Photo: Discover Containers
Photo: Discover Containers

Container homes come in different varieties, and thus we have different contractors to match every level of taste. From Luxury container home builders to Prefab shipping container home manufacturers, here is a list of the best contractors you can assign your projects.

1. Honomobo

What’s there not to like about this brand. Honomobo provides quality insulated container homes that are certified under local factory-built modular status. A reliable container home contractor, Honomobo, offers a price range of $173,236 to $302,768.

2. Custom Container Living

Photo: Home Stratosphere
Photo: Home Stratosphere

Custom Container Living was founded on the idea of solving the problems facing traditional living spaces. With this contractor, all you need to do is select your floor plan and custom options. These options cover the kitchen, cabinets, bathroom and other important areas of your property.

3. Rhino Cubed

Rhino offers you several options to choose from. Providing you with several base models, you can build fully equipped but affordable housing. Pricing costs between $33,600 on the low-end property, and $52,000 for a fully equipped option.

4. Hive Modular

Hive is a leader within the industry. Leveraging on their architect and expertise, you get to chose from a series of prefab options. However, the pricing for the Hive is dependent on several factors, including customization choice and location.

5. Logical Homes

Photo: Arch2O
Photo: Arch2O

Logical Homes offers a series of customized plans to meet your needs. Although an outdated pricing list, this container home builder offers both small and large units.

6. CargoHome Container House Builder

This Texas-based container builder offers space-efficient and stylish models that are sure to meet your taste. They also offer DIY kit options for every knowledge level – beginner, intermediate and expert.

7. Backcountry Containers

This brand is a completely custom-container home builder that offers endless design options. With them, the primary aim is your comfort. So, no matter your location of design needs, they are the right custom container home builder for you.

8. Alternative Living Spaces

Photo: Sulex International
Photo: Sulex International

A Nevada-based business, Alternative Living Spaces integrates the industrial vibes of shipping containers into their building approach. They provide the perfect peering of muted metal exteriors and a minimalist chic interior.

9. Relevant Buildings

Relevant Buildings provide you with Uniform Building Code (UBC) standard compliant container homes. This contractor confidently transforms containers into sustainable living spaces that you’ll love.

10. Flophouze Shipping Container Home Builders

This container home builder provides a unique blend of subtle exterior and vintage western interior styling. They are so good that they have a shipping container hotel of their own.

11. LOT-EK

This award-winning company is known for transforming shipping containers into stylish building projects. Based in New York and Naples, LOT-EK has a large catalog of cargotecture they can boast of. Thus, we know they are good for you.

12. Giant Containers

Photo: Sulex International
Photo: Sulex International

This firm aims to create contemporary living spaces through timeless container home projects. With a catalog that ranges from compact bachelor pads to large family homes, they also cater to commercial building interests.

13. Tomecek Studio

Winner of an AIA Colorado Citation Award, Tomecek Studio has Prefabrication woven into its DNA. Their portfolio includes panelized construction, modular builds, and cargotecture cabins.

14. SG Blocks

Founded in 2007, SG Blocks is a Brooklyn-based builder that has worked with architects, retailers and builders to create exquisite container-based buildings. They are also the first supplier to receive an ESR number from the ICC back in 2017.

15. Inbox Projects

Inbox projects work closely with you at every stage of the project. Thus, you can be confident of being aware of every decision made. This builder provides you with a series of option for your accommodation and storage needs. Whether stand-in cabins, multi-story buildings or temporary structures, you can be sure of quality construction.

Container homes are steadily gaining attention. Thanks to the new adoption of tiny living spaces and the need for simple living, the switch to container homes is increasing.

Containers serve as an effective house-building material. Container homes are known to be able to withstand different weather conditions. This home type is very durable, making it fire, mold and insect resistant; a feature that the traditional wooden properties lack.

Home prices are rising again. According to, home prices average around $346, 000 as of March 2019. Renting hasn’t been easier either. People are beginning to adopt the tiny living approach to achieve more affordable living.

This approach has helped property owners downsize their expenses. Although there are sacrifices (e.g., space) to be made in the process, tiny living is space-saving and more affordable homeownership.

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