Top 3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs In March 2022 and How To Improve The Luck. Photo: knowinsiders.
Top 3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs In March 2022 and How To Improve The Luck. Photo: knowinsiders.

March 2022 Planetary Overview

This month of March promises to be surprising! Indeed at least four planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn, meet in the sign of Aquarius. This important conjunction will certainly revive fundamental questions on the social level: Aquarius playing its full societal, associative and humanitarian role. But also, on the individual level, for all the natives concerned. The rise of the earth's energy, correlated with the beginning of spring, has two meanings: it is the energy of life of course, but the meeting of the planet Saturn with the planet Mars (precisely), must hold the attention. The God of war does not mix well with Saturn, the latter being able to push him into his entrenchments. Thus, it would take little, so that the mighty energy of Life does not find its way into the Aquarius air element. Let us bet that the Great of this world will be wise and that they will follow the right path. That of the Angel of the Zodiac which, from its urn, pours on the world all its clarity and lucidity.

The signs of water and earth are supported by the positive aspect that connects Uranus to Jupiter in Pisces. This combination of energy facilitates their evolution by sending them happy and beneficial opportunities. With Pluto in Capricorn, which is reinforced by the fast planets, those who wish to can start over on the right foot or transform a situation to their advantage. Thanks to these good influences, these signs will gain in comfort and they will meet facilities to reach their objectives. Some will find exceptional support among their relationships. Others will be able to exercise their talent under the best conditions. Those who so desire will have the opportunity to expand their field of action. As for the signs of air and fire, they are still under the yoke of Saturn in Aquarius. With the arrival of Mars in this sign, they will try to get out but they will feel that their margin of maneuver is reduced. Instead of trying to force things, Saturnian wisdom advises them to wait for the right moment. In order for this expectation to be useful and fruitful, the boldest must perfect their ideas and plans so that they are ready. The most impatient must learn to use time to their advantage instead of fighting against it.

What Are The Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in March 2022?

1. Taurus

2. Cancer

3. Sagittarius

Top 3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in February 2022

1. Taurus

Unlucky in Work

According to pandit, career prospects are fairly bleak during the coming month. You would be working quite hard for relatively meagre return. Expected gains would not be realized, though the working climate may remain excellent and free of tension.

This month can be stressful for you because of the increased workload. Some changes will also occur at your workplace, and to some extent, they will disorient you.

Travel also would not bring in gains you would look forward to though, here again, a sojourn towards the south may bring in some advantages. Contacts, too, would be unhelpful, and it would be a good idea to rely mainly on your own skill to handle difficult situations. And, during this month, circumstances being what they are, in the final analysis it is this capacity of yours that will stand you in good stead.

You need to speak to your boss about your ideas for the future. You can be recognized by your seniors and boss if you explain your ideas and plans to them. Work travels can give good results, but there can be some hurdles.

2022 March Horoscope for Career does not augur well for professionals. Life at the workplace will be monotonous and there will be hardly any thrill and encouragement. You will be putting your best efforts, but the rewards are hardly commensurate. Under such circumstances, you can try to improve your skills by further training. A diversion towards spiritual and philanthropic work will at least maintain your mental well-being.

Horoscope March special note

Despite the situation that may complicate your life a bit at the end of the month you will not complain about the lack of money – help will come from a hidden source – perhaps from a family member who is very generous lately.

Unlucky in Family and Children

There is very little of a cheerful nature in the augury from the stars this month, in so far as your family affairs are concerned. There is a distinct likelihood that your relations with the female members of the family would be seriously strained. Be tactful and use your skills to diffuse tension whenever you spot it.

March 2022 will see you and your partner getting into conflicts because you cannot agree on some things. Even with your differences, you need to work towards bringing peace and harmony back into your family. Work your issues out for the sake of your children, as sunsigns reported.

Astrology predictions for 2022 call on you to always take care of your elders. Ensure that you see they have everything they need to live a comfortable life. Your elders will be happy with the person you are becoming, and they will give you their blessings.

