Happy Birthday - Best Messages To Grandma
Happy Birthday - Best Messages To Grandma

The relationship between grandma and grandchild is inexplicable. She is a wonderful source of love, care, joy and many other special things. So her birthday should also be celebrated in special ways.

So, if you need ideas on how to wish grandma happy birthday or what to write in birthday cards for grandma, this article is the complete guide for you. Sending grandma birthday wishes as special love words is the cutest thing you can do to make her birthday great. Alternatively, you can send her a surprise birthday present or one that she would love to receive from you.

Top Short Quotes, SMS That Easy to Send to Grandma

Wishing the world’s greatest grandmother a super duper happy birthday. We love you so much.

Happy Birthday, to the best grandma that there is! You are magnificent! Enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday, grandma! You are the sweetest, kindest person I know. Enjoy this day, I love you!

Granny, you’re my angel and I love you so much for that. Happy birthday.

May every brand new day in your life be filled with joy and happiness. Happy birthday, granny.

To my sweet grandma, I wish you to always be healthy and happy today! Happy birthday my beloved old woman!

‘Happy birthday to my truly amazing grandma! You are an inspiration to us all!’

Happiness and love to the woman who gave me the many warm hugs and huge attention all these years!

You are the only woman I appreciate. You are the woman who taught me how to live and live. May your birthday be unforgettable.

You are the Santa of my life bringing so much magic, joy, and happiness everytime you come home. Happy birthday.

Have an amazing birthday for my grandma! You are the kindest and sweetest I’ve ever found. Enjoy the day to the fullest.

I always get the best advice that no book ever has because I have you to talk to. Happy birthday granny.

On your birthday I have brought you your favorite things and a pack of goodies that you will love. Happy birthday and god bless.

I still love to hear stories from you lying on your lap. Those were the memories that I cherish. Happy birthday grandma.

Sweet Birthday Messages for Your Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma!
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday to my grandma! You are the sweetest, kindest woman that I know! Enjoy this day, knowing that you are loved by me!

Happy Birthday to the best grandma in the world! When I am feeling down, you always know how to lift me up! I hope every experience that you have today makes you happy!

Wishing my wonderful grandma, a Happy Birthday! You are the most important member of our family! You are the one that holds us together!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Here is to the woman who brings a smile to my face, even when I don’t think I can be happy, again! Here is to someone with inherent goodness!

Grandma, may you have a great birthday! May it measure up to the person who you truly are! May it shine brightly and fill you with everlasting joy!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! On this day, I hope that you feel special! I hope that you receive everything that you have always wanted!

‘Happy birthday to the greatest grandma ever. Love you forever and always.’

Wishing my luminous grandma, a Happy Birthday! May your presence continue to light the lives of all who know you!

You are the best granny with so much fun, affection and love to show. Always up with stories, anecdotes, and jokes. Happy birthday to the super granny.

I admire how you manage everything and brought us all up so well. We love the times we have spent with you. Happy birthday grandma, we miss you.

You have always been on my team with all the fights with mom and dad and always taken my side, and took care of me so well. I adore you do much, happy birthday.

You are so simple, beautiful, and wise. You have the endurance that we learn from. You stay awake to nurse us as kids. We are always grateful for your sacrifices. Happy birthday.

It is always fun to teach you to use a smartphone, Facebook, and all the fun stuff on the internet. I love all your comments on my FB page. Happy birthday, grandma.

You are so loving and caring and have the best heart in the world. Always gifting us with our favorite items. We always used to look forward to meeting you in summers and holidays. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday grandma, sending wishes and love your way. You took so good care of us all these years. It is our turn to show you love and be there for you in all the times you need us.

Happy birthday to the most lively and awesome granny who loves partying and outdoors. Your enthusiasm for life is always inspiring us to do better.

I wish you a very happy birthday that is full of sweetness as a candy and bright as all the stars. Even the tastiest treats are not as sweet as you.

Happy birthday to the best grandma in the world. You taught us the importance of values of love, kindness, and compassion that have stayed with us and let us lead good lives.

