Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping
Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping. Photo KnowInsiders

It is definitely cheaper to buy second-hand clothes and other items. But do you know that second-hand shopping has many other benefits. Let’s explore top 10 best sites for those who love or want to start second-hand shopping.

Buying second-hand, what is it?

Buying “second-hand” means purchasing something that’s previously been used—from new-to-you appliances to stellar vintage finds. In recent years, the boom in the second-hand market combined with growing concern for the environment have seen second-hand purchases skyrocket. In 2018, the French second-hand clothing market was worth 1 billion euros, according to the French Fashion Institute (IFM).

Benefits of shopping second-hand

Extend the lifecycle of a product

Considering the lifecycle of a product, even before you purchase it is something we’ve advocated for some time.

Thinking about the lifecycle, pushes us to consider the quality, how we plan to use it if it’s repairable, and how we’ll discard it once we’ve used it to its capacity.

One of the options of discarding a product is to on-sell or give it away. Even though you no longer need it, someone else might. This is a far more sustainable alternative to throwing products in the trash, contributing to the incredible waste.

Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping
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Slow down consumption

Extending the lifecycle of products also means slowing down the rate of excessive consumption, which means less waste, emissions, unfair wages and animal cruelty.

Instead of generating waste, we’re creating a circular economy of re-distributing “would-be” discarded products and giving them a new life.

The knock-on effect is that the demand for new products would decrease, which would force producers to reduce their supply.

Ultimately, shopping second-hand means that we’re more resourceful as a society.

Encourages community building

Earlier we mentioned the risks associated with dealing with people-to-people transactions instead of people-to-business transactions.

However, that’s only looking at the worst-case scenario. For as many bad transactions we have with second-hand deals, there are ten more positive ones. Okay, we just made that number up. But it feels about right.

So what’s so good about these dealings? Well, buying and selling from other people builds a sense of community.

Top 15 Best Sites For Second-hand Shopping


Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping
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By and large, thredUP is the cream of the crop when it comes to an online retailer for secondhand items. Launched in 2009, the site jumpstarted the online secondhand movement by selling thousands of articles of clothing at discounts as great as 90%. Unlike other platforms, thredUP prides itself in its diverse categories and price ranges. Tried and true, this platform proves itself time and time again as the most well known virtual marketplace for thrifted pieces.


2. Retold Vintage

Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping
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For those with a more minimalist aesthetic, Retold Vintage is the resale site for you. Its collection spans Burberry trench coats and ’90s Max Mara. Founder Clare Lewis curates weekly drops that are snapped up soon after they hit the website – make sure you subscribe to the Retold newsletter to avoid missing out.


3. Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal merchandise is a platform under Urban Outfitters that seeks to limit production and consumption by implementing four practices: Remnants, One of a Kind, Vintage, and Recycled. As a brand that doesn’t typically engage in sustainable practices, Urban Renewal uses vintage collections and deadstock fabrics to create new designs in the likes of the brand’s signature style. UO updates the site each week with products that typically go for under $100. It does appear, however, that this site is still in the works given the relatively limited supply of products branded as Urban Renewal: two pages on the UO site to be exact.


4. Farfetch Pre-Owned

While a growing number of retailers are now integrating resale onto their sites, Farfetch has long been ahead of the game, launching its pre-owned section back in 2010. Fitting in seamlessly with the rest of its offering, the e-tailer allows you to shop second-hand while enjoying the same luxury experience it provides for those shopping brand new.

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5. Cudoni

Launched in 2015, Cudoni was created with the aim of making second-hand buying and selling as seamless as possible – with experts coming to your home to collect pieces that you’re looking to part ways with. From Marni to Issey Miyake, the site offers a range of luxury pieces at a snip of the original retail price.


6. Luxury Garage Sale

Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping
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Chicago-based Luxury Garage Sale is a designer online thrift store for clothes and accessories.

They offer luxury second hand clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry from top brands around the world at up to 80% off regular prices. And that’s not to speak of the clearance section!

