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Best Free Websites That Make Student Life Easier in 2023/2023

1. Mint

Mint is a budgeting app that syncs up with your bank account and allows you to easily set up a personal financial plan. Mint incorporates all of your accounts to give you a big-picture view of your financial situation. Although it takes an initial time investment of 15 to 20 minutes to set up a budget, Mint makes the process painless and simple.

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Mint - Photo: lifehack

Then, Mint can assist you in sticking to your budget and send you warnings when you face the risk of going over your budget or running out of money—a really handy function for the busy, frugal college student. There are numerous platforms on which this software is available.

When to Use It: Prior to the start of the semester, allot 15 minutes to link your bank and credit card accounts with Mint and create a monthly budget before you even go back to school. Don't forget to include sections for groceries, public transportation, entertainment, dining, and travel!

2. Pocket

Have you ever read an intriguing article that piqued your interest and that you wanted to save for later reading only to completely forget about and never come across it again? With Pocket, you may bookmark any content you locate for later reading, which solves this problem.

It is perfect for both entertainment and study because you may bookmark intriguing articles and studies in one useful, accessible place. Pocket makes it much easier to compose research papers because you can quickly and easily find relevant articles while you write by marking them with the paper name. Never lose an article again.

When to Utilize It: To prevent information loss, start your research for a paper or presentation as soon as possible. You can catch up on your reading while waiting for the 4 train or your next trip home because Pocket enables offline viewing of articles.

3. Evernote

Because it has both free and premium editions, Evernote is a great tool for students to keep their class notes and information organized. By making notebooks in Evernote for each class, they can consolidate all of their notes into one place and sync them with their phone, computer, and the internet. It is simple to add class emails and scanned handouts to the same notebook in order to keep everything for that class in one location and searchable within Evernote.

When to Use It: Evernote excels at allowing numerous file types to be added to a single note. Next time you're in class, record the lecture and type your notes simultaneously before organizing them into one note. When it comes time to study for the test, go over your notes and listen to the lecture once more because revisiting knowledge in different ways helps you retain it.

4. Healthline

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A student’s life is stressful enough with everything you have to deal with, from finding housing to your papers and exams. It can be an intense period that requires your full focus on your goals. As an additional resource for self-help, you may subscribe to Healthline, another great resource for your health and well-being.

The platform helps you to cope with the most common problems that students face. However, it is not a proper substitute for therapy or counseling, which you should take into consideration.

5. Any.DO

Use this well-known to-do list tool to efficiently manage your time. You can create and review a list of daily chores with Any.DO, and it will notify you when those tasks need to be completed. While there are several list-making applications available, Any.DO is straightforward, efficient, and will help you complete all of your obligations on time.

Any. Moreover, DO has the excellent feature of geolocation, which enables you to program it to give you a reminder each time you are in a specific location (for instance, you can have it remind you to buy a textbook that you need when you walk near the bookstore).

When to Use It: Utilize the "Any.DO Moment" function in the morning to evaluate your chores for the day, determine what you actually need to get done, and make plans accordingly.


IFTTT (If This, Then That) works as a personal, virtual "assistant" that you can train to combine various apps and tasks in causal links. You can develop "recipes" for your smartphone using IFTTT.

For instance, you can program your phone to text you a daily weather report or to alert you when a significant professor emails you. With this app's nearly limitless customization options, you may plan both the small-scale details of your life and the big picture.

When to Use It: Being caught in a deluge in New York City without an umbrella is the worst. The day before rain is predicted, use this recipe to have a text message (or email) delivered to you.

Best Free Websites To Download Books

7. Bookboon

Photo DW
Bookboon - Photo: DW

Bookboon is a great place to browse for free textbooks online if you are a business major student or are taking several STEM subjects. Originally founded in Denmark in 1988 and transformed into a full-scale eBook publishing company in 2005, Bookboon has become the largest source of textbooks online over the years. Students do love it—you can literally download the books for free. All books are short and concise; the content is written by professors and experts.

Where is the catch, you’d ask? Since the books are free, you can only choose the resources the website provides; you won’t be able to get just any book you need by title or author.

8. Project Gutenberg

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Project Gutenberg - Photo: Alamy

At Project Gutenberg, you may read and download more than 60,000 free ebooks. The novels can be read online or downloaded to computers or Kindle devices. Think of the timeless classics. The only books still covered by U.S. copyright are those in the Gutenberg library. This suggests the works were published before 1924.

A nonprofit group called Project Gutenberg, which derives its name from Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, aims to remove barriers to education by making information accessible in a number of languages and forms.

Project Gutenberg offers HTML, PDF, MOBI (for the Kindle), EPUB, and even plain text for every title, in contrast to other websites that are inconsistent about the file types accessible for any given book.

This one is essential if you're a humanities or literary student because it contains the majority of the classics. With more recent textbooks, it is less dependable, but you never know.

9. The Assayer

Unfortunately, many places where you can download free textbooks online are run illegally. This challenge is conquered by the Assayer. It's the greatest online collection of books that their writers have made freely accessible, so you can use it to read their works ethically and legally.

The older, static texts are available here, even though you might not be able to find the most recent textbooks. It's a terrific location to obtain free online textbooks for disciplines like math, physics, and computers in particular.

10. Open Textbook Library

Buying textbooks can be very expensive, especially if you have to buy multiple copies for your class. This is something that Open Textbook Library is aware of, and it created its platform with this obstacle in mind.

The Open Education Network-supported website offers 1,053 free textbooks for download. They can all be freely used and modified by students anywhere in the world because they have all been granted permission by the authors and publishers.

11. Library Genesis (LibGen)

LibGen provides a range of textbooks in electronic form (mostly EPUB and PDF files). It has a simple interface and a huge online library boasting millions of titles, including articles and magazines.

However, while this sounds great from a student’s perspective, LibGen contains many files that have been distributed illegally. It’s also been sued by the likes of science publisher Elsevier.

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Best Free Websites To Do Assignments, Make presentations and Portfolio

12. Sejda/DocHub

Editing PDF files can be a pain, but not with Sejda or DocHub.

You don’t have to split the file or convert it to another format. Simply upload your PDF to either website and make your edits directly on the file itself.

13. Softonic

With Softonic, you can easily merge, split or adjust PDF files in a jiffy. This is especially useful if you need a specific page from a PDF file that can’t be easily copied to text.

14. LunaPic

Do you need to convert a photo into PNG format with a transparent background? LunaPic has got you covered.

It’s a free online photo editor that lets you remove your background image, make your images transparent and resize your photos.

15. Profile Pic Maker

Do you need your headshots to look more professional? This is where Profile Pic Maker comes in.

It lets you add colourful tones or patterns to your picture’s background so that it looks like they were taken professionally at a photo studio.

16. Pexels

Using videos in place of photographs is a fantastic approach to stand out in presentations. Videos are effective visuals that may keep your audience interested and entertained, according to studies. According to Kennected, numerous companies now incorporate videos within their marketing plans.

A great website for free, high-quality stock films that can liven up your presentations is Pexels.


If you’re into illustrations instead of videos, Blush is the website for you. Illustrations are helpful visuals that work especially well in story-telling. makes designing your projects and presentations fun and easy with their stunning and customisable illustrations drawn by artists from all around the world.

All you have to do is choose a style, customise it and use it on your design.

Best Websites That Help Students With Writing

18. OWL at Purdue

Unless you are an expert at properly citing your sources (and even if you are), the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University is an incredible tool. From general writing tips to detailed guidance in the nuances of various style guides (MLA, APA, Chicago, and many more), the OWL at Purdue is one of the most useful websites for students.

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19. Coursera

Examining and revising your own writing is also a vital part of learning. You should put more effort into mastering the techniques of editing and revising because being objective when writing is never simple. Fortunately, a number of businesses can assist you in developing this knowledge.

Coursera is among the top online resources for students who want to keep learning after class. The world's finest universities offer thousands of online courses. It provides them with the chance to learn new skills while keeping a flexible schedule for many students and professionals, who use it as an additional source of inspiration.

You can simply sign up, take advantage of the free courses, and only pay for a certificate of completion if you so choose.

You may find anything from the arts to coding on Coursera, which is not restricted to any one field of study. The course structures are simple to understand, and the materials provided by the hosts can greatly aid your future studies.

20. Copyleaks

Avoiding plagiarism is essential if you want to get top grades. The majority of educational institutions are dedicated to combating plagiarism and have rules in place to do so.

An effective way to prevent accidental plagiarism is to employ a student plagiarism checker. This issue's solution is Copyleaks.

Copyleaks is a tool that allows students in middle school, high school, college, and graduate school to check for plagiarism. Instructors can verify their students' assignments for plagiarism using Copyleaks' plagiarism detection tool. In order to identify duplicate information, our cutting-edge technology compares your paper to the internet, corporate databases, journals, and billions of other publications.

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