Mounting expenses would, create further problems. As it is, you all may not do too well financially, plan well in advance and a majority of such problems may be solved. The family atmosphere would not be too pleasant with discord among the various members.

Partnership business can contribute to your stress this month as some risky partnerships can pose some legal obstacles and make you prone to anger.

The affairs of your children may not progress very smoothly during the coming month since they would be effected by stellar influences that would be mainly negative. The performance at studies would leave a great deal to be desired though, those among them who are pursuing some practical travel or apprenticeship would do relatively better. In fact, most of them may display a higher order of skills with their hands.

There is also the likelihood that some of them would also get into fights with servants and such like people. The consequences in some cases could be quite unpleasant. Parents would do well to insist on discipline.

Top 3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs In March 2022 and How To Improve The Luck
TAURUS March 2022 Horoscope: Monthly Prediction for Love, Career, Money and Health. Photo: knowinsiders.

Unlucky in Health

Health horoscope wants you to take good care of your health. This month you will suffer from minor illnesses such as the flu, but you will be able to manage them with a visit to the doctor’s office. Do not ignore any signs of sickness that you might experience with your body. March Horoscope reveals that you need to ensure that your children are in good health. Always take them for their check-up to avoid anything serious. Appointments with your doctors will be the order of the day this month.

Advice for Taurus to improve luck

You are a firm believer that you make your own luck in life, and it comes via doggedness and persistence, by sticking it out when others fade or fall. You have proven this time and again, and you know you can go the distance and win the prize with your determination and stoicism.

Success will come to you if you remain calm while making new business deals and find good business partners, especially from your friends/social circle. If you do hard work, you can expect a promotion and gains now. The ball is in your court.

Friday is your lucky day, so make sure you time important gambles or bold moves to that day of the week. Wearing emeralds makes you attract the luck and opportunity you deserve. Emerald is like a flame to the moths of good fortune.

6 is your luckiest number, or multiples of it.

Virgo is your natural partner in commerce or creativity, because you understand each other, align with each other's visions, and both believe in working hard to succeed, as Livingly reported.

You are lucky when you move closer to the things that your Venus planetary ruler favors: love, fashion, luxury, comfort, beauty, money, wealth. You were born to be a high-end creator or manager of luxurious living and lifestyles. You attract money, and you look after it well.

2. Cancer

Unlucky in Finance

Nothing very encouraging about your financial prospects according to the augury from the stars. Those engaged in overseas trade would be adversely affected and may have to face a rough patch. In fact, most of you would have to struggle quite a bit to achieve planned goals, in which task you are unlikely to achieve much success.

Further, the climate would remain unfavourable for investment and new ventures. These could get stuck up. And finally any loan application or a proposal for fresh advances from a bank or financial institutions would not have much chance of success.

Unlucky in Education

Nothing particularly favourable about the augury from the stars, in so far as your educational prospects are concerned. Most of you would lack the drive and motivation for getting to the top. This would take away the competitive edge from your efforts. Results would naturally reflect this.

Those sitting for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching, since this could well make all the difference between success and failure. Technical students, and students of medicine would have to put in a good deal of extra effort to maintain their rankings. The story would not be very different with students of arts, who will also have to work very hard for their objectives.

March is the best time for you to work hard for the great things you want to achieve in life. Take your education seriously, and things will fall into place. Do not follow the crowd who lead you in the wrong direction, but instead, be your own person.

Unlucky in Family

Your marriage will face some challenges this month. These challenges will, in turn, affect the relationship between you and your family members. Do not allow the issues you have with your spouse, affect the way that you interact and relate with your children.

Horoscope March special note

Before you buy something expensive, think about it, or will it be a justified expense of first necessity.

Unlucky in Heatlh

March 2022 horoscope predictions forecast rather bleak prospects for health. Planetary aspects will make your health fragile and you are affected easily by stress and unhealthy food. It is important to reduce work-related tension and also focus on a good diet. You should attend to all health problems immediately with proper medical attention, as horoscope-2022 reported.

