Top 12 Oldest Companies In The U.S
Top 12 Oldest Companies In The US

Some businesses, some of which you would be surprised to learn, seem to be able to withstand any storm. The earliest American business was established in 1752, which is earlier than the founding of our nation. Certain businesses have positioned themselves in the market to endure through wars, depressions, recessions, and slumps.

Only half of all enterprises survive past five years, with only 66% of new ventures making it to the two-year mark, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Any newly established firm might fail in its early years, even if it makes all the correct decisions. These times are uncertain at best.

Thousands of companies around the nation were forced to close their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak. Retailer of technology Fry's Electronics has completely shut down, while 24 Hour Fitness and other fitness centers were forced to temporarily close, leading to bankruptcy. Tens of thousands of businesses have been impacted in some manner by these stories, which are regrettably not new at this point in time.

Top 12 Oldest Companies In The US

1. Caswell-Massey (1752)

A business that personifies beauty, timeless design, and unmatched craftsmanship is Caswell-Massey. Renowned for its sophisticated scents and personal grooming items, Caswell-Massey is a provider of sophisticated decadence. Their scents, such as the alluring "OAIRE Eau de Parfum," provide an intense sensory experience that represents the never-ending quest for significance and self-awareness.

Caswell-Massey meticulously combines premium ingredients to create distinctive scents, drawing inspiration from nature. Their scents offer a sensory experience that is timeless and spatially transcendent, with notes of citrus, black pepper, and osmanthus circling around an aromatic core of sage and patchouli.

2. The Courant of Hartford (1764)

One of the nation's oldest newspapers that has been published continuously is The Hartford Courant. It was established in 1764 and is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. It covers both national and international news as well as local news and information. The Hartford Courant has a distinguished 250-year history and a reputation as a reliable news source, having won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting.

The daily provides its readers with in-depth coverage on a broad range of subjects, such as politics, business, sports, and entertainment. The Hartford Courant has increased its online presence in addition to its print edition, offering digital news material and interacting with its audience on several channels. The Hartford Courant is dedicated to upholding journalistic integrity and is still an essential source of information for the community.

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3. The Chocolate Baker (1765)

According to The Bostonian Society, this chocolate company was started in 1765 just outside of Boston by Irish immigrant John Hannon and Harvard-educated physician James Baker. In 1772, Hannon sold his first chocolate bar. But in 1779, he left to purchase cocoa in the West Indies and never came back, allowing Baker to take over the company.

The company produced its first chocolate with the Baker's name in 1780. Over time, it added flavored chocolate bars, cocoa powders, sweet chocolate, candymaking chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate to its lineup of products. Even though Kraft Heinz now owns the business, a variety of Baker's branded goods are still sold there.

4. Ames (1774)

This tool firm was founded in Massachusetts in 1774 by Capt. John Ames, a blacksmith. It currently produces garden hoses, reels, and professional hand tools.

The B&O Railroad's groundbreaking in Baltimore, the transcontinental railroad's construction, the 1840s California gold rush, the Statue of Liberty's installation, the building of Mount Rushmore, and the interstate highway system are just a few of the historic events that the shovels made by Ames are said to have been involved in.

Currently, Griffon Corp., a holding company with headquarters in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, owns Ames together with management.

5. King Arthur Baking Co. (1790)

Henry Wood established the King Arthur Flour Co. in Boston in 1790, but the company didn't take on its current name until 1896. In the beginning, Wood's company, which was then called the Sands, Taylor & Wood Co., imported European flour for American bakers. According to the King Arthur website, the company debuted its own American flour at the Boston Food Fair a century later.

In 2020, King Arthur Flour changed its name to the King Arthur Baking Co. in an effort to more accurately reflect its goals and values. The Baker's Hotline, the King Arthur Cafe, Bakery & Store, and the King Arthur Baking School have all opened.

King Arthur Flour is still available for purchase, both in-person and online, more than 200 years after it was founded. The company's headquarters are in White River Junction, Vermont.

6. Cigna (1792)

According to the Cigna website, the corporation was the first marine insurance company in the United States, having been founded as INA (Insurance corporation of North America) in Pennsylvania in 1792. In order to become Cigna, INA and the Connecticut General Life Insurance Co. (commonly known as CG) combined in 1982. CG was founded in 1865.

