Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents. Photo: knowinsiders.
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents. Photo: knowinsiders.

What kind of grandparents you may become - According to Astrology

Aside from their parents, a child's grandparents can be one of the biggest influences on their life, straight from birth. Luckily, you may not have to wait until your child's older to realize the impact their grandparents will have on them — some of it's in the stars. However, there are many different kinds of grandparents. Some are just about taking care of their grandchildren and they ignore playing with them. Some are all fun and play.

That being said, depending on their zodiac sign, much can be determined about their personality and their love for you as a grandparent. Therefore, here are 5 zodiac signs who make the best grandparents.


Top 5 zodiac signs who make the best grandparents

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Do you want a grandfather who knows how to build a tree house or play in the garden and teach the children about plants? According to Pop Sugar, the Taurus grandpa is a pretty special sort who shows his love by teaching. He clearly loves his family and embraces everything about being a grandparent.

Taurus grandparents will likely be very affectionate and patient with their grandchild. They're down to earth, making them easy to talk to, and they're responsible, which will put you at ease when leaving your child with them. Their practical and calm approach to the world means your child's experiences and time with them will be relaxing and valuable, but their tendency to be stubborn could mean that they have difficulty letting go of the fact that they're not their grandchild's parent and can't make all of the official parenting decisions.

This is a grandparent who probably had a hard time letting their child go in the first place but when doing so might have learned how to detach a bit. So they will probably respect their children’s philosophy on parenting and will give them space. They are protective and caring grandparents. They are the grandparents who always have that one piece of advice they repeat over and over again. They might love to cook and is definitely one who will spoil their grandchildren. But know that a Taurus grandparent who hasn’t learned how to let go can be critical of their children’s and grandchildren‘s choices and could try to step in as a surrogate parent.

Taurus grandmothers exude confidence and are the type to leave a big mark on their grandchildren's life. The Taurus grandma is the one who has a stack of recipes she's been collecting, teaches children how to garden, and loves art time. Touchy-feely stuff might not be her strong suit, but she shows she cares with her actions.
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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Got an Aries as your grandparent?

Do not take them for granted and them being dormant. As Findyourfate reported, they would be still active in their old age. They would be busy travelling and moving around even now. They like to have fun. They like to take their grandchildren to movies and other amusements and recreational areas. They just do not pamper them with gifts and money. They love to guide their grandchildren in the right path and do not mind giving them occasional pieces of advice. Some of them though might be blunt and hurtful. Given their freedom they live their own life and do not interfere with others around.

Always enthusiastic and passionate, time with an Aries grandparent will be full of life and fun activities (and since they have the tendency to pack out their own schedules, they'll probably have enough planned for more than one visit with their grandkids at all times). Know that with their Aries grandma or grandpa, your child will go on adventure after adventure, whether it be making and trying a new food in the kitchen, exploring the backyard, or learning something exciting at the local museum.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents. Photo:

According to Astrolovecosmos, this grandparent still has some spunk and might be very active for an elderly person. They are always busy golfing, shopping, or maybe even traveling in their elder years. They can be a fun seeker and will treat their grandchildren to events like the movies or an amusement park more so than money or gifts. They love to entertain their grandchildren and when their grandchildren are much younger they are likely to give a lot of advice through the phone or short visits rather than full on babysitting or nurturing (unless that is needed of course). This grandparent can be sassy and blunt in their old years. Some Aries grandparents can be MIA a lot, once their children are out of the house they see it as freedom to live their own life.

These little rams sure are spunky, even in their old age. They will always be up for an adventure, but sometimes that spunk can get in the way of the parents' needs. When they are there, Aries grandmas are present and passionate about their family.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

A typical Pisces grandparent is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it be picking up their grandkid from school, babysitting last-minute, or hosting a weekend slumber party. Their creative nature means that your child's time with them will be packed with imaginative art projects and clever activities — and most importantly, no boredom! Because of their sensitive and kind disposition, a Pisces grandparent will usually be attuned to what their grandchild feels and needs and will be available to support them, give them a shoulder to cry on, and make them feel loved and valued (but on the other hand, they could easily get sensitive over a lack of time spent with their family, even if there's a perfectly excusable reason).