In this world of hate and disdain, you are the wisest and loving person that brings so much meaning to our lives. Happy birthday to you grandma who is the sweetest and wisest.

May your birthday make you rejoice, Grandma! May you feel all of the love that your family and friends have for you!

Grandma, you are the rare jewel in our family! There is no one more devoted to providing love, hope, and comfort to all of us! May you receive a multitude of heartfelt wishes on your most, special day!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest Grandma in the world! You are magnificent. Enjoy your special day!

My wish for you on your birthday is that you’ll always be healthy, happy and full of energy. May God never seize pouring His blessings on you, grandma. Happy birthday.

Despite the saying that nothing lasts forever, I want to assure you that my love for you is everlasting. I love you, grandma. Have a birthday that is as lovely and as glorious as you are.

Grandma, for your special day, I want to tell you how beautiful and inspiring you are to me. I will always love you and be proud of you. Have a blissful birthday.

You’re such a sweet and wonderful person, grandma. On your special day, I hope and pray that all your wishes come true. Have a wonderful birthday, grandma.

When I look at you, grandma, all I see is a beautiful, loving, caring woman, who has lived her life to the fullest. Have a magical birthday, grandma, knowing that you’re cherished.

Wishing a magical birthday to the most fabulous grandma in the universe. You’re simply the best, grandma. Best wishes on your birthday.

On this special day, I wish you all the most beautiful things in life. May your birthday be as heavenly and incredible as you are, grandma.

Grandma, for your birthday, I would like to ask for God’s amazing blessings in your life. May you always know happiness and peace. Happy birthday, grandma.

You’re more than just a grandma to me. You’re my hero, my friend and my role model. I love you so much I can’t express it in words. Have a glorious birthday, grandma.

Grandma, if I were a songwriter, I’d write a thousand songs for you. If I were a poet, I’d write a thousand poems for you because you mean the world to me. Happy birthday. I love you.

I am the luckiest person in the world simply because I have such a wonderful granny like you. Happy birthday.

I would change a lot of things in my life if I had the power to do so. However, the one thing I wouldn’t change in my life is you, my sweet and loving grandma. Have a beautiful birthday.

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Best Birthday Wishes For Grandmother

Top 200+ Best Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Grandma's Birthday
Motivational Birthday Messages For Grandma

Grandma, when I was young, I still remember how you sang beautiful songs just so I can have a restful sleep. Now that it’s your birthday, I’m going to return the favor by singing one of your favorite songs on your party! Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to you my dear granny! Amazing grandmothers like you are rare and we’re lucky enough to be a part of your family tree. We love you so much granny! May you have many more birthdays to come!

Happy birthday to you, my dear grandmother! Your birthday is truly one of the most special moments in my life. In fact, I believe that it should be declared a national holiday! That way, everyone get to celebrate your special day.

On your birthday my grandma, I only wish for all great things to come upon you. I truly believe that no other person in this world deserves them more than you do. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday granny! Thank you for being more than a grandmother to us. You have also played the role of being our best friend. You guided us into the right path and taught us valuable lessons in life.

My dearest grandma, please know that you are my inspiration in life. I wanted to be like you someday. You may not have a lot in life, but you have worked hard to achieve all your dreams and aspirations. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the best grandmother in the world – my grandma! Please know that I really love you from the bottom of my heart. My only prayer is for God to give you many more birthdays to come so we’d be able to spend a lot more time together.

Happy birthday grandmother! Words cannot express how much I really love you. Thank you for being you and for teaching us to always be humble in life. I hope you love the birthday cake that I sent on your way!

I’m truly blessed that I have you as my grandmother. I know not a lot of people are lucky enough to have a grandmother who is also their best friend. Thank you grandma for always being there for me especially during the most challenging moments of my life.

May you have a wonderful birthday, grandma! Thank you for all the life lessons you have imparted on us. Without you, we would not be where we are now. Happy birthday!

‘Happy birthday to my wonderful grandma! I hope you enjoy your special day!

Grandma, thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for our life. You’ve added so much color to our lives and we are forever thankful for that. May you enjoy your birthday today and may you have many more birthdays to come.

