Top 15 Most Beautiful Hotels in the World That You Should Stay Top 15 Most Beautiful Hotels in the World That You Should Stay
Top 12 Weirdest Hotels Around The World for Amazing Experience Top 12 Weirdest Hotels Around The World for Amazing Experience
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Are you interested in spending the night in a hotel room that is submerged in water or located at the bottom of the ocean? Or would you rather sleep in a room made entirely of ice or in a bed that appears to be floating in the air?

You can cross that item off your list now that you know there are many incredible hotels all over the world that can provide you with the opportunity to have such an experience.

Let's explore top 20 strangest hotels in the world - ranked by Knowinsiders:

20. Eden Motel Taiwan – Famous For The Batman Themed Suite

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

When making a themed room, Eden Motel certainly goes all out. The best example is their famous Batman suite with a mind-blowing level of detail and amazing design.

19. The Cubehouse – Cuboid House With No Straight Corners

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

Slightly confusing and definitely very unusual, The Cubehouse must have required a lot of custom furniture but looks surprisingly homely and welcoming inside.

18. Amazon Jungle Palace – Floating Luxury Hotel On Amazon River

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

The Amazon Jungle Palace is the ideal place for you to stay if you are serious about minimizing the impact of your travels on the environment. This unique floating hotel employs cutting-edge technology to ensure environmentally responsible travel and hospitality.

17. Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo Brazil

In the heart of the upscale district of Jardins in São Paulo, Hotel Unique stands out amidst the sky with its sculptural architecture.

16. Attrap’ Reves Hotel, France

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

Atrrap’ Reves Hotels in France are actually habitable and eco-friendly plastic bubble domes built using recyclable materials to create interactivity with nature.

15. Hotel Jested – Futuristic Tower That Became Czech Cultural Monument

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

Is it a hotel or is it a time machine straight out of a science fiction film? Could easily be the latter, since Hotel Jested offers both retro and future-forward rooms.

14. Hotel Punta Grande – Miniature Hotel On A Remote Volcanic Island

If all you need is peace and quiet, check out Hotel Punta Grande. Located far from the only town on the remote island of El Hierro, it’s certainly not marred with hordes of tourists.

13.One by the Five, France

The clever design of this one guestroom at One by the Five, creates the illusion that the bed is levitating. The bed is attached to the wall but not to the floor. Don’t fall off.

12. La Balade Des Gnomes – Tales And Legends Hotel With A Giant Trojan Horse

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

Ever wondered what it would be like to hide in the Trojan horse? At La Balade Des Gnomes, you can stay in one! The other crazy rooms include a pirate boat, Moroccan desert night, and the Moon.

11. Ship In The Ice – Ice-Bound Ship In Arctic Norway

The one hundred year old Ship In The Ice will give you the impression that you are a courageous traveler on an arctic expedition. Except without all of the toil and peril, and with the additional pleasure of husky sledding and five-course meals.

10. IceHotel, Sweden

Photo hongkiat
Photo hongkiat

A hotel made of ice that is reconstructed ever winter. Using frozen water from the Torne River, this is a real refreshing treat!

9. Das Parkhotel, Germany

Want to stay in a barrel? The rooms at Das Parkhotel will be perfect for that. Because the rooms are round, the beds are held by an ergonomic slatted frame.

8. Houshi Onsen – Traditional Japanese Inn Dating Back To 19th Century

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

Houshi Onsen is a stunning wooden ryokan (Japanese inn) that was built in 1875 at the source of a hot spring. Furnished in traditional Japanese style, it feels like stepping back in time.

7. Museumotel – 1960s Psychedelic Vision Of The Future

These bizarre concrete houses were the vision for future homes in the 1960s; they were inexpensive, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, one could argue that the Museumotel, with its psychedelic interiors inspired by the 50s and 60s, is more of a throwback to the past.

6. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho USA

Photo hongkiat
Photo hongkiat

Inside of the world's largest beagle is where you'll find this bed and breakfast guesthouse. Guests can access the interior of the dog's body via a private deck located on the second level.

Before embarking on the construction of their most ambitious piece of work, the Dog Bark Park Inn, Dennis and Frances had spent many years carving wooden dogs as a hobby. This giant wooden beagle holds a comfortable suite and, unsurprisingly, is decorated with dozens of dog-related items.

5. The Boot – Fairytale Accommodation In A Giant Shoe

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

The Boot in New Zealand looks like taken straight out of a nursery rhyme. Everything about it is cozy, welcoming, and sweet.

4. Henn-Na Hotel – Japanese Hotel Staffed With Talking Robots

If you want to spend your vacation getting a sneak peek into the future, Japan is without a doubt the place you should go. At the Henn-Na Hotel, you will receive service from robots, and rather than a traditional key card, your room will be unlocked using facial recognition technology.

3. V8 Hotel, Germany

Photo hongkiat
Photo hongkiat

Automotive lovers can take their hobby to the next level at the V8 Hotel in Germany. The hotel has 10 theme-based rooms.

2. The Sala Silvermine Hotel, Sweden

The world's deepest hotel room. This suite is located deep underground and is maintained at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius throughout the day. It is yet another place to escape from work and technology.

1. Spitbank Hotel – Military Sea Fort Turned Into A Boutique Hotel

Photo uniqhotels
Photo uniqhotels

Everything about this former sea fort, from the helicopter ride in to the ultra-luxurious rooms, is straight out of a James Bond film. The Spitbank Hotel's incredibly lavish redesign is at the cutting edge of architectural renovation.

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