Which zodiac sign is the most cruel when it comes to breaking up?

According to astrologers, based on the personality and characteristics of the 12 zodiac signs, the 3 constellations below are always cold and hard when the love is broken.


Scorpio - Coldest Zodiac Sign
Scorpio - Coldest Zodiac Sign

Scorpio has a strong sense of self-preservation. They are always afraid of being hurt, so they do not easily open up to others. Only when they meet the person they like, they let go of all defenses and completely accept the other half.

For the person you love, Scorpio is meticulous and thoughtful. Of course, Scorpio's dedication is not unconditional. Scorpio's prerequisite to his lover is absolute loyalty, and must definitely repay the love accordingly.

If the lover can't do this, Scorpio will be very miserable, desperate, the heart will gradually become cold, cruel, even from doing nothing to make the other half painful.


Aries - Coldest Zodiac Sign
Aries - Coldest Zodiac Sign

Aries is enthusiastic, dynamic, impulsive and reckless. They always do everything with enthusiasm, as if they put their whole heart into it. When they fall in love with someone, they will devote 100% of their heart to pursuing their best right from the beginning, conquering that person.

However, Aries has an idealistic personality, when seeing that the other half is not satisfied, they tend to want to deny, even coldly break up. When Aries decides to break up, it will usually be very straightforward, just say leaving, not looking back once. This attitude is enough to hurt people.


Taurus - the Coldest Zodiac Sign
Taurus - the Coldest Zodiac Sign

Taurus is very serious in love and dedicated. When they love someone, they often wholeheartedly and willingly sacrifice for that person. Even if it's something they don't like, as long as it makes their lover happy, they won't refuse.

However, the premise for Taurus to give wholeheartedly is that the other half needs to be treated wholeheartedly. When Taurus finds out that their lover doesn't care about them or does anything to hurt them, they become extremely cruel when they break up, not even giving them any chance of redemption.

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