Top 20 Best Free Sites to Watch Cartoons Online
Top 20 Best Free Sites to Watch Cartoons Online Today

No matter how old they are, people enjoy watching cartoons; the Share of Cartoon Network Viewer by Age demonstrates this. Especially in 2D animation, cartoons can be a great stress reliever and aid in relaxation. Finding some good free websites to watch cartoons online in HD, though, can be difficult.

I've put together a list of free online resources that quickly offer high-definition streaming of cartoons in order to help you in your search for the best free sites to watch cartoons online. I'll also demonstrate a wonderful tool that will enable you to create your own cartoons. Cartoons are a fantastic way to bring your children together and create a lasting bond if you're looking to spend some quality time with them.

Some of our favorite cartoons are still available to watch on television, and many of the well-liked animated programs from the 1990s have left us with wonderful memories of our youth.

However, there are numerous popular cartoon streaming websites where you can watch your favorite cartoons if you still want to relive those wonderful times.

Although there are many such websites, we have chosen a few of the best ones here to make your task easier.

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1. YouTube Cartoons

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

As you know that when we talk about online videos YouTube is the king of it. It is the most popular site to watch videos online. Here you will get thousands of cartoons that meet your requirements.

to watch your choice cartoon, you just have to type your cartoon name in the search box. You’ll be taken to the result page where you should click on the most relevant cartoon video to watch. during watching the video you’ll see the most relevant videos on your right side. You can click on your favorite video and watch.

YouTube allows you to comment, like, dislike, rate videos as well involved in the discussion.



Despite sharing a name with the website we mentioned above, has nothing to do with it. They both let you watch free cartoons online, so there's that, but only features cartoon-related TV shows and films. This free cartoon website has a user interface that is simple to use and organized, with distinct categories. Users can search for content using the following criteria: trending, rating, type, genre, year, status, and year. The fact that each video on has an age tag (ranging from TV-Y to TV-MA) and a synopsis makes it even more remarkable for parents to find appropriate cartoons for their children.

There are no intrusive ads or registration requirements on I believe is a good choice if you prioritize a fast and clean viewing experience.

Additionally, try disabling ad blocker extensions on your browser if you are having trouble loading a video on this website.


3. KissCartoon

With millions of visitors worldwide, KissCartoon is one of the most well-known names in cartoon and anime content.

Although the primary KissCartoon domain was taken down a while ago, there are a few excellent spinoffs. A lot of the content on the KissCartoon website is similar to that found on anime torrent sites.


4. Toonjet

Photo: java2blog
Photo: java2blog

Another free website to watch cartoons online is Toonjet. The website is devoted to classic cartoon fare and features the entire legendary collection of cartoons, including Mickey Mouse from Disney and Tom and Jerry from Cartoon Network. The website also features a ton of modern animated series like the Pokemon and Samurai Jack ones. You can comment on any episode and rate the cartoons on the ToonJet website.

To keep a history of all the cartoons you've watched, you can sign up and log in. However, if you don't want to register, you are still welcome to watch the cartoons without any restrictions.

You don't need to pay a subscription fee to access the Toonjet website.


5. Boomerang

Boomerang sort of popularized the concept of ‘Saturday Morning Cartoons.’ Now with its online platform, it brings fan favorites like Tom and Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Johnny Quest back to the forefront.

This time you can watch these cartoons any day and anytime you like. With improved resolution, you can watch these old gems in the best quality online. Cartoons like Looney Tunes have never looked as polished as they do here.


6. Kimcartoon

One of the most well-liked anime and cartoon streaming services was Unfortunately, it had to endure closure a number of years ago. Many streaming websites using the Kisscartoon domain have appeared since its collapse, but many users have complained that they have encountered phony websites. We advise using Kimcartoon if you're a devoted user of Kisscartoon. The same team is in charge of both this newly rebranded website and the original website. Naturally, that is not the only factor in our decision to use Kimcartoon.

