Top 3 Zodiac Signs Born To Be The Most Successful Real Estate Brokers
Real Estate Broker Zodiac Signs. Photo: KnowInsiders

Real Estate Brokers typically complete more training than real estate agents. Their training allows them to independently facilitate property transactions or own a brokerage, supervising other agents.

A brokerage company's primary duty is to act as a middleman who assists or represents buyers and sellers in the transaction process. A broker who owns a brokerage employs other real estate agents to work under them. Brokers are capable of overseeing more technical parts of real estate transactions.

Who is Real Estate Broker?

Real estate brokers do many of the same things that agents do. Brokers who work with buyers normally look for properties that match the criteria set forth by their clients, conduct negotiations, prepare offers, and help the buyers with any other issues leading up to the closing date. Sellers' brokers, on the other hand, determine the market values of their clients' properties, list and show properties, communicate with sellers about offers, and assist in the offer process.

There are three main types of real estate brokers, with varying degrees of responsibility:

Associate brokers have broker licenses but choose to work under another broker. In general, associate brokers do not supervise other agents.

Managing brokers oversee transactions and daily operations in the office. They also hire agents, train new hires, and manage administrative staff.

Principal/designated brokers supervise real estate agents to make sure they are in compliance with state and national real estate laws. Each real estate office has one designated broker.

The Difference Between a Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is someone who has a professional license to help people buy, sell, or rent all sorts of housing and real estate.

To get that license, states require individuals to have prelicensing training. The required number of training hours can vary significantly by jurisdiction. In Virginia, for example, real estate agents must take 60 hours of prelicensing training, while in California they need 135 hours of license coursework.

Once that training is done, aspiring agents take a written licensing exam. This exam is typically divided into two portions: one on federal real estate laws and general real estate principles, the second on state-specific laws.

Once they pass their exam, they’ve earned a license, the title of a “real estate agent,” and they might join a brokerage where they can begin working with home buyers, sellers, and renters.

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Born To Be The Most Successful Real Estate Brokers

1. Capricorn

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Born To Be The Most Successful Real Estate Brokers
Photo: Style Castle

Capricorns are the ultimate worker bees; they’re ambitious, organized, practical, goal-oriented, and they don’t mind the hustle. “They’re ready to give up a lot in order to achieve that goal,” Verk says. They also love making their own rules, which means they strive to reach high career positions. But don’t expect a Capricorn to bask in their glory and flaunt their successes. “Instead, they tend to stay modest and show their authority by their actions,” Verk adds.

That said, while not boastful, Capricorns do thrive as leaders of a group or in positions of power, where they can put their top talents at planning and executing to their best use. In fact, if given the opportunity to, they'll often absorb the responsibilities of others as their own while they work toward a goal with a can-do attitude. In turn, they also tend to lift up the people around them, with the aim of helping them achieve their goals to the same extent as they pursue their own.

Capricorns are very ambitious and need challenges to be happy. Just like the mountain goat climbs on the tiniest crags to get to the top, Capricorns are determined and persistent—they will do what whatever it takes. Most are responsible and conscientious; many enjoy power. They run a tight ship—they will enforce rules and keep everyone on schedule. If you need something done right (and to exact standards), look no further than a Capricorn. They also tend to be workaholics.

CAPRICORN Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning and Personal Traits

2. Libra

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Born To Be The Most Successful Real Estate Brokers
Photo: Star Naming

Libra is an air sign represented by the scales (interestingly, the only inanimate object of the zodiac), an association that reflects Libra's fixation on balance and harmony. Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life. These air signs are the aesthetes of the zodiac: Ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money, Libras adore high art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship. Suave Libras need to surround themselves with stunning objects and create environments that reflect their exquisite tastes. Accordingly, these air signs make excellent designers, decorators, art critics, and stylists.

While Libra's opposite sign, Aries, represents "me," Libra symbolizes "we." Relationships are paramount for Libras, who find balance in companionship. They love harmonious partnerships with fashionable mates, especially those who make attractive arm candy. (Libra governs the skin, and these air signs are highly motivated by physical appearance. There's no better way for a Libra to relax than with a luxurious face mask.)

Libras, when they are regularly coupled, must be careful about seeking attention outside the agreed-upon boundaries of their relationship. Since they try to keep everyone happy and engaged, they may find themselves tempted to push the limits of their agreements with their partners. People-pleasing Libras must remember that the happiness of their loved ones and the health of their relationships is more important than maintaining the attention of distant admirers.

Libra is a cardinal sign, which means Libras are accordingly great at launching new initiatives. However, because Libras consider multiple perspectives in all pursuits, these air signs struggle with indecision. Instead of constantly seeking outside perspectives, Libras would do well to develop (and trust) their own intuition. Their characteristic ambivalence aside, Libras can navigate virtually any social situation, effortlessly resolving conflicts by simply turning on the charm.

LIBRA Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning and Personal Traits

3. Gemini

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Born To Be The Most Successful Real Estate Brokers
Photo: Style Castle

Geminis are the star sign born between May 22 and June 22, and belong to the Air element of the zodiac (along with Libra and Aquarius).They are super-fast, super-smart, super-adaptable and super-curious people. All of this super-ness makes them fascinating to be around, albeit usually only for short spells because they can a) wear you out, b) get easily distracted elsewhere and before you know it, they’re off.

Geminis like variety, keeping their options open, having lots of opportunities on the go, and being ~in the know~ about anything, everything, and everyone. Notorious gossips! They are generally kind, but there is a slither of the psychopath in them, a chilliness and detachment to emotion created by their Air element and twin nature. You never quite know which Gemini is showing up, and there’s always one in the background taking notes, and keeping secrets.

Geminis are very intelligent and pick up knowledge quickly. They are perceptive, analytical, and often very funny. They have an unreserved and childlike curiosity, always asking new questions.

Geminis have an uncanny ability to size up a person’s character in a matter of seconds, even if they only just met them. If someone’s bluffing, they’ll be the first to notice. They are great communicators, very responsive and sensitive listeners.

Geminis are versatile, comfortable being both introverts and extroverts. They are quick to adapt to the energy of a room. They can be the life of the party or a complete wallflower. They know how to bring dissimilar people together and make them get along.

Is It Better to Be a Real Estate Agent or a Broker?

It all depends on what you are looking for.

Some real estate agents are happy to continue working with their team. They enjoy having the available resources their brokerage offers. Working for a brokerage provides an agent with brand presence, networking opportunities, and one-on-one training.

But, for the self-motivated agents who are aspiring to be their own boss, becoming a broker may be the next step in their career.

The process and requirements to become a broker are different in every state. For example, Colorado brokerage licensing requires the following certifications: completion of a 24-hour Brokerage Administration Course, two (2) years of active real estate experience, and must meet the requirements of Colorado Rule A-27.

In Texas, however, agents who wish to become an individual broker must have 4 years of active experience (3600 points), take 270 hours of qualifying education including the Brokerage Administration Course, and pass the Texas license exam.

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