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The winners for Europe have been announced by the World Travel Awards, the preeminent organization that honors and recognizes excellence in travel and tourism.

The outcomes are the consequence of a year-long quest for the best travel, tourism, and hospitality brands worldwide. Professionals in the travel industry as well as the general public cast ballots, with the winner of each category being the nominee who received the most votes.

"Our winners represent the very best of the European travel and tourism sector and my congratulations to each of them," says World Travel Awards founder Graham Cooke. They are all taking the lead in driving the recovery of travel and tourism.

1. Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination: Azores Islands

An archipelago far off the coast of Portugal, the Azores Islands have won the award for best adventure tourism destination two years in a row.

Not only that, the Azores Islands were also nominated for a whole host of other exciting awards, including: Leading Dive Destination, Responsible Tourism Award, and Leading Island Destination.

Photo Lonely Planet
Photo Lonely Planet

The Azores Islands, an archipelago located far off the coast of Portugal, have taken home the title of best adventure tourism destination for the past two years.

A wide range of other fantastic awards, such as Leading Dive Destination, Responsible Tourism Award, and Leading Island Destination, were also nominated for the Azores Islands.

The safest, most unexpected, and coziest place to go is Azores. These nine islands set themselves apart in this new reality by the level of security they provide: all visitors are subjected to testing prior to entry (tests can be conducted in the individual's home country or region), thereby halting the spread of the coronavirus. This location also provides visitors with the necessary safe distance, a plethora of outdoor activities that fulfill our every desire after being cooped up for so long, and the tranquility we require in these turbulent times.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Azores

1. European safest destination 2020

2. The first archipelago in the world to be certified as a sustainable touristic destination

3. Destination distinguished with all the classifications awarded by UNESCO

4. Multi-destination offer, to explore at any time of the year

5. One of the best destinations for diving

6. Five centuries of history and tradition

7. One of the best destinations for land, air and sea adventures

8. Architecture, art and culture

9. Azorean Hospitality

10. Unique gastronomy, with high quality and organic products

2. Europe's Leading Beach Resort: Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, Greece

Photo Leading Hotels Of The World
Photo Leading Hotels Of The World

The Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas in Crete, Greece, which also won the title of Leading Luxury Villa Resort, is the perfect retreat for people who enjoy a good life.

The five-star Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, a Leading Hotel of the World, is nestled in serene gardens near the historic fishing village of Elounda, offering one of Greece's most charming locations. Additionally, it provides an amazing array of lodging options, including family-friendly Luxury Rooms or Suites, the recently unveiled Waterfront Dreamline Villas with large terraces and direct access to the sea, and the Yachting Villas with hydro-massage, heated pools, home theaters, and direct sea access.

Every one of them features luxurious marble bathrooms, handmade furniture, décor with Greek influences, and a private terrace with breathtaking views of the small neighboring island of Spinalonga across Mirabello Bay.

Kefalonia, Greece

On the 7th position, with 36,551 votes, Kefalonia was voted among the 10 best destinations to visit in Europe. Kefalonia is an island in the Ionian Sea, west of mainland Greece. It’s marked by sandy coves and dry rugged landscapes. Its capital, Argostoli, is built on a hillside overlooking a narrow harbor. Kefalonia’s indented coastline is made up of limestone cliffs, bays and short strips of white sand, like Myrtos Beach in the north.

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3. Europe's Leading City Break Destination: St Petersburg, Russia

Photo WorldSkills Europe
Photo WorldSkills Europe

St Petersburg, the second-largest city in Russia, is the ideal location for savoring a dish of beef stroganoff paired with a piece of Soviet history.

Russia's cultural and historical center is St. Petersburg, despite Moscow being the country's most modern and cosmopolitan city. St. Petersburg is majestic and inspiring. It is home to the Hermitage, one of the biggest and most magnificent art museums in the world, and is encircled by canals. During the summer, St. Petersburg experiences stunning white nights, when the sun never sets.

First-time guests should begin at the Hermitage Museum, which is so big that it is practically impossible to see everything in a single day, as well as the lovely Nevsky Avenue, which is a great place to people-watch and is flanked by lavish eateries, palaces, and churches. One of the highlights of a trip to St. Petersburg and a must-see, the Peterhof Palace Complex necessitates a day trip out of town.The Church of the Spilled Blood and a visit to Pushkinskaya 10, a squat for the city's independent artists, are two more must-see locations.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Originally designed as a fortified area to defend the state against foreign attacks, the Peter and Paul Fortress. After it was built in 1703, it underwent four decades of additions and modifications. The fortress has a sordid history even though it was never used in actual combat—during the early 20th century Bolshevik revolution, it was used as an execution site and a prison. It is currently housed in the State Museum of St. Petersburg's History.