This website for cartoons has a sizable collection of cartoons. By using the quick search filter, alphabet, popularity, status, and genres, you can find the necessary cartoon, as well as discover popular cartoon films and TV shows and keep up with the most recent news. There are HD (720) video options available.

Kimcartoon occasionally experiences a delay in loading times and may contain pop-ups and advertisements.


7. Cartoonito

Photo: parentology
Photo: parentology

For kids, Cartoonito is a one-stop entertainment shop. The website features animated cartoons as well as Cartoonito club stories performed by actual kids to share a joke or teach a lesson to kids. For kids, there is a list of songs and various educational resources. Cartoonito adds an educational flair to the website where children use cartoons as a learning and light-hearted entertainment tool. You can let your child explore the activities that interest him while you are away from this website.


8. WB Kids Go

If you're a die-hard fan of the Looney Tunes cartoon, you've undoubtedly noticed the distinctive Warner Brothers logo at the start of each episode. WB is currently associated with cartoons like Scooby-Doo, the DC animated series, and Bugs Bunny. All of WB Kids Go's well-known properties are available on a single platform.

The website is a great resource for finding new and classic cartoons, reading comic books based on your favorite shows, playing online games, and downloading family-friendly material. The platform only includes programs that are suitable for young children.


9. Supercartoons

Which cartoon from your youth was your favorite? Despite the numerous new animated films that come out every year, we occasionally find ourselves watching the same old classics over and over again just to feel happy and temporarily escape the adult world. You can find all your fond memories of cartoons from your youth on Supercartoons. You can enjoy over a thousand vintage cartoons on this website.

For the nostalgist, Supercartoon may give you a surprise.


10. Disney Junior

Photo: topstreamingsites
Photo: topstreamingsites

The Disney Network is credited with creating modern cartoons. You can satisfy your cravings for animated content on the Disney Junior website with a number of wonderful offerings. You can watch every cartoon that Disney has listed as being free. Find the program you enjoy watching the most by searching through all of the shows from A to Z. On the website, a number of the well-known animated characters, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and others, are freely accessible in HD. Since the Disney Junior website is blocked in some nations, such as India, you'll need to use a VPN to access your preferred animated series online.


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11. WatchCartoon.Org

WatchCartoon is a popular cartoon site with an easy-to-use interface, where you can watch cartoon movies and cartoon series online. One advantage of the site is that it has almost no ads. In addition, it offers a scheduling feature, allowing you to check when the next episode will be updated.


12. Cartoonson

A good place to watch both old and new cartoon programs and movies is Cartoonson. You can find a sizable selection of HD cartoons on this website. By using the search filters for Studio, Characters, Shows, and Series, users can find a cartoon. The fact that Cartoonson lists the most popular cartoons on the Internet at the bottom of its homepage is, in my opinion, its best feature. I can quickly recognize popular animated series and play the one I like.

While embedded advertisements are still present in cartoons, the viewing experience is still comparatively slick and clean. The annoying aspect is that every time you open a video to play, it will take you to a useless page; you must close the page and start the video again. Aside from that, Cartoonson is a great resource for people who want to watch cartoons for free online.


13. Nickelodeon

Photo: steampowered
Photo: steampowered

Kids can watch cartoons online in HD for free on Nick, a great and well-known platform. The user interface is uncomplicated and uses bright, eye-catching colors to grab kids' attention. You can play a ton of online games and listen to the radio on the website, but the collection of cartoons available there is restricted to Nickelodeon cartoons only. You can use the website to search for your preferred cartoon and to watch new videos and TV shows.


14. Anime Flavor

The best website to watch cartoons online for free is this one. As you can see, the cartoons are arranged alphabetically and numerically on the home page. All you have to do is tap on the anime's name to start watching. Additionally, you'll see the anime or cartoon's synopsis.

You can find some well-known cartoon episodes on the website's header. Any of them can be clicked to view the video. You can use the search bar to look up the cartoon of your choice. You don't need to register or create a profile page on this website in order to watch cartoons.