Grandma, you are full of wisdom and love and I’m amazed at how you managed to look young despite of your old age. On your birthday, I only wish for you to have many more birthdays to come so we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy life. I love you, happy birthday!

To my grandmother, happy birthday! You’re certainly the most amazing woman I know. I wish I could be like you someday. On your birthday, I only wish for you to have a healthier and longer life. I love you so much!

Happy birthday grandma! May your birthday bring you lots of happiness and cheer! Please know that you are so special to us and that’s why we prepared a grand party to honor your big day!

Happy birthday to my beautiful granny who is also very kind and lovely. I may not get to tell you this often but please know that I truly love you and I promise to take care of you no matter how old you get!

Grandma, you may not be aware of this, but I am your biggest fan. You are my inspiration and my only dream is to be as successful as you someday. Thank you for pushing me to work hard and to reach for my dreams. Happy birthday!

Grandma, thank you for taking care of me when I was a kid. Even when I’m an adult now, I still long for your hugs and kisses! In fact, I can never imagine life without your tender love and warm hug. Happy birthday!

My dearest grandma, I may not get to thank you openly for all the things you’ve done for me, but please know that I am forever grateful for all the things that you do. Happy birthday! May God give you all the desires of your heart!

To my amazing grandmother, happy birthday! Thank you for always being available for a hug. In fact, you are my favorite teddy bear. Your hug is enough to keep me going when times are rough.

Happy birthday grandmother! I love you so much and I want you to know that. Even if I don’t say it too often but I really do appreciate all the great things you have done for my siblings and me.

Grandma, today, I am sending you the biggest hug of your life and the warmest kisses you’ll ever have. You are an amazing woman you deserve only the best one. Happy birthday!

Grandmother, our family is truly blessed for having. You’re the perfect grandmother anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for your unconditional love and for your unending support in our life. I love you so much, happy birthday!

Happy birthday grandma! Here’s wishing you the best birthday ever. Let us celebrate your special day in colorful ways. So get ready to dance to the beat of your favorite music!

Grandmother, your birthday is also a day to celebrate your loveliness, kindness, and uniqueness. So here’s wishing you the best birthday ever. I love you so much!

Grandma, on your birthday today, I just wanted to tell you this – you’re amazingly cute, sweet, kind, and wonderful. In fact, you’re the epitome of a perfect grandmother in this world. Happy birthday!

I have never seen such an amazing person in my life that’s full of positivity, wisdom, and gratitude. Grandma, you are truly my inspiration in life and I want to live the kind of life that you have one day. Happy birthday!

Here’s wishing a wonderful birthday to the woman who is so dear to me – my grandmother! Thank you for always being here whenever I need you. Above all, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Happy birthday!

Grandma Birthday - Great Quotes

Top 200+ Best Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Grandma's Birthday
Birthday Wishes for Grandmother

You are the best storyteller I have ever know. Every time I come up with a branding option, I remember how you tell stories and it inspires me to do better. Happy birthday.

You are an incredible person who brings to family love, peace, comfort, and a lot of worldly wisdom. It is soothing to talk to you and spend time with you. Happy birthday.

On your birthday and every day I wish you a lot of joy and peace. Happy birthday to the best person in the world.

Sending you a thousand hugs and kisses on your birthday. Happy birthday to the best granny in the world.

I have the best memories of your stories, recipes, my childish names, and all the cute and sweet things you have done in our lives. Happy birthday to the sweetest granny in the world.

I have brought you a small puppy as your birthday gift who can shower you with a lot of love and affection lifelong. Happy birthday granny.

This is the best series of books and musical discography of your favorite bands that I am happy to gift you on your birthday. Happy birthday and have a fun time reading them and listening to your favorite music.

I admire to see how you always make everyone happy with your smile. Talking to you brings so much joy in the lives of people. You are full of wisdom and good advice. Happy birthday grandma.

I feel so blessed to have you in my life. The best phase of my childhood was spending time with you and talking to you.

You have always spoilt me with love and gifts every time you visited us. Happy birthday grandma. I wish you a longlife and all the joy in this world.

