0322 fashion tips for skinny guys
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Here are 6 fashion tips every skinny guy should know:

Don’t Get Too Skinny

We’re well aware that slim-this and skinny-that is the order of business today. But if you’re struggling to fill out, you need to think twice about your favourite brands that do six variations of a slim fit.

Skinny guys need cuts that generate the illusion of proportional width. Clothes that sit too close to the body – besides being uncomfortable as hell – just draw attention to your predicament. Don’t make it harder for yourself than it already is.

Top 6 Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys
Photo: Dappeer Clan

We’re not saying you should go to the XXL rack at DJ’s and spend half your paycheck on clothes designed for NFL players. But avoiding the tight-fitting, underfed runway model look is the first step on the road to a bigger and better you.

Say No To Stripes

Stripes are boss. It’s why Gordon Gekko wore them, its why every Wall Street wannabe from here to Manhattan decks himself out in a chalk stripe suit on his way up the corporate ladder. But for you, my friend, stripes are not the answer.

Sure, stripes play tricks on the eyes. They make the tall look taller, and can shave a few cheeky kg’s off blokes that desperately need it. Great, if you’re a short and portly fella who has given up on a late growth spurt or new diet.

However, the unbroken, vertical silhouette of a stripe pattern is wasted on someone that’s already skinny. It’s useful for ‘well-built’ guys who want to distract suspecting bystanders from their bad diet. But if you’re not in that category, leave it on the shelf. Try checks or florals instead if you need a pattern.

Layer Like A Slender Champion

Top 6 Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys
Photo: The Art of Manliness.

This bit might be more relevant to our transatlantic readers that are feeling the chill, but some tactical layering – knits over shirts, scarves undercoats, open shirts over tees – adds heft to a runty frame and is a great tool for playing around with texture and colour while you’re at it.

However, avoid the temptation to swaddle yourself in too many layers – besides drowning in your own sweat you’ll look a bit like an overprotected child on his way to school in winter. Use one or two extra layers, don’t walk home with the entire shop floor.

Practice Good Symmetry

Maintaining a balanced look is key to shedding your unfair reputation as a man of unmanly proportions. If the top half of your outfit is layered or quite structured, the bottom half needs to tow the party line and vice versa.

Top 6 Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys
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Suffer from chicken legs? Then don’t wear a huge parka with skinny jeans. A tight tee with straight-cut jeans will generate all sorts of confusion. Splitting your outfit into blocks like this risks looking out of proportion when the emphasis should be on looking bigger overall. Follow the general idea of symmetry and no one will know you’re the runtiest bloke in the pack.

Embrace Big Patterns

Have you ever seen a fat bloke in a ‘fun’ shirt and wondered what he was thinking? We’re right behind you. Big patterns don’t do big beautiful guys any favours, but they can overshadow a lack of size by adding the illusion of depth. Windowpanes, a prince of wales, or even a floral pattern are great for diminutive guys that need some illusory substance on their bones. Get around it.

Top 6 Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys

In saying that, we don’t endorse throwing patterns together and hoping for a transformative miracle. Our soldier’s five on the do’s and don’ts of patterns is covered here in case you need help.

Structure & Padding Is Key

Top 6 Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys
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If you’re struggling to find a suit that makes you look like a grown man, it’s worthwhile reconsidering your tailoring preferences. Although the trend down under has moved towards soft Neapolitan tailoring, the reluctantly-skinny guys in the crowd might benefit from a more English approach.

Broadly, this school of tailoring is all about structure: padded shoulders, thick canvas interlining, and more rigid shape. A bit of padding here and structure there can transform a chap that’s fifty-kilogram’s wet into something (slightly) more formidable.

The key here, gents, is to not go full 80s Miami Vice. Excessive padding will make people think you’re on the set of an American Psycho remake.

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