sites To Download Odia Movies


This website is also an ancient odia movie download site where you can find and download the latest movies. They have a large collection of odia movies where you can find your favorites. When you visit their website, simply scroll down and click odia movie downloads to receive access to all of the movies.


This is an old odia movie website that used to serve good and recent odia movies, however when I checked it, it said the website was down. I urge that you constantly watching this page because they may return with their website. You never know.

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3) 9x

This is the best website for downloading the latest Odia movies online. They offer a separate category for movies that contains odia hd movies, odia hd video, odia full jetra, odia comedy videos, odia bhajan hd video, and so on. Many youtubers and odia movie enthusiasts endorse this website, so you can visit it and search for odia movies with confidence.


You may be familiar with this website because it is quite ancient, and Tarang is Odisha's most prominent media company. To get to the point, this website has a section called movies where you may learn about all of the current odia movies and watch some old and new ones. I recommend this website because it is a legitimate firm that provides accurate information about odia movies.


You may have came across this website in the past. The proprietor has been running it for quite some time. This website also has a section called odia movies where you can view several good movies; the only catch is that you must sign up on their website, which I believe is not a huge deal. So go ahead and check out their website.


Let us tell you that YouTube has tons of odia movies, but you have to search and dig deep. Many channels continue to upload both old and new movies. Please keep an eye on the channels. One last trick I'd like to share with you is how to download YouTube videos to your phone gallery. First, open YouTube on your computer or laptop; if you don't have one, open the YouTube desktop site on your mobile phone.

The next step is to access the video you want to watch, followed by typing ss after www. in the video's link and clicking enter. That will take you to a download page where you can choose whether to download it in 360 p or 720 p; simply select your preferred choice and the download will begin. This is how you may download the Odia movie to your phone from YouTube.


Zee5 is a popular website known for its vast collection of Odia movies available for free download. Zee5, developed by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, launched in February 2018. It has emerged as one of the most popular websites for downloading Odia movies online.


So, we think we did justice in providing you with the most reliable and popular list of odia movie downloading websites. Simply browse all of the websites and look for the Odia movie category to watch. If you can't find your chosen Odia movie, don't worry; we'll create more similar websites in the future, so for now, this is all we have.

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