Multiple buildings are located within the fortress walls, encircled by lovely gardens and stone pathways. With its final resting place for Russian czars, the Peter and Paul Cathedral from the 18th century is arguably the most well-known. Within the fortress's walls are prison cells, a city museum, and the Saint Petersburg Mint building, which was established in 1724 and is still in use today for coin manufacturing.

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4. Europe's Leading Cultural Destination: Azerbaijan

Photo Lonely Planet
Photo Lonely Planet

Azerbaijan, which shares a border with the Caspian Sea, is a country that combines elements of both Europe and Asia.

This country, which was once under Soviet rule and is predominantly Muslim, combines elements of Islamic culture with the relics of its USSR past. That's a shot of vodka on the side and some really good tea.

For those who can't get enough of speed, Baku even hosts an annual Formula 1 race for those who want to sit in the front seats of the fastest cars on the planet.

You can enjoy the natural surroundings while admiring the expansive mountain view, secure in the knowledge that the hotel is completely sustainable and climate neutral.

They not only produce their own energy using a combined heat and power plant that is fed by their sustainable forest, but they also buy all of their food locally. Including their own cattle ranch where master chef de cuisine Markus Auer cooks up delectable meals.

5. Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination: Batumi, Georgia

Photo Hospitality ON
Photo Hospitality ON

One of the greatest and most well-known resort towns in Georgia is Batumi. This global metropolis personifies Georgia's contemporary sunshine. You will undoubtedly spend the majority of your vacation time on these warm, sandy beaches. Batumi Beach, the city's primary beach, is a very busy location during the summer. However, there are plenty of eateries and cafés, as well as water sports centers, and a good infrastructure.

Gonio and Kvariati beaches, located in Batumi's southern suburbs, are well-suited for those seeking a private beach getaway.

Three of Batumi Beach's most well-known outdoor beach discos are "Tarabua," "Prozac," and "Coordinates 41/41."

The majority of lodging options in Batumi are small, family-run hotels and guest houses that offer a basic level of hotel services to visitors. However, there are a number of five-star hotels to choose from, including the Sheraton and Intourist, for even the pickiest tourists who are used to the highest standards.

Georgia's western coast is known for its abundance of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as well as dairy products, tapas, and a wide variety of fish dishes that are sure to please any guest. The restaurants are spread out along Batumi's waterfront, and everything mentioned above is there in large quantities. It's true that you can sample not just regional food but also "common Georgian" specialties like kutaby, barbecue, lobio, Satsivi, and so forth.

6. Europe’s Leading City Destination: Moscow

One of the most intriguing travel destinations in Europe is Moscow, with its vibrant, breathtaking architecture and intriguing history. With more than 11 million residents, Moscow may be one of the most populated cities in the world, but this hasn't affected its vibrant social and cultural traditions. It's difficult to tell what century you're in when you stroll along the banks of the Moskva River or the cobblestone streets of Red Square in the early morning.

Stunning shopping options, must-see churches, and tsarist architecture come together to create an unforgettable visual experience. Here is our list of the best tourist attractions in Moscow to give you ideas for things to see and do when you travel to Russia.

Photo Travel Daily News
Photo Travel Daily News

Without a doubt, the most iconic building in Moscow is the Kremlin, a 275,000 square meter fortified complex dating back to the 15th century that is encircled by walls that date back to the 1400s. The Tsar family once called the over 700-room Grand Kremlin Palace home. Although most heads of state prefer to live somewhere else, it currently serves as the president of the Russian Federation's official residence.

There are numerous other buildings within the enormous complex, some of which are regularly accessible to the public. The Kremlin is home to three cathedrals (one of which was once the seat of the Tsars), several towers, and the Armory building, a museum that houses items ranging from the imperial carriages and royal crown to Fabergé eggs and the ivory throne of Ivan the Terrible.

The World Travel Awards were founded in 1993 to recognize, honor, and celebrate excellence in all facets of the travel and tourism sector.

The World Travel Awards brand is now acknowledged throughout the world as the gold standard for excellence, and its winners serve as the standard that all others must strive to meet.

Every year, the World Travel Awards hold a number of regional gala ceremonies across the globe to honor and celebrate both individual and group accomplishments in each significant geographic area.

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