Today, discover 7 bewitchingly good dishes in New Mexico:

1. Blue corn pancakes

4129 blue corn pancakes
Blue corn pancakes. Photo: Pinterest

Blue corn improves everything, from tortillas and pizza dough to muffins and pancakes. Yellow corn is fine and dandy but blue corn adds a welcome nuttiness to dishes. Take blue corn pancakes up a notch by topping them with New Mexican piñon nuts, according to Only in Your State.

2. Breakfast Burrito

4422 breakfast burrito
Breakfast burrito. Photo: Pillspury

In New Mexico, the first meal of the day often involves a breakfast burrito. Potato, egg, and cheese are the core ingredients, enhanced by add-ons like bacon, chorizo, or carne adovada. Sometimes the cheese is melted over the outside of the tortilla while other times it's sprinkled inside. The egg on top is optional, but some swear by it. Douse this bundle of wonder with green or red sauce.

3. Carne Adovada

5139 carne adovada
Carne Adovada. Photo: MJ's Kitchen

This is New Mexico’s take on Adovada. It is pork that is slow cooked in red chile giving it a tremendous amount of flavor. Carne Adovada is typically served with bean, rice, and tortillas, as said by NMRA.

4. Posole

5432 posole
Posole. Photo: International Recipes

Posole is an ingredient and also a stew. The ingredient is corn that is boiled and soaked in limewater, this is a type of posole is also known as hominy. Posole stew is typically a combination of pork, hominy, and either red or green chile. My mouth is watering just thinking about this!

5. Calabacitas

5723 calabacitas
Calabacitas. Photo: Kiwilimon

Calabacitas, which means little squash in Spanish, is a combination of squash, corn, and green chiles. One of the most simple yet absolutely delicious veggie dishes that New Mexico is known for.

6. Green chile stew

5925 green chile stew
Green chile stew. Photo: Brand New Vegan

If you’re in New Mexico and feeling under the weather, don’t expect people to bring you chicken noodle soup. To recover quickly, you need green chile stew. This dish also makes regular appearances at potlucks. Everyone’s recipe is a little different and, although pork is the most common meat choice, some prefer beef.

7. Tacos

0132 tacos
Tacos. Photo: Culture Trip

When you order tacos in New Mexico, it’s likely that you’ll receive soft shell tacos. These taste fresher and are less messy – a definite advantage if you fancy a taco on your lunch break and don’t want to return to work wearing its contents!

“It’s really important to understand that New Mexican food, as similar as it is to Mexican in some respects, grew up independently,” says Bill Jamison, co-author with our culinary editor Cheryl Alters Jamison of Tasting New Mexico: Recipes Celebrating 100 Years of Distinctive Home Cooking (Museum of New Mexico Press).

“There was little influence back and forth between what is now New Mexico and Mexico in the 17th and 18th centuries. A wagon train would come up every two or three years and bring nice things for the rich folks in the area, but not for the general population. Chile became a dominant feature in this period of isolation.”, as said by New Mexico.

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