Happy birthday grandma. I wish you the best of health and many more beautiful years of your time to come. You look more beautiful each year. Happy birthday.

You always let me get away with a lot of mischiefs. I have the best grandma by my side. Happy birthday. Loads of love and hugs.

I tell the stories you told me to my kids. You made all our years of growing up so wonderful and memorable for us. Happy birthday grandma.

Your advice may not comfort us every time, but in our hearts, we know you are right about everything. Happy birthday grandma, listening to you gives us better lives.

I was so proud to be your favorite grandchild to whom you always showered a lot of affection. Happy birthday grandma.

‘To my grandma, happy birthday! Thank you for always being there for me.’

You are the chord that binds the entire family. We all always come to you for sound advice and love listening to you. Happy birthday grandma.

May all your days and coming years be filled with joy and good health. Happy birthday to the most awesome granny.

You are a grandma with a lot of spunk. You are still so fit to go on yoga and outdoor activities. You could give younger people a run for their energy. Happy birthday to the adventurous soul.

You have been strict and kind when you have to. Your strictness has brought in us a sense of discipline and straightened our lives. Happy birthday grandma.

We all wish you a very happy birthday and joy on your birthday. We wish that you stay with us for many more years to come.

May you have plenty of reasons to be happy and always keep smiling. Happy birthday grandma.

I know you get moody at times. I wish you more joy and better health. Happy birthday and wish you joy and happiness.

Even today I remember your antics and chuckle. You are so much fun to have around. Happy birthday grandma.

We want to make your every birthday so special and let you have the best memories with us celebrating your birthday. Happy birthday grandma.

You are so artistic. I have learnt so many skills from you. I used to enjoy reading the newspaper with you. Those were the best times of our lives. Happy birthday grandma who has created so many artistic and beautiful items.

I always see you so serious when you are at your work. Your focus and dedication in anything that you do has always inspired me. Happy birthday.

You people and resource management skills cannot be found in any book or taught in any college. Watching you deal with so many things has been learning for me. Happy birthday.

Looking at how gracefully you have aged, I no more get scared getting older. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in the world.

You let us understand how family always comes first and goals are a part of life and not the only thing to care about. We are together today because of the bond you share with us. Happy birthday.

I want to wrap you with a lot of love and gifts on this birthday. Happy birthday grandma.

I have the privilege of celebrating so many birthdays with you and wish to do so in many more years to come. Happy birthday.

You have always gone great lengths to care and love for us. Your love is unconditional and we thank you

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Funny Wishes for your Grandma Birthday

Yay! Grandma, you’ve finally reached that point in life where you welcome senior citizen discounts and bid farewell to full price. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a very happy birthday to the old lady who is my father’s mother. May you rock the stage today without needing a hip replacement, tomorrow.

It’s your special day today, grandma! Here is to cover up all the wrinkles and don’t forget to cover up your arms. Happy birthday!

Dear, grandma if most women were to age beautifully as you, then companies that produce beauty care products would be out of business till now. Happy birthday to beautiful, grandma!

Cheer up, my lovely grandma. Your old age is something that doesn’t last long. Just joking! Have a very spectacular birthday!

At this juncture, I can say with certainty that you are now officially too old to ever die. Have an amazing and marvelous birthday, my dear grandma!

Grandmother, may God keep on blessing you with good luck, and may your good luck keep on making your enemies miserable. Have a great birthday ever!

My warm birthday wishes to my lovely grandma! May your dentures stay in your mouth as it is when you are going to bite into your birthday cake!

Happy 100th birthday to my grandmother! Don’t deny it! I know how old you really are.

Happy birthday dear, grandma! May God bless you with so old that you can’t boast of even a single tooth.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! May your dentures stay in your mouth, when you bite into your birthday cake! May you dance without needing a hip replacement, tomorrow!

To the old lady who is my father’s mother, Happy Birthday! May this be the first day that you use a watch, instead of a sundial! May you ride in a car, instead of a horse drawn carriage!

Oh, to be old! I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about that for many years! Happy Birthday, Grandma!

When I realized that it was your birthday, Grandma, I was shocked! The number of years you have accumulated left me speechless! Happy Birthday, oldie!

