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Who will be the most attractive female wrestlers in 2023? These female wrestlers are stunning both inside and outside the ring. Some of these hot female wrestlers are even models, body slamming and stealing hearts! Nobody can resist the charm and bright smiles of these professional women's wrestling stars, who range from pretty to sexy.

Who, in your opinion, is the most beautiful hottest female wrestler in 2023?

Top 15 Hottest Female Wrestlers 2023

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1. Bianca Belair

Top 15 Hottest and Beautiful Female Wrestlers

The year of the EST was 2022. She carried the women's division on her shoulders from big moment to big moment. Belair faced off against every top star in the division and proved that she is their equal - and then some.

Bianca Belair is unrivaled when it comes to in-ring athleticism and power-based perfection. Despite her title dominance, she's an incredible physical athlete with the ability to rally the crowd behind her as an inspirational, even underdog, face. We still believe Belair has more levels to climb, which is fantastic news for us all.

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2. Stacy Keibler

Top 15 Hottest and Beautiful Female Wrestlers

Stacy Keibler, born in 1979 in the United States, was a manager for various superstars such as Scott Steiner and Test. She began her career by joining WCW after it was purchased by WWE. Her nickname "The Legs of WCW" is well known because she has long legs that men ogle with their eyes wide open!

She is now happily married to Jared Pobre, CEO of Future Ads, with whom she has two children: Ava, a girl, and Avery, a boy.

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3. Maryse

Maryse is a model and WWE Diva from Canada. She is one of the most attractive WWE Female Wrestlers in 2023.

She has won the Raw Women's Championship once and the SmackDown Women's Championship four times - twice each for both brands. She also possesses three titles from an alliance of ECW, SmackDown, and Raw.

4. Liv Morgan

Top 15 Hottest and Beautiful Female Wrestlers

Gionna Jene Daddio (born June 8, 1994) is an American professional wrestler who currently works for WWE as Liv Morgan on the Raw brand. Daddio signed a contract with WWE in 2014 and was assigned to the WWE Performance Center, later appearing in NXT as Liv Morgan. She was promoted to the main roster in 2017 and formed the stable The Riott Squad with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan.

Morgan became a singles competitor after the stable disbanded in 2019. After a few months of singles, she reformed the Riott Squad, now as a duo, with the returning Riott, who had been out of action for months due to a shoulder injury.

5. Carmella

Carmella is a WWE-signed cheerleader, dancer, fitness trainer, model, and wrestler.

She is one of the most popular WWE female wrestlers in 2023. Despite being a mature wrestler, she maintains an outstanding physique.

On the Raw brand, she goes by the ring name Carmella. She also manages professional wrestlers.

She was once the Smackdown Women's Champion. In June 2013, she was signed by WWE and relocated to their Performance Center in Orlando.

In October 2014, she joined forces with Cassady and Enzo and became their manager at the same time.

Carmella signed a contract with WWE in June 2013, and she was demoted to NXT in late September.

6. Shayna Baszler

Top 15 Hottest and Beautiful Female Wrestlers

If you saw Shayna Baszler's run for the NXT Women's Championship, you know how good the Queen of Spades can be. Baszler is a limb destroyer at her best, capable of tearing opponents apart like no other woman in the division.

She's an in-ring predator, ready to pounce on any weakness, and as such, she occupies a unique position in WWE. She may have struggled to be her unstoppable submission specialist self during her time on the main roster, but Baszler has shown signs of regaining her peak since Ronda Rousey reintroduced herself to her.

7. Iyo Sky

Anyone who crosses paths with Bayley will have their game raised, but the sky was already the limit for the former NXT Women's Champion.

The Genius of the Sky lives up to her WWE moniker, creating show-stopping moments from the top rope after show-stopping moments. She is a superstar who can do anything inside the ring, and once the WWE Universe realizes what she is capable of, Iyo has the potential to be the breakout star of Damage CTRL.