Cancer March 2022 forecast reveals that you need to take your health seriously this month. You will have issues that will not resolve until you see a doctor. Do not take your health for granted because when you are sick, you cannot be productive.

You need to be productive; therefore, ensure that your body is in good shape at all times. Make it a habit of having annual medical checkups to know what is going on in your body.

If you are a sexually active individual, you should be careful about your reproductive health. Do not put yourself at risk because you enjoy sexual escapades.

Advice for Cancer to improve luck

You are creative, intuitive, and have a nose for secrets and what lies beneath, so working in the arts or creating insightful poetry, drama, or art about the human condition is a place you'll find good fortune.

You are ruled by the moon, so aligning your activities with full moons (when you're completing or releasing something) and new moons (when you're creating or starting something) will let you tap into that natural lunar energy.

Monday is your lucky day, so make sure you schedule activities which require luck in relationship building or networking to that day of the week.

Pearl is your birthstone, and will neutralize any bad luck or negative energy around you, leaving you free and clear to find success and joy.

7 is your luckiest number, or multiples of it.

Top 3 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs In March 2022 and How To Improve The Luck
Photo: KnowInsiders

3. Sagittarius

Unlucky in Love

This month, you may meet your lover through a mutual friend, but because your friend may also have feelings for this new person, there can be some misunderstandings between you two. So you must be careful in dealing with other people’s emotions. You will be exceptionally attractive this month. Planets can make you good-looking, but you need to be mature if you want to find someone who is truthful in relationships. Looks are temporary, but the heart of the person is the real deal.

March 2022 Horoscope for love relationships of Sagittarius people will be a bit awkward during the first three weeks of the month. Venus will bring uninhibited love after that and you will find it difficult controlling your romance and sensuality with scope for pregnancy. Sagittarius Compatibility will be disturbed by family strife during the first half of the month. Mars and Venus will make married life more delightful and sensual. Mars may bring a few problems also. Single persons will find love mates after the third week of the month. They are likely to become confirmed in due course. You should watch your expression and be clear about your intentions while meeting the opposite sex.

Unlucky in Work

Those who have started a new job may find this month somewhat stressful, as they might be told to handle an outstation task, and this may make them slightly uncomfortable. During this month, planetary movements suggest that you may get a good name from your boss in terms of your punctuality and risk-taking nature. You may make a lasting impression on the people around you and set an example for newcomers in your organization.

Nothing bright about your professional prospects in the coming month. Despite serious effort it is unlikely that you would get anywhere near realizing the gains that you set out to achieve. The turn of events would just not favour such a realization.

Travel also would fail to deliver as expected, though there could be some percentage for you in a sojourn towards the west. There are also grounds to believe that contacts would not help you very much. Therefore, it would be a good idea to rely on your own skill and effort. Not a favourable period, during which you should come through only with some skilful handling of difficult situations.

Unlucky in Health

All precautions should be taken to maintain your health. Breakdowns due to stressful work should be avoided. You should time your activities properly and must relax as much as possible to maintain your mental health. Immediate medical attention in case of ill-health will reduce most of the health disorders. Good diet will help you to improve general weakness.

Advice for Sagittarius to improve luck

Sagittarius, you've got it made my friend, because you are ruled by Jupiter — literally the planet of good luck. Jupiter promotes joy, optimism, and abundance, a kind of "fortune favors the bold" vibe, so friends will no doubt have noticed that you always come up smelling of roses, no matter HOW cray-cray your ideas and schemes are.

Enjoy your naturally lucky advantages, use them well, be brave and progressive, take risks, and have fun with life — heck, you've got Jupiter as your ride or die after all.

Thursday is your lucky day, so make sure you time important gambles or bold moves to that day of the week.

Turquoise brings you the imagination and psychic nudges to spot and create those REALLY bold plays and risky moves that make even you wince a little. It's your psychic guide.

5 is your luckiest number, or multiples of it.

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