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma! Don’t deny it! I know how old you really are!

It’s your birthday, Grandma! Here is to cover up all the wrinkles, and the arms! Please don’t forget to cover up your arms!

Grandma, did you know that you are a 16 year old girl who finds herself in the body of an old woman?! Well, now you know, let the party begin. You and I are going to boogey like there’s no tomorrow! Happy birthday.

Cheer up, grandma. Old age is something which doesn’t last long. Just kidding! Have a very wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday, grandma. May you live to be so old you can’t boast of even a single tooth.

Grandma, on your birthday, I wish to express my condolences to you for aging. Happy birthday.

Grandma, you know I’ll always be by your side no matter what. Heck I’ll even be right by your side to help you mourn the death of your youth. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to one of the few people in my life whose birthday I don’t need social media to remind me of.

Grandma, I hope you see all the beauty around you and smile while you still have teeth. Have a wonderful birthday.

At this age, I can say with absolute certainty that you are now officially too old to ever die young. Have a marvelous birthday, grandma!

How I wish a genie would magically transform me to your walking stick so that I can walk with you all the time, grandma. Happy birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes For Grandma

Top 200+ Best Wishes, Quotes and Messages for Grandma's Birthday
Happy 100th birthday to my grandmother! Don’t deny it! I know how old you really are.

Happy 60th birthday to an exceptional grandmother! Granny, you are really cherished. May God bless you with a new chapter of your beautiful life.

Dear, grandma, I am sending you a huge hug and warm wishes on completing the 60th year of life! I hope that you will be in good health and shape for many more years to come. Happy birthday!

I wish you the youngest 60-year-old woman a happy birthday! Grandmother, may you have an incredibly healthy and happy life for the rest of your life’s days.

Indeed, your wrinkles describe the journey of your life and it was gorgeous and amazing as you, grandma. Have an outstanding birthday full of happiness, love, and care!

My sweet grandma, I will do everything just to ensure that your heart never misses happiness and joy as you are such a spectacular person. Happy 60th birthday!

You’ve shown and taught me love, patience, and kindness. Whatever I am now only because of you. Thank you, grandma, for everything. Happy birthday, grandma!

The love and kindness that you show to me always take my breath away. I will always treasure you, granny. Happiest 60th birthday!

We are fortunate and blessed to have a grandma like you. Your only presence is a breath of fresh air. Happy birthday, my lovely grandma!

Wishing you the best 60th birthday to the most beautiful woman of my life! I never felt alone since you’re always beside me. You are the most perfect companion and strength. Thank you so much for everything, grandma.

There are thousands of bright suns that are not enough to the light that you bring in my life. May your special day be full of music and light, just like you. Happy 60th birthday!

Happy 70th Birthday Wishes For Grandma

There is no woman on this planet that can compare to you, granma. Thank you for your unconditional love and for guiding me through life. Without you, I would be lost. May God considerably bless you as you celebrate your 70th birthday.

Dear granny, I can still remember those beautiful days when you used to read bedtime stories to me as a child. Still, I can feel your presence beside me. Wishing you an awesome 70th birthday with love and respect!

This is your very special day, our beloved grandma! As we celebrate this exceptional day with you, I want to tell you that I cherish every moment I spend with you. Have a splendid happy 70th birthday!

At the age of 70, you’ve still the most beautiful eyes in the world and your personality says all about your beautiful journey of life. Your big heart is one of the most precious items I’ve ever found in my life. Happiest 70th birthday to my charming grandma!

‘Happy birthday grandma, I love you with all my heart. Nothing will ever change that!’

Grandma, you are an incredibly beautiful person in my life. On this day, I pray that God will bless you with health, wealth, and all the important things you’ve given up just to put happiness and joy into my heart. I hope you enjoy each and every moment to the fullest on this 70th birthday. Happy birthday!

I am really thankful to God for making you a blessing to me and the entire family. Now, enjoy your 70th birthday celebration in a big way. We love you so much! Happy birthday!