The company is still the oldest stockholder-owned insurance in the country, with its current headquarters located in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

7. Dixon Ticonderoga (1795)

Dixon Ticonderoga should be a name you are familiar with if you have ever had to use a No. 2 pencil to complete an exam. The Orlando Sentinel claims that the graphite pencil industry was founded in 1795. In the 1830s, Dixon Ticonderoga was established through the amalgamation of the Joseph Dixon Crucible Co. and the Bryn Mawr Corp., and it began producing pencils.

For over a century, the company's headquarters were located in Jersey City, New Jersey; but, as of late, it has relocated to Lake Mary, Florida. A more detailed history of the corporation can be found on the Dixon Ticonderoga website.

8. Jim Beam (1795)

American whiskey company Jim Beam was founded in 1795. Jim Beam, a company based in Clermont, Kentucky, is well-known for its legendary Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a superb beverage that aficionados all over the world adore. The company uses time-honored methods to create a smooth and distinctive flavor profile, and it takes pleasure in its dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

A range of bourbon cocktails are available from Jim Beam, showcasing the versatility of this age-old liquor. Through their distillery tours, enthusiasts can get up close and personal with the whiskey-making process and discover the skills and methods that have made Jim Beam a household name.

9. Chase JPMorgan (1799)

A well-known financial company with operations in more than 100 markets worldwide is PMorgan Chase. The organization, which has been around for 200 years, is known for its dedication to growth, integrity, and customer service. Promoting equitable possibilities for people and communities, as well as accelerating economic growth, are top priorities for JPMorgan Chase.

The corporation is well-known for its assistance in a number of areas, including assisting companies in entering new markets, promoting workforce development in places like Detroit, and improving accessibility in outdoor areas. Environmental sustainability is also a top priority for JPMorgan Chase, which intends to construct the biggest all-electric building for its worldwide headquarters.

10. Crane Stationery (1799)

The Liberty Paper Mill, Massachusetts's first paper mill, was taken over by Stephen Crane in 1770. After moving to a new mill in Dalton, Massachusetts, in 1799, Zenas, Stephen's son, took over the business. According to the Crane website, the company has since offered premium cotton paper for both personal and commercial use.

Paul Revere was known to pasture his horses at the original Liberty Paper Mill and to utilize Crane paper. Elizabeth, the queen mother of England, loved Crane's stationery and used it to announce her 100th birthday. Since 1879, the business has also provided paper for the US Treasury to create money.

Crane Stationery separated from the company's currency segment in 2016 to become a stand-alone enterprise. It amalgamated with Mohawk Fine Papers Inc., situated in New York, in 2018.

11. DuPont (1802)

If you hear the name "DuPont," you most likely picture a cutting-edge, contemporary business. In actuality, E.I. du Pont, a Frenchman skilled in the production of gunpowder, established DuPont in Delaware in 1802. According to the DuPont website, du Pont constructed his first powder mill on Brandywine Creek in 1804, utilizing willow tree bark as charcoal to make black powder.

Since then, the business has produced a wide range of goods, such as sweater fibers, dyes, and film for Hollywood productions. It also owns other trademarks, including those for Kevlar, Teflon, and Corian surfaces.

DuPont and Dow merged in 2015. It updated its logo and emphasized innovation and a range of solutions in 2018, revitalizing its brand.

12. Colgate (1806)

Colgate is a well-known brand in the dental care industry that promotes sustainability, cheerful smiles, and good health. Colgate was founded in the US and has since spread throughout the globe, offering professional dental guidance through their Oral Care Center. With a wealth of information and videos, this indispensable resource meets the oral health requirements of people and families at every stage.

Colgate has a wide selection of toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and toothpaste that are made to protect your teeth. Colgate offers a toothpaste for a stronger smile called Enamel Health and a variety of products called Colgate Total that do more for your entire mouth. Colgate is an advocate of giving back to society in addition to dental care. They provide dental health education and smiles to underprivileged children all across the world through their Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® initiative.

In Summary

That concludes our discussion of the oldest US companies. Nevertheless, knowing that some businesses have endured and prospered for over a century, whether as a result of prompt action or financially sound business practices, is encouraging.

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