This is a very nurturing, intuitive, and even wise grandparent. They have some oddities about them and might be that grandma who is all about the home remedies and even spiritual medicine or the grandpa who has a weird trick to catch a big fish. They are a clever elder who hands down their legacy of tricks and tips to their family. But this grandparent knows how to manipulate and does many things behind the scenes. The Pisces grandparent can also have random freak outs in their old age and is the king/queen of guilt tripping.

The Pisces grandparents are very wise and are good in upbringing their grandchildren as good citizens. They teach all the tricks and hacks of life's problems. They are good in manipulating situations for the benefit of their grandchildren as well. Most of the time they seem to be behind the screen spectators of their grandchildren's naughty deeds.

This fish sign really knows how to go with the flow, but it's that same ease that brings them down a couple notches. Their kindness and willingness to believe others make them the kind of grandma that might get walked all over by pushy grandchildren and parents.

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Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

A Cancer grandparent is an adoring one. From the moment their grandchild is born, they'll be protective and nurturing of the little one. Because a Cancer tends to be empathetic and a good listener, they'll be your biggest ally as you navigate parenting, helping you with your baby, offering advice from the time when their own kids (possibly you) were small, and letting you vent about the tough stuff without butting in. Once their grandchild is older, they'll do the same for them — lending a listening ear often, empathetic to their struggles no matter how big or small.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents. Photo: thoughtnova

This is super grandma or grandpa who is very nurturing, likes to play the caretaker role even if it is not needed, is likely to make wonderful food and lots of it, spoils the children, and could be very crafty with things like knitting or even with hardware. They encourage creativity. They can be over protective of their children and grandchildren and might be paranoid and overstep their boundaries. This might be a grandparent who begs their children to not let a grandchild do something or go somewhere. They might unintentionally instill worry into their grandchildren and might never trust a son or daughter in law. But this is a grandparent who has great intuition and is one to guide their children and grandchildren.

The Cancer grandparents make good care-takers of their grandchildren. They nurture them in good spirits and habits. They teach them the nuances of cooking, stitching and the like and keep them busy for life. But then at times they are seen to be too protective and interfering. They would be anxious for them and become paranoid at times when the grandchildren stray from life. They love to guide them in the right path and bring a sense of relief in their lives.

As Thoughtnove reported, Cancer zodiac sign is the kind of grandma that loves to spend a ton of time with her grandchildren. She offers to babysit a lot and she loves playing different games with her grandchildren. A Cancer grandma is creative and loves imaginative play. While she may enjoy walks and outside activities with her grandchildren, she loves staying inside more. You will often see her cooking a tasty meal for her grandchildren or baking cookies with them.

But don't think that she doesn't have a life of her own - she actually loves to spend time alone or have fun with her own friends. So, be mindful of that. Cancer grandmas are youthful and playful, while at the same time being that picturesque grandma with a warm hug and a plate of cookies for you, whenever you need it.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Grandparents. Photo:

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

On the one hand, a Capricorn grandparent will be responsible and focused during their time with your kids, giving you peace of mind and the ability to truly relax after dropping them off for a visit. They're both loyal and devoted, meaning they'll likely dote on their grandchildren, and they maintain enough practicality and self-control for you to know they won't spoil your kids. On the other hand, their tendency to keep secrets well could backfire should your children choose them as a confidante, and because they appreciate order, they may turn out to be a bit controlling.

Capricorn is a very formal grandparent who can find it hard to relate to the younger generation. They love their family but can be stern. They actually have a good balance of caring for a grandchild but not getting overly involved in the parents job. They give advice when asked for it and might really push organization, respect, and manners on the grandchildren. But this can be a controlling, judgmental, and out of touch grandparent.

Capricorn grandparents do not relate much to their grandchildren owing to their age differences. However they have great love for them. They just do not interfere in the personal lives of their children in general. When asked for they give genuine advise and make sure that their grandchildren inculcate good habits in life. Some Capricorn grandparents are found to be too controlling and judgmental at times.

This grandma is very elegant and has a reserved character. Don't expect her to be the kind that openly welcomes cleaning her grandchild's snotty nose. Just because she's unwilling to do the dirty work doesn't mean she doesn't have much to offer. Her competitive streak makes family game night fun but at times rough.
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