Top 12 Surprising Facts About Hyundai
Fun Facts About Hyundai

Hyundai models are popular among car buyers looking for an affordable vehicle that doesn't skimp on quality. Hyundai's lineup includes everything from fuel-efficient, practical sedans like the Elantra and Sonata to spacious and family-friendly SUVs like the Tucson, Santa Fe, and Palisade.

They're well-liked in Canada and Europe, and their vehicles are known for being more dependable than the "Big Three's" offerings. The company is making significant moves to embrace the EV market and has frequently been ahead of the curve in terms of utilizing technology to assist their vehicles.

Here are 12 surprising facts about Hyundai that will demonstrate why they are among the best in car production today.

Most people notice a "H" in the company's logo, which stands for Hyundai. But there's more to it than that; the logo also represents a handshake between a satisfied customer and a company representative. The oval that surrounds them denotes Hyundai's international reach. Additionally, the word "Hyundai" in Korean means "Modern," which fits perfectly with the brand's forward-thinking philosophy of "New Thinking. New Possibilities."

2. Hyundai Motor Company - Leading Vehicle Manufacturers Globally

Top 12 Surprising Facts About Hyundai
Hyundai Motor to become one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers globally

With a goal of five million sales in 2015, Hyundai Motor is aiming to become one of the top five automakers in the world thanks to its progressive attitude. With the capacity to produce more than 1.5 million cars annually, it has the biggest production facility of any manufacturer in the world in Ulsan.

3. Fun With Fonts

Many auto manufacturers will use labels for their models and brands that resemble one another. Hyundai is unique. If you look closely, you can see that the name is written in a different font for every single model.

A few of them are beautifully stylized, like the Santa Fe's sun or the Equus' shine. It's a nice touch that Hyundai's design team goes above and beyond to make each font distinctive so that each car model feels distinctive.

4. First With A Decade Warranty

Long warranties are now taken for granted by car owners. Therefore, it can be overlooked that Hyundai was the first to provide a ten-year warranty on its vehicles. In the 1990s, it was a risky move because other companies didn't seem eager to extend coverage for so long. The Advantage contract included ten years of powertrain coverage for what Hyundai referred to as "a Decade of Dependability." That is a level of customer service that not all businesses can match.

5. Hyundai Commercial Vehicles

Hyundai Motor doesn't just build passenger cars. The product portfolio also includes commercial vehicles – from vans and light trucks up to heavy-duty lorries and construction vehicles.

6. Hyundai and Zombies

With such a diverse selection, Hyundai has a car for almost any circumstance—including the coming of the zombie apocalypse! Several Zombie Survival Machines have been created in collaboration with the writers and artists of the well-known comic book and television series "The Walking Dead." Hyundai vehicles can be seen on Netflix as well; at the conclusion of the first season of "Daredevil," KingPin is driving a Hyundai Genesis. These are just a few examples of recent Hyundai appearances on television and in motion pictures.

7. Hope On Wheels

Many auto manufacturers can discuss their significant charitable contributions. With their Hope on Wheels initiative, Hyundai backs up their words. Hyundai contributes a portion of its sales proceeds to the fight against pediatric cancer. The campaign also includes providing aid to those affected by natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes.

The organization has helped countless people and raised more than $160 million in donations since it was founded in 1998.

8. Canada Before U.S.

The majority of automakers are well-established, with ties to the country dating back almost a century. Hyundai made a different decision.

In 1984, Hyundai made an attempt to market the Pony in the United States after becoming well-known in Asia and Europe. However, because the vehicle failed the era's emissions tests, Hyundai was forced to launch sales in Canada, where they quickly became successful. The Excel didn't give Hyundai its first American customer until 1986. Since Canada served as their entry point into North America, the company is still a powerful force there.

9. Hyundai Design

The business has a solid reputation for excellence, dependability, and craftsmanship, and its innovative Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty consistently receives praise in Europe. But design is the main factor in why people choose Hyundai vehicles. According to research, European Hyundai buyers are overwhelmingly motivated by design, which is not surprising given that Design Centre Europe is responsible for 90% of the Hyundai vehicles sold in Europe.

10. They’ve Survived Some Serious Lemons

The fact that Hyundai has continued to produce vehicles that should have forced another manufacturer out of business is one of the company's most amazing qualities. Their very first American vehicle, the Excel, was promptly criticized for having numerous issues that made it seem disastrous.

Numerous problems with the Sonata are well-known, and the 2008 Santa Fe was recalled eight times. It's amazing how many subpar cars the company has produced despite having a knack for fixing these issues with new models.

11. Hyundai in Europe

Additionally, at manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and Turkey as well as two R&D facilities in Germany, 90% of Hyundai vehicles sold in Europe are also designed and constructed for the continent. Over the past two years, these facilities have been expanded and created with an investment of more than €500 million. Hyundai's presence in Europe employs more than 129,000 people as a result of this extensive infrastructure.

12. It Started In Construction

Some auto companies have surprising histories. Hyundai was founded in 1947 by Chung Ju-Yung, who recognized the need for a construction firm in the newly independent South Korea. Ju-Yung rose to the position of richest man in the nation as a result of significant contracts for iconic structures like the Gyeongbu Expressway.

He changed the name of the business to Hyundai Motors in 1967 to start its ascent to power. The business has never forgotten its beginnings and continues to make top-tier construction equipment that would make its founder proud.


Hyundai’s Ulsan factory, located in South Korea, is the largest factory of its kind globally, producing more cars each year than any other plant. It’s actually a complex, composed of five factories that together, amazingly put out a car every 10 seconds. (That comes out to 8,640 per day.) Last year in 2016, the Ulsan plant manufactured 1.53 million vehicles.

The physical scale of the factory is mind-boggling, its footprint coming in at 15 million square meters with 34,000 employees trickling in and out to manage production. More than a thousand of those employees actually live in dorm-style accommodations on-site. Cars built in the Ulsan factory are shipped to Hyundai dealerships around the world.

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