Have the best 70th birthday for grandma! Congratulations on achieving this milestone. This family is so fortunate and blessed to have such a remarkable person like you in it. May God bless you with a long and healthy life forever!

I will never forget all the encouragement and kind words that you’ve given to me as a child during my low days & failures. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the things you’ve done for me and our family. Happy 70th birthday to the loveliest grandma!

For almost 70th years, you have lighted up the lives of uncountable people, including me. I hope that nature rewards you back exorbitantly for all the love and happiness you have in the hearts of others. Happy birthday!

Whether it’s your 60th, 70th, 80th, or 100th birthday, you look as charming as ever, granny. Happy birthday to the most outstanding and beautiful woman!

Religious Birthday Wishes for Grandmother

May God bless you with health and lots of good years to lead a happy life. Love you, Grandmother.

Dear grandma, I pray for your good health and lifelong happiness on your birthday. Have a wonderful birthday. May God bless you.

Enjoy your day, Grandma. May you get blessed with health, happiness, and a good life.

May God shower His blessings upon you on your birthday and always. You’re God’s greatest gift to our family and me. Wishing you a delighted birthday.

Happy birthday grandmother. Thank you for your unconditional love and guidance. On this day, I pray that God will bless you abundantly for everything you did to make us happy.

May God helps you and bless you throughout your life, dear Grandmother. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Dear grandmother, I hope God bless you in the upcoming years. You are an absolute favorite.

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world. Love you so much, Grandma. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Birthday Wishes from Grandson

Happy birthday to my cute grandma. After mom, you’re the most important woman in my life. If I have to list the reasons, it would have no end.

Best wishes to the greatest grandma from her favorite grandson. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Enjoy your birthday cake.

Happy birthday my old girlfriend. Thank you for being the most wonderful grandmother in the entire universe. Being your grandson is a pride.

Have a very wonderful birthday, grandma. May you live to be so old that you can’t remember your grandson’s name. Lol.

No one can ever take your place in my life. Thanks for being my best friend, my homie, dear grandma. Have a blast!

Thanks for always having my back and supporting me even when Mom and dad disagree. Love you, Grandma.

Happiest birthday to the coolest, Grandma. This grandson of yours would do anything to make you smile, know that.

May you live long enough to blow thousands of candles, and we can play all our rowdy games. Love you so much, Grandma.

Birthday Wishes from Granddaughter

Wishing my granny a birthday full of surprises. You’re actually sixteen in the body of an older woman. And, despite the age difference, we’re sisters as always.

Happy birthday to my old but cute grandma. Thank you for passing your good looks and beautiful gene to me. I’m glad to be your granddaughter.

Happy Birthday to the friendliest grandma in the whole world any granddaughter ever asks for. My life would be so boring without you in it.

Wishing my wonderful grandma a Happy Birthday! May you feel all the love that I have deep in my heart for you!

Thank you for being my source of joy and happiness. Love you more than I love pink, Grandma.

Dear grandmom, thanks for always braiding my hair and telling me stories. Many happy returns of the day.

My prayer to God is to bless you with many birthdays and numerous blessings. Your granddaughter loves you the most.

Thanks for making my world shinier and brighter with your existence. Love you, Grandma.

Birthday Wishes for Grandma in Heaven

Heaven isn’t so far enough to make me forget your birthday. Happy birthday in heaven, grandma. Missing you on this special day.

Happy heavenly birthday grandma. Enjoy your special day in God’s loving arms. Love from all those you left behind on earth.

On your birthday, I wish you all the best from back here on earth. I hope you’re resting in peace and celebrating your birthday in heaven surrounded by Angels.

Grandma, I miss you so much and cherish the moments we shared. Sending my love and prayers to you way up there. Have a special birthday in heaven.

Have a rocking party up in the heavens. Happy returns of the day, Grandma.

Happy heavenly birthday, not only my fav but also one of God’s fav human beings. Love ya, Grand maa. Have a blast up in the heavens.

Heavens seems so far away, or else I would have gone there to give you a surprise. Happy Birthday, Grandmother.

I am so jealous of the angels who get to celebrate your birthday for eternity. Miss you so much.