15. Cartoon Crazy

With roughly 3000 animated series in its collection, Cartoon Carzy gives users access to the majority of their desired cartoons in respectable quality. For those looking for the top anime streaming websites, Carrtoon Carzy is a great choice. To find specific types of cartoons, such as those for children, comedies, action, fantasy, and so on, you can either go to the Cartoon List or Anime Dubbed sections or use the Genre classification. There are frequently new updates, so you can always visit the website to see the most recent information. People occasionally experience slow loading due to different servers or networks. If the issue persists, try refreshing the page.

A Cartoon Crazy addon is available for Kodi, as well, which can be installed using a valid repository.



Cartoon8 is also a great option to watch cartoons online, which offers a decent amount of cartoon series and movies available to be streamed for free. It has no irritating pop-ups and it allows you to make your search of cartoons alphabetically.


17. Wcostream

Photo: voddler
Photo: voddler

Wcostream, formerly WatchCartoonOnline, is a well-known free website where you can watch cartoons online for free in HD and SD quality. It is quick and simple to search for and find a cartoon series or movie thanks to the slick and user-friendly interface. Wcostream offers anime fans a platform to watch dubbed and subbed anime series in addition to its selection of kid's cartoons. Additionally, Wcostream has a fairly quick loading time. Disabling the Adblock extension for this website should solve any issues you have with videos getting stuck while playing.


18. Amazon Prime

For online cartoon viewing, Amazon Prime is fantastic. Although it costs money, you can sign up for a free trial of 30 days and cancel your subscription at any time.

More than 100 million people use it globally. Any kind of cartoon, movie, TV show, biography, and much more can all be searched for here. It completely satisfies your needs.

Here, you can watch every show without being interrupted by pop-ups or other harmful advertisements. It has an excellent interface and amazing quality.


19. Cartoon Park

You can watch cartoons for free with English subtitles on this website. For every cartoon program, subtitles are available. Classic anime is best viewed on this website. Cartoon Park is the best place for you if you're interested in it.

Here, you can watch free, high-quality cartoons online and download them without spending any money.

You can select the most well-liked anime or cartoon as well as the most recent episodes from the main page. You can also choose an anime from the alphabetically arranged list.

You can quickly and easily find your favorite cartoon by using the search box.

You can watch cartoons on mobile devices without downloading any apps thanks to the website's responsive design.


20. 9Anime

One of the most well-known websites for watching anime content online is 9Anime.Within hours of their official releases, 9Anime offers thousands of your favorite animated films.

There are numerous URLs for 9Anime, but has been the site's primary domain since it was founded.For more details on the 9Anime website and how to stream on any device, see our guide below.

9Anime has experienced a few domain switches in the past, similar to other free streaming websites, but as of the time of this writing is back in operation.

There are many different anime genres represented on 9Anime's selection of movies and TV shows.

This website has many copies thanks to how well-liked it is, including 4Anime and other Anime Torrents.



Above are legal and completely free websites for you to enjoy cartoons stories online. has surveyed and can say that these are the best websites to watch cartoons and it is worth mentioning that it is free.

We warn you not to visit illegal websites because of copyright infringement and you may be scammed, have your data stolen, etc.


Where Can I Stream Cartoons For Free?

The ideal way to relive your childhood and watch your favorite cartoon show is to use a free cartoon streaming website like YouTube, ToonJet, or Cartoons On.

Where Can I Download Cartoon TV Shows?

The majority of websites that stream cartoons do not allow downloading. You can download your preferred animated TV show, though, from a few websites like Super Cartoon, Kiss Cartoon, and AnimeFrenzy.

Is watching cartoons on free sites illegal?

Depending on where you are, the question has different answers. Your location, web browser, and the website you are using all play a role. Access to specific websites is also restricted by many internet services. Some websites demand that visitors have a valid license before they can watch cartoons. Additionally, when watching cartoons from some Pacific locations, some legal issues might also come up.

However, the vast majority of websites that offer free access to cartoons do not have the legal authority to host the cartoons on their sites.

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