Top 5 Countries with the Shortest Coastline
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The coastline is an area where land meets the Sea or Ocean or a line that forms the boundary between the land and the Sea or Ocean. In this article, KnowInsider is giving the list of top 5 Countries with Shortest Coastline in the World along with their length of coastline in kilometers.

#5 Nauru (18.7 miles)

Top 5 Countries with the Shortest Coastline
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Just 25 miles south of the Equator lies the island of Nauru, a small, rocky outcrop in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Measuring 18.7 miles in circumference, the island nation was once home to a lush plateau, filled with palm trees and greenery, and peacefully inhabited by the indigenous Nauruan peoples.

After the island nation was discovered by sailors in 1798, it was mined for phosphate. As a result of excessive mining, the island’s interior was ravaged and remains barren to this day, although the shoreline is largely unchanged. Surrounded by coral reefs, the island’s seacoast is filled with jagged rocks that are most often seen at low tide, with white sand beaches that line the perimeter. Although Nauru isn’t a particularly popular tourist destination, it does attract diving enthusiasts, who come to explore a large underwater cavern nearly 100 feet below sea level.

#4 Jordan (16.2 miles)

Top 5 Countries with the Shortest Coastline
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In addition to having access to the Dead Sea, the country of Jordan also boasts ocean frontage on the equally remarkable Red Sea. With 16.2 miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Aqaba — an inlet of the Red Sea that also borders Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia — Jordan makes the most of every mile.

The port town of Aqaba attracts tourists and locals alike, with activities such as glass bottom boats, snorkeling trips, and plenty of beach resorts for lounging. And while Aqaba is a favorite spot for windsurfing, it is even more renowned for diving. With dive centers dotted across the 16 miles of shoreline, divers from around the world flock to this small stretch of coastline to access the Gulf of Aqaba’s warm waters and pristine reefs.

Top 7 Longest Coastline in the World

#3 Tuvalu (15 miles)

Top 5 Countries with the Shortest Coastline
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The nation of Tuvalu consists of three reef islands and six atolls that add up to 10 square miles of land and 15 miles of coastline. During World War II, American troops were stationed on Tuvalu and erected air force bases along the coast. Today, visitors to the island nation can still view the wreck of a landing craft off the coast of Nanumea.

Despite its history, most people visit Tuvalu to gain access to the Funafuti Marine Conservation, which consists of 33 square miles of protected reef, lagoon, and islets on the western side of the Funafuti atoll. Accessible only by boat, visitors to the conservation area can snorkel through Funafuti’s clear waters to see an abundance of fish and underwater creatures in this tropical paradise.

#2 Bosnia and Herzegovina (12.4 miles)

Top 5 Countries with the Shortest Coastline
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At a quick glance, Bosnia and Herzegovina may appear landlocked, without access to the nearby Adriatic Sea. But upon closer inspection, one will notice a tiny section of shoreline wedged in between Croatia’s long coast.

This small sliver of coastline is called the Neum corridor, and it consists of white sand beaches and red-roofed buildings against a beautiful hilly backdrop. The story behind this stretch of land goes back to 1699, when Croatia granted it to the Ottoman Empire to create a buffer against a potential Venetian attack of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. In 1991, when Yugoslavia was being divided into independent countries,

Bosnia (once a province of the Ottoman Empire) staked its claim to the Neum corridor. These 12.4 miles separate Dubrovnik from the rest of the country, which is why Croatia is building a bridge to bypass the Bosnian coast.

#1 Monaco (2.5 miles)

Top 5 Countries with the Shortest Coastline
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With less than one square mile of land, it probably doesn’t come as much surprise that Monaco has the shortest coastline in the world. Situated between France and Italy, Monaco has a mere 2.5 miles of coastline along a world-famous section of the Mediterranean called the French Riviera. Known for its glitz, glamour, and enormous wealth, the tiny city-state is home to over 12,000 millionaires.

And since it's where the wealthy go to play, Monaco’s harbors are littered with magnificent sailboats and superyachts, while the small local beach is packed with stylish beach-goers. But Monaco’s short shoreline has become so congested that the country is undergoing a billion-dollar project to artificially extend it by 15 acres, with the hopes of adding a park, promenade, and marina.

Countries with hardly any coast

The east coast of the Adriatic Sea is an international chorus line that runs Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Montenegro-Albania-Greece, right?

Well yes, pretty much. But not quite. Look at the map more closely and you will notice that Bosnia also shares in this waterfront bounty. There it is – all 12 miles of it – interrupting Croatia's charge to the south-east, around 40 miles north-west of Dubrovnik. This little continuity gap is a quirk of politics and geography – but it is enough for Bosnia to have a resort town of its own. That would be Neum, a typically pretty Balkan enclave of orange rooftops and fine beaches.

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