One of the best US-based online thrift stores, they offer complimentary stylists and ensure that each piece is inspected and verified by in-house experts as authentic.

For sellers, they use a consignment model and offer pre-paid shipping labels and pickup service in some cities.


7. eBay

eBay has been around for a long time and is one of the best online thrift stores ever. While you can buy new stuff there as well, there are plenty of opportunities for thrifting.

Some sellers allow you to return, and others don’t. So, always double check if you’re not sure what you’re buying will fit.


8. Swap

Swap is the place for “premium & designer finds, $15 or less”, which is pretty standout among online thrift shops.

While that price doesn’t apply to everything in Swap’s range of secondhand women’s, men’s, plus-size, kids’, and babies’ clothes and shoes, affordability does.

It’s not difficult to spot sweaters and shoes that cost less than a soy latte.

With more than 2 million unique items and thousands of new items added daily—including those that don’t fall into the high fashion category prioritized by other online thrift stores—there’s something for everyone.


9. Beyond Retro

Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping
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UK-based Beyond Retro stops the runway show with disco-worthy garb and vintage dazzlers.

The women’s and men’s online thrift store boasts a boho fashionista’s dream: everything from the 60s to the 90s. Thousands of items are added every week and 90 million items go to new homes each year.

Aiming to get that number even bigger, they also have a Reworked Vintage range for upcycled clothing.

Get access to:

10. Vestiaire Collective

Bringing luxury secondhand goods out from collecting dust, Vestiaire Collective is an online thrifting shop for vintage and high-end clothing and accessories.

They offer one of the widest ranges of vintage designer clothing online that we’ve seen, from vintage Levis to eveningwear. While the prices vary depending on what you’re after, there are definitely some bargains to be had.

To ensure quality, Vestiaire carefully curates its catalog and, once sold, checks for authenticity.

They have thrifting options for menswear, kidswear, bags, eco friendly watches, jewelry, shoes, and athletic gear, also making them an equally good online thrift store for men.

All pieces include the location of the item so you can shop locally and minimize those shipping emissions.


11. Poshmark

Top 15 Best Sites For Second-Hand Shopping
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One of the most popular thrift stores in the digital sphere, Poshmark is a peer-to-peer thrifting website with an even more popular iPhone/Android app that makes buying and selling used clothes online as simple as raiding your older sister’s closet.

Just snap a picture, post, and profit!

Definitely geared toward the more modern side (with a few gem retro pieces here and there), Poshmark boasts over 200 million items across more than 5,000 brands.

They have everything from Prada to Forever21, and cater to women, men, kids, pets, and online thrift store home decor. The selection may be vast, but you can search for exactly what you want.


12. Hardly Ever Worn it

Founded in 2012, the idea for Hardly Ever Worn It (HEWI) came about when CEO Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson, her mum Sharon and sister Natalya realised that there were so many pieces in their wardrobe that they had hardly worn. From Chanel minidresses to Jacquemus bags, the website is full of gems that are waiting to find a new home.


13. 1stDibs

For those looking to snap up a piece of fashion history, 1stDibs is the site for you. Whether you’re looking for a rare Jean Paul Gaultier dress or a Vivienne Westwood corset, the platform is particularly popular amongst vintage dealers and collectors.

Go shopping at:

14. The RealReal

While The RealReal may be based in the US, its vast selection of luxury pieces mean that it’s well-worth trawling through, even from the UK. Just make sure you bear in mind any additional import taxes and custom duties that will need to be paid when buying from the site.


15. Depop

Depop is one of the largest online platforms for second hand clothing. It allows users to list their items at a fixed price which can then be purchased through PayPal, sellers then post the items directly to their customers. The app and website are set up similarly to social media platforms. You are able to follow friends and other users, as well as having a feed, which allows you to see items from your following and recommended items based on what you buy and search.


In conclusion, the second-hand shopping sites have boomed in the market as consumers are trying to live more sustainably. If you are a zero waste advocate and want to live sustainably, why don’t you try second-hand shopping?

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