8. Asuka

Though Asuka has accomplished nearly everything in WWE - multi-time champion, Money in the Bank winner, Royal Rumble winner, and a two-and-a-half year unbeaten streak - she still believes she can improve.

As we write this, she's poised for a big post-WrestleMania 2023 comeback, with her aggressive, serious, unhinged persona taking shape at a critical juncture. Her ferocity in the ring has increased, and the addition of the mist to her arsenal has made big matches even more exciting. Asuka is a rising superstar once more.

9. Kelly Kelly

Top 15 Hottest and Beautiful Female Wrestlers

Kelly Kelly was an American model and retired professional wrestler best known for her time with WWE as Kelly Kelly. She is one of the Top 10 Most Desirable WWE Female Wrestlers in 2023.

She has won three Women's Championships in total, one for each of the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands.

Kelly was also a contestant on the VH-I reality series Women's Wrestling competition show Tough Enough and posed in the March 2008 issue of Playboy magazine.

10. Bayley

One of the most underappreciated superstars in recent memory is The Role Model. Despite her title reigns and excellent heel performances, Bayley is not given enough credit.

Though WWE has been unable to determine what distinguishes Damage CTRL from any other experienced-head-plus-two-upcoming-stars faction, everything Bayley has touched since her return has turned to gold. For months, her rivalry with Becky Lynch has been the most enduring non-title women's storyline, producing some excellent moments of awe and drama. Because of her presence and dislike, she elevates anything she is a part of. Raw is a better show with Bayley on it.

11. Charlotte Flair

Top 15 Hottest and Beautiful Female Wrestlers

Charlotte has already had the career of a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but she is still in the midst of her prime. Flair demonstrates why she is the standard in the women's division year after year, providing excellent matches and fierce rivalries.

Her greatest strength is her ability to boost the star power of every opponent who faces her. Charlotte has an unrivaled ability to turn those who stand opposite her into stars, whether as a heel or in her current face role. Whatever else she accomplishes in WWE, her legacy will be secure, and she will leave it in a better state than she found it.

12. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is a record-breaker, a historical figure, and a true inspiration. Her current run, since returning from the birth of her daughter, has been outstanding from a wrestling standpoint.

Lynch has the enviable ability to succeed at the highest level as both a heel and a face, working wonders with Bianca Belair as the former and exploding with Bayley in recent months as the latter. The Man remains the focal point of the women's division and shines brightly in any role she is given.

13. Rhea Ripley

Our number one entry may have dominated the women’s roster picture over the past two years, but it’s hard to argue anyone is better placed to lead this industry in the years to come than Rhea Ripley.

The Nightmare has had an incredible run over the past 12 months, dominating Raws and Smackdowns as part of the Judgement Day. She has simultaneously elevated her own position to the very top of the card as well as propping up the talented Judgement Day lads around her. Mami is casting an ominous shadow over the whole women’s division and the storm is surely going to crash down on it soon.

Ripley says she needs to be a star. She already is one.

14. Bianca Belair

Top 15 Hottest and Beautiful Female Wrestlers

She is a former athlete who first appeared in WWE's developmental territory NXT in 2016.

She competed in the NXT several times. She defeated Sasha Banks for the women's SmackDown title at WrestleMania 37.

She was also one of the first two African Americans to compete in the main event of WWE's flagship event.

At 200 days in 2022, she became the longest-reigning black female WWE champion.

She is one of the hottest WWE female wrestlers in the industry, and her amazing body figure earns her a spot on the list.

15. Sasha Banks

Banks began her wrestling career in 2010 on the free circuit, most notably for Tumultuous Wrestling, where she won the Turbulent Wrestling Ladies' Title.

Under the ring name Sasha Banks, she signed a contract with WWE in 2012 and was assigned to the NXT territory.

Her NXT match against Bayley in October 2015 was the most important iron Woman match in WWE history.

Sasha Banks was named Woman of the Year by the PWI. Banks was given a place on the leading